Grandma Susie Sanchez tries out to become Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Suzie-Sanchez-Raiders-cheerleaderRemember Susie Sanchez? Sure you do — she’s the 39-year-old woman who made the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad two years ago when she was 37. She also happens to be a mother of three and grandmother of one. That’s right, a grandmother was once an NFL cheerleader and recently went for it again.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Sanchez was one of over 400 women to try out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad over the weekend. Of the hundreds, she was the only grandmother. She tried out for five years before finally becoming a Raiderette in 2011.

“The year I was on that team, some of the girls were born the year I graduated,” Sanchez explained. “If you look at the numbers, it’s ‘What am I doing?’”

Sanchez will turn 40 in August, and she says she felt like she had to give NFL cheerleading one last shot. Believe it or not, she was not the oldest person at the tryout, as one woman was 41.

“I thought why not?” Sanchez said. “I got to go to the big guys. I’ve got to go to the best team in the NFL.”

Of course, she means the best cheerleading team in the NFL. No offense to Tony Romo, but the Cowboys aren’t quite there yet. Unfortunately, Sanchez only got to audition in front of the judges for 90 seconds before being dropped during the first round of cuts. She said this will be her last year trying out.

As far as seeing a 39-year-old cheerleader at Cowboys tryouts is concerned, I doubt anyone was surprised. If you remember, we showed you another grandmother who tried out last year that was 16 years older than Sanchez. One of these nanas are bound to make the team eventually.

Raiders Cheerleader Susie Sanchez is a Grandma … But She Doesn’t Look 37

Raiders owner Al Davis is many things, but one thing he is not is discriminatory. He had the first Hispanic head coach (Tom Flores), one of the first African-American head coaches (Art Shell), and now he has a grandma on his cheer squad. That’s right, the good folks at Busted Coverage introduced the internet to Susie Sanchez this week. Sanchez made the Raiderette cheerleading team as a rookie this season and announced during her tryout that she was a mother of three and grandmother of one.

Sanchez’s bio on the Raiders’ site confirms her matriarch status “In her free time, Susie spends time with her husband and three children and her granddaughter, born in January 2011.”

She said that becoming a Raiders cheerleader was a dream come true, especially after failing to make the team in four previous tryouts. She’ll be joining another notable woman on the Raiderettes — Tony La Russa’s daughter.

It’s a fantastic honor for Sanchez and we’re happy she’s living her dream … but we have just one question: does she really look 37 to you?

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