Vince Wilfork Sees Why Giants Would be Favored in Super Bowl

At last check of the Super Bowl betting odds, a lot of professional money was coming in on the Giants. They were 3.5 point underdogs at the time, and they’re now 3-point dogs.

Even though New England is favored in the game, Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork says he understands why many people have the Giants favored.

“I would see why people would say they need to be favored. They’re a heck of a ball club,” Wilfork said Thursday. “It seems like the later in the season it gets, the better they get. They peak at the right time. I understand, and trust me, I see the same things they see. I watch film a little bit more in depth than those guys. The Giants are a real, real good football team.”

The Giants have been underdogs their last two games, and part of the reason they haven’t been favored too much is because they were on the road, and because they’ve been late bloomers. Another reason why the Patriots are favored is because they’re a team most members of the betting public would wager on, so they have to take that account in order to get a somewhat balanced split of money. I agree with Wilfork and would probably favor the Giants by 2 points.

Super Bowl Banner in Indy Features Eli Manning and…Jerod Mayo? (Picture)

Over the next two weeks, it is the responsibility of the city of Indianapolis to host arguably the most important sporting event of the calendar year.  Over 2 billion people will tune in to watch the Patriots and Giants do battle on Feb. 5 in the Super Bowl.  Until then, banners and billboards like the one you see above will be popping up all over the city.  But it seems like something is missing from this one.  Oh yeah, where’s Tom Brady?

Until the people of Indianapolis are told otherwise, Indy is Peyton Manning’s town.  We all know of the rivalry that exists between the Patriots and Colts — and more specifically the one the media has created between Peyton Manning and Brady.  Unlike the folks over at Vigilant Sports, I’m not saying the people who designed this billboard chose not to include Brady because they didn’t want to celebrate him in Peyton’s house.  However, you don’t put together a massive Super Bowl 46 billboard without carefully planning out every detail.  The people who designed this chose Jerod Mayo for a reason.  Eli Manning is the face of the 2011 Giants. Mayo isn’t even the face of the 2011 Patriots’ defense, as Vince Wilfork could tell you.  On second thought, maybe I am saying the people of Indianapolis did this intentionally.

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Tom Brady Says He Still Can’t Watch Film Super Bowl 42 Against the Giants

With the Patriots and Giants set to square off in Super Bowl 46, most of the media attention has focused on “the rematch.” This was the match-up everyone wanted to see, and we knew that if New York and New England won their conferences, we were in for a long two weeks of revenge talk. In reality, the Patriots have only a handful of players left on their roster from the 2007 team. The Giants have a few more, but not even half of their current team. It is more of a rematch for the fans than the players.

In fact, Tom Brady admits he still can’t even watch footage from that devastating loss in Super Bowl 42 that cost New England a perfect season.

“I still can’t watch highlights from that game,” Brady said on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show Monday morning. “I think that’s just the way it is. You get to the end and we had a great opportunity there and really squandered it, because we didn’t play our very best.”

I’m not here to tell Brady or the Patriots how to prepare for a Super Bowl, but somebody might want to pop that DVD in and take a look at some point over the next two weeks.  The Giants were able to pull off the ultimate upset four years ago because they had Brady on his back the entire game.  They pressured him with a pass rush that featured Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, who still play for New York.  Chances are, the Giants’ pass rush will look similar to the one the Pats saw in 2008.

Brady said the Patriots are going to look at film from their Nov. 6 loss at home to the Giants, but they’d be wise to look at both.  For whatever reason, New York always seems to find ways to make Brady uncomfortable in the pocket.  If the Patriots are to stand a chance in Super Bowl 46, Brady will need plenty of time to throw.

Professional Betting Money Coming in on Giants for Super Bowl

When the Super Bowl betting line was released Sunday, many sportsbooks had the Patriots favored over the Giants by 3.5 points. Covers.com says a lot of public money came in on the Patriots. They say the public money was countered by professional money, which was enough to move the line down to 3 at many books. One sportsbook manager called it a feast of sharks.

“I just think the Giants are the better team,” the sportsbook director who sets the line for M Resort and Venetian told Covers. “I think they’ll run right through New England and defensively they’ll pressure Brady. And they already won in New England this season.”

Heavy money was also expected to come in on the Giants moneyline, which gives bettors better payout odds if the Giants win the game. The line is currently at 3 most places, which would result in a push if the game were decided by a field goal.

So far I’m leaning towards the Giants, and certainly would have liked them at +3.5. I like to wait the entire two weeks before making my pick because I generally use an indicator to guide my selection. The key is determining which team feels more like they have work left to do, and which team feels like they’ve arrived.

Last week’s indicator was Alex Smith’s sit-down interview with ESPN; it reeked of “I’m already in the same class as Joe Montana and Steve Young.” At last year’s Super Bowl, it was Big Ben and the Steelers out late at night while Aaron Rodgers was in his hotel room studying. As soon as I see something like that, I know what my pick will be.

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