Giants Can Pretend Nobody is Giving Them a Shot, But It’s Not True at All

Everyone in sports loves to be the underdog. It takes the pressure off. Technically, the underdog is not supposed to win. If you are the underdog and you lose, you fulfilled expectations. If you win, you exceeded them. When you’re the favorite, there is no way to exceed expectations. That is why the Giants are doing their best to pretend they are a major underdog in Super Bowl 46. If playing the role of underdog gives New York a better shot at winning, then they are doing what’s necessary. We should not, however, take the Las Vegas spread to heart.

“It’s still us against the world,” Tom Coughlin said Thursday. “Talk is cheap, play the game.”

“We have something to prove,” Eli Manning added. “No one giving us a whole lot of chances. It’s brought out the best (of) our ability.”

While some Giants have taken the time to guarantee a victory on Sunday, this has been the mindset all along.  The Giants are no less than a 2.5 point underdog at most Las Vegas sports books.  Earlier in the week, Justin Tuck compared the way people were talking about the Giants at Super Bowl 42 to the way they have been talking this week.

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Rob Gronkowski Gives a Fake Limp as He Walks to the Podium (Video)

In just three short days, Rob Gronkowski’s ankle will officially become one of the most photographed body parts in Super Bowl history.  We certainly know the pictures and videos have been rolling in over the last two weeks.  The thing that has made this particular injury fun for the media is that Gronkowski is a fun-loving guy.  Bill Belichick has trained Gronk well this week — and by trained I mean drilled the phrase “day-to-day” into his head — but the Patriots tight end has still managed to have some fun with his injury.  On Thursday, Gronk decided to bust out the fake limp for the cameras as he took the podium for his media session.  Check out this video that Jimmy Traina shared with us:

As you heard in the video, Gronk is expected to play.  He may even return to practice Thursday in a limited role.  That is good news for Patriots fans, but it is something everyone knew all along.  The question is not whether or not Gronk is going to play, it’s how effective he will be.  If there’s any beast in the NFL who is equipped to fight through the pain, it’s this dude.

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DT Chris Canty to Giants Fans: Get Ready for the Parade

If Tom Brady was making a guarantee when he talked about fans partying with the team next weekend, then Chris Canty has done the equivalent. The Giants defensive tackle was asked Wednesday if he had a message to the fans back home when he made his boast.

“Get ready for a great day on Super Bowl Sunday … and get ready for a parade on Tuesday,” he said.

Canty was asked if that could be considered bulletin board material for New England.

“I don’t care, doesn’t matter,” Canty said. “Obviously, Tom Brady made a statement at their pep rally. Obviously, both teams are here to try to win a football game.”

Yup, this definitely mirrored what Brady said, but since it was to a media member, it certainly was more direct. Between Canty and Antre Rolle, it seems like the Giants, despite not doing too much trash talking, are certainly confident in their ability. Even though Jason Pierre-Paul is 1-for-1 on his guarantees this postseason, someone should notify Canty that those don’t always turn out so well.

Super Bowl the Latest Chapter in New York vs. Boston Rivalry

New York. Boston. The Evil Empire. The ‘Roid Sox. Knickerbockers and Chowderheads. The Big Apple and Beantown. Put those two together, and not only will you get a bad case of flatulence with the latter but you also end up with one of the most spirited rivalries in sports.

Yes, folks, it appears we have reached another chapter in the ongoing East Coast rivalry between New Yorkers and New Englanders which has served to make the shemozzle between the Capulets and the Montagues look like a quarrel’s equivalent of two old ladies fighting for the same checkout counter at the supermarket.

The New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl, and even though the former officially plays its home games in East Rutherford, New Jersey and the latter in Foxboro, Massachusetts, the matchup has rekindled fan-fueled enmity that has existed since shortly after the Red Coats returned to the Old Country.

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Antrel Rolle Proclaims Giants Will Win Super Bowl, Backs off Guarantee

Giants safety Antrel Rolle declared that his team would win the Super Bowl Tuesday, but then he changed his tune.

“We’re going to win this thing,” Rolle said at Media Day Tuesday according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’re going to win this thing for a lot of good reasons.”

When he was asked if he was guaranteeing a win, he backed down.

“I didn’t say we’re going to win, I said we’re going to go out there and do whatever it takes to win,” Rolle said. “I didn’t guarantee anything.”

Why did Rolle reverse course? He probably is under orders from his coach not to create any bulletin-board type material. The Giants might not want to do anything to piss off the Patriots before Sunday and give them any more motivation.

I’m not sure why Rolle backed down; when he declared that his team could not be beat, they defeated the 49ers. He should maintain his confidence.

This is Why the Super Bowl Needs to Just Get Here Already

Do we really need to say anything about this? I know two weeks off between conference championships and the Super Bowl is tough, but you have the Patriots and the Giants playing in the big game.  With the history behind those two franchises and all the star power we’re being treated to, that was the best question ESPN could come up with on media day?  When Tom Brady saying he hopes the Patriots win on Sunday becomes bulletin board material and SportsNation starts asking hypothetical questions about coaches and quarterbacks switching places, there’s nothing left to do but just kick the ball off.

Super Bowl Left No Hotel Rooms for Magic, Messed Up Their Travel Plans to Indy

This is just a hunch, but I’m guessing the biggest event in Indianapolis this weekend will be the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for basketball fans, the Pacers and Magic will have to take a back seat this time around. In fact, there are not even any hotel rooms remaining for the Magic to stay in on Friday night before their game against the Pacers Saturday.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Magic will have to fly to Cincinnati on Friday night after their home game against the Cavs. They will stay in Cincinnati that night, and fly to Indy to face the Pacers the day of the game on Saturday. You didn’t expect Stan Van Gundy to be pleased about that, did you?

“I don’t even need to comment on it,” an annoyed Van Gundy said. “You guys can comment on it and save me my money. When you come out with the schedule in December and have a game in the Super Bowl city, lodging might be a problem.”

In the NBA’s defense, the condensed schedule from the lockout made things a bit more complicated. Still, Van Gundy is right. Somebody should have thought of that right away and known it was going to be an issue. Things are going poorly enough for the Magic at the moment. They don’t need any added distractions or complications.

“I guess we’ll try to walk through in the hotel,” Van Gundy said. “It’ll be a different situation than what we’re normally used to. Normally if people are going to play us, they don’t fly into Tampa. That’s the way it goes.”

That is, indeed, the way it goes. It may not be fair, but no sporting event in America is more important than the Super Bowl. As much as I hate the phrase, this is the epitome of a “life’s not fair” scenario.

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