Ohio Police Giving Out Super Bowl Party Kits to Prevent Drunk Driving

Everyone loves a good Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl isn’t just a football game. It’s an excuse to relax, drink beers, and eat an amount of food that would be completely unacceptable on any typical Sunday during the calendar year. In many ways it is an American holiday. Like on New Years Eve, police worry about drinking and driving the night of the Super Bowl. That is why police in Ohio are offering Super Bowl party kits to help prevent drunk driving.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mentor police are giving out party packs that include a football-shaped bowl for guests’ keys, nonalcoholic drink recipes, drink coasters, a $5 Giant Eagle grocery gift card, and a $5 Ace Taxi voucher. What more could you need at a Super Bowl party?

Police are also reminding people that as party hosts they are responsible for how much alcohol people consume.  They are offering these hosting tips in addition to the party kits.

*Don’t force alcoholic drinks on guests or rush to refill their glasses. Have nonalcoholic drinks available.
*Serve high-protein foods, like cheese and meats, which stay in the stomach longer and slow down the absorption of alcohol.
*Avoid mixing alcohol with carbonated beverages, which increase alcohol absorption.
*Stop serving alcohol two hours before ending the party, but continue serving nonalcoholic drinks and food.
*Don’t let drinkers drive. Form car pools. Call cabs.

Seems like common sense, but sometimes people need a reminder. Mentor Police say the kits went pretty quickly last year. If they included a breathalyzer, I’d send away for one. You drink and drive, you lose. Yes, even if your team wins the Super Bowl.

Giants Beat Patriots in Super Bowl 46 According to Madden Simulation

Since 2004, EA Sports’ Madden NFL game has been used to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. Call it a coincidence if you want, but the game has been surprisingly accurate. The simulation has predicted the correct winner six out of eight times, and even came within a point on either side of picking the exact score at Super Bowl 44.  Last season, the game had the Steelers winning by a score of 24-20.  Giants fans are hoping the simulation is due for a correct year.

The game predicted the Giants will win Super Bowl 46 by a final score of 27-24.  The Giants were leading 24-10 in the fourth quarter before Tom Brady led his offense to 14 unanswered points to tie the game.  However, the Patriots left 1:50 on the clock which was enough time for Eli Manning to set Lawrence Tynes up for a 40-yard game-winner.  According to Madden, the Giants officially own the Patriots.

Obviously the simulation has no bearing on the outcome of the actual game, but it is pretty amazing how realistic the game can be.  It takes real-life statistics and rankings into account, so the outcome is not completely random by any means.  Manning led more fourth-quarter comebacks than any quarterback in the NFL this season, so it is conceivable that the Super Bowl would end on such a drive.  The Patriots defense has also been an issue for Bill Belichick all season, so it is certainly plausible that they would allow 24 point in the first three quarters of the game.

If Madden turns out to be right, Manning will win his second Super Bowl MVP award after throwing for 342 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.  Hakeem Nicks will also receive serious consideration for the award after his 134 yards and a score.  Rob Gronkowski plays and scores.  Brady throws for 327 yards and three touchdowns, but it’s not enough.

So there you have it.  If you believe in the accuracy of the Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation, just sit back and enjoy the game on Sunday.  You already know the outcome.  The rest of us are excited to see how it turns out.

Princess the Camel, Chicken Wings Predict Giants Super Bowl Win (Videos)

A camel in New Jersey named Princess has correctly picked five of the last six Super Bowl winners, and as you can see in the video above, she opted for the Giants this year. Princess makes her picks by choosing one of two crackers in the hands of the zoo’s general manager. On Wednesday, she chose the Giants.

In another video, Chef John Mitzewich of Allrecipes.com tossed some chicken wings bones and decided that their formation meant the Giants would win the game. Here’s his chicken wing toss:

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Tom Brady’s Comments About Super Bowl ‘Party’ Were Hardly A Guarantee

Anyone who follows football knows that the Patriots don’t provide bulletin board material.  Bill Belichick doesn’t allow it, and for the most part all of his players buy into the approach.  With two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, life can become extremely boring for reporters and analysts.  That is why you can understand how when the tiniest opportunity presented itself on Sunday morning, writers took it and ran with it.  These are the comments that Tom Brady made to the 25,000 fans at the Patriots Super Bowl send-off rally:

“I wish I could take all you guys to Indy with us,” Brady told his fans. “We’re going down there, and we’re going down there for one reason. We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

On Sunday night and Monday morning, every New York newspaper and news station was buzzing about how Brady had guaranteed a Patriots victory.  CBS New York called the comment “bulletin board material.”  Gary Myers of the NY Daily News says Brady “should know better.”  Steve Serby of the NY Post says the “Giants will make Brady pay for planning Patriots victory party.”  Seriously?

