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Friday, November 27, 2015

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Super Bowl Facts You Won’t Believe

As a dedicated football fan, I figured I already knew everything there was to know about the Super Bowl. The Patriots have gone 15-3 this season (including the postseason), and the Giants have gone 12-7. New York has won two of its three playoff games on the road. The Giants also beat the Pats 24-20…Read More

Patriots Still Best Team in NFL

They certainly weren’t the best team on Sunday. The Giants won the game fair and square. Not handily, but they certainly did enough to make me (and any sane person for that matter) say that the Giants earned the Super Bowl. They won it proper, no question about it. While the Patriots no longer belong…Read More

Tom Coughlin’s Vindication, Michael Strahan’s Cementation

Much like everyone who’s ever coached or played for a New York team, Tom Coughlin sure has taken his beating from the media. One popular criticism was that the coach should have been blown out after last season’s horrible collapse that resulted in an 8-8 season. To refresh your memory, the team had been 6-2…Read More

Audiences Lose Power During Super Bowl, Some Missed Ending

The thought didn’t really occur to me since I was in a studio and couldn’t sneeze without catching the game on one of like fifty TV sets. But at one point during the first half, a Patriots fan called into the radio to tell us that the power was out in her area of Massachusetts…Read More

The Media Can Be Evil

Yes, I’m talking specifically about the story the Boston Herald released on Saturday, the day before the Patriots attempted to win their fourth Super Bowl in seven years, and complete the perfect 19-0 season. The Herald cites a source saying a member of the Pats’ video department filmed the St. Louis Rams walkthrough the day…Read More

All Black Suit Giants All Business

That’s what you get when you leave Antonio Pierce in charge of the dresscode — players wearing all-black. So, as Tom Coughlin instructed Pierce to choose the wardrobe, New York arrived in Arizona looking like a bunch of secret service men. Pierce said black suits are what you wear for business — I guess he’s…Read More

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