Brady was asked about the comment on Sunday night, to which he responded: “Well, it was a pep rally. People were pretty excited.”

The fact that Brady’s innocent comment is literally driving the news cycle in New York this morning goes to show you how rare it is that a Patriot player would do anything to hint at a victory.  When 25,000 people give up their day just to cheer for you as you board a bus, you have to give them something to be excited about.  Nobody wants to hear that you’re going to Indianapolis to try to win a Super Bowl, and if you don’t — well — oopsies.

When Mario Manningham said he hopes Julian Edelman covers him and Justin Tuck said Brady’s chuckle before Super Bowl 42 is what cost the Pats in 2008, it wasn’t national news.  That’s because it is expected from the Giants.  If New York wins Super Bowl 46, it will now be because Brady “guaranteed” the Patriots would come home victorious.  What’s that?  The Giants are a more balanced team and should probably be favored?  The New York tabloids didn’t hear you.

Eli Manning Tells Teammates Losing Super Bowl Hurts, Just Ask Peyton

Everyone is calling it a rematch, but for most of the players that is not the case. The Giants and Patriots of 2011 are much different from the ones of 2007. It is a rematch between cities and fan bases, but not entire teams. For that reason, younger players will be leaning on veterans like Tom Brady and Eli Manning for advice on how to approach the biggest game of their lives. According to the NY Post, Manning’s message to his teammates was simple: losing a game like this will stick with you.  Don’t believe him? Just ask older brother Peyton Manning.

“I’ve never lost a Super Bowl,” Eli told his teammates last week. “I was with my brother (Peyton) when he lost one (Super Bowl XLIV to Drew Brees and the Saints), and three months after that, that’s all he could talk about. We don’t want that feeling.”

Only a handful of players on the New England side experienced the ultimate loss in Super Bowl 42, but if those five tell you it doesn’t still bother them they’re lying.  Losing a Super Bowl is bad enough, let alone falling four points short of a perfect season.

As for how Peyton feels about being used as the losing example, I’m sure he welcomes it.  We all know that pick-six he threw against New Orleans still haunts him, but at least he already had a ring before that.  My guess is he’s happy to help his little brother anyway he can.

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Would You Eat Blue Pizza to Show Support for the Giants? (Picture)

During the days and weeks leading up to a Super Bowl, people have strange ways of showing allegiances to their teams.  Restaurant and bar owners are no different.  We already know about one New York bar owner who has decided to nix the sale of Sam Adams beer on Super Bowl Sunday, since the Sam Adams brewing company is based in Boston.  Now, we have Long Island pizzerias serving up blue pizza.

“People eat blue candy, drink blue soda,” Phil Donofrio, of Joe’s Pizza and Pasta on Union Avenue, said according to Newsday. “What’s the difference with blue pizza?”

For starters, this would be a brilliant way for a restaurant to get away with using their moldy bread and cheese.  Ever seen blueish-green mold on a loaf of bread or a block of cheese?  I’m not saying these places would ever try something like that and Donofrio said they give people a heads up before they get a blue pie, but I wouldn’t want to take the risk.  I’m confident enough in my fanhood to stick with the standard colors on a pizza the week before the Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: Ed Betz

Foley’s Pub in New York will Not Offer Sam Adams Beer During Super Bowl

If you only plan on drinking Sam Adams during the Super Bowl, your list of potential spots to enjoy the game was just cut down by one.  As most of you know, Sam Adams is a company that is based out of Boston, Mass.  You may have seen their catchy commercials with the bald-headed, bearded guys talking about how many awards their main brew — Boston Lager — has taken home over the past year. It’s also possible that these commercials are only shown in the Massachusetts-area and most of you have no clue what I’m talking about. In any event, Foley’s Pub in Manhattan will not be offering Sam Adams next Sunday.

“Foley’s NY Pub in NYC says it will not sell Sam Adams during Super Bowl game so as not to support a Boston-based brand,” Darren Rovell wrote on Twitter Friday.

But that’s not all.  The owner of Foley’s, Shaun Clancy, has made a wager with Ken Casey, the lead vocalist in the Boston-based band the Dropkick Murphys and owner of McGreevy’s bar in Boston. According to the Boston Herald, the loser must donate the earnings from sales of shepherd’s pie from Super Bowl Sunday until MLB Opening Day to the charity of their choice.  In addition, the loser will have to bartend at the winner’s bar wearing the opposing teams jersey.

With two weeks between the conference championship games and Super Bowl Sunday, we all have to find ways to keep ourselves occupied.  Kudos to both bar owners for finding a way to do so in a productive manner.