Alex Morgan owes Sydney Leroux cowboy boots over UCLA-Cal game

Alex-Morgan-Sydney-Leroux-bikinisUS women’s soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Lerox are the best of friends. And what do best friends do when their alma maters square off in a big football game? They make friendly bets.

In this case, Morgan and Leroux decided to make a small wager on the UCLA-Cal game. Morgan went to Cal and Leroux went to UCLA. Assuming they hold to the bet, it would appear Morgan owes Leroux a pair of cowboy boots after the Bruins’ convincing 37-10 victory.

If you remember, Leroux also talked trash to Colin Kaepernick earlier this season after UCLA beat his alma mater, Nevada. Sydney is going to look pretty good in her ULCA jacket and cowboy boots.

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Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan went cliff diving (Video)

Sydney Leroux Alex Morgan

Soccer players Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are still on vacation in Hawaii, and they’re still teasing fans by sharing photos and videos from their trip. This time they were off having some fun doing some cliff diving. Leroux posted a Vine video of them cliff diving in their bikinis. You can see it below:

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Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux in bikinis at the beach

Alex Morgan Sydney Leroux bikini hawaii

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are on vacation in Hawaii enjoying some very well-deserved time off. Just to remind you how good of a time they’re having, Leroux shared a few photos of her and Morgan hanging out at the beach in their bikinis.

Guess 50 hours of training for soccer per week does a body good, huh?

Morgan and Hope Solo got most of the shine when the USWNT blew up in popularity two years ago — rightfully so — but Leroux is starting to close that gap. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some of the photos below.

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Colin Kaepernick: Sydney Leroux is not my girlfriend

Sydney Leroux Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick addressed rumors on Wednesday that he is dating soccer player Sydney Leroux. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback made it pretty clear that he isn’t.

“Not my girlfriend,” Kaepernick responded when asked by the local media.

Kaepernick was also asked if he watched Leroux’s four-goal game in the US Women’s National Team’s 7-0 win over Mexico on Tuesday. Kaepernick gave his typical business-like answer.

“I didn’t see the game. I was working.”

So do you take his word for it? We picked up on some potential flirting between the two when Leroux trash-talked Kaepernick on Saturday over the UCLA-Nevada football game, but that’s not enough to say they’re dating. Besides, the two are so busy with their careers, if anything, maybe they’re casually talking.

But if they are dating, then they each have chosen very well.

Sydney Leroux talks trash to Colin Kaepernick over UCLA-Nevada game

Sydney Leroux Colin Kaepernick

Sydney Leroux couldn’t resist sending some trash talk Colin Kaepernick’s way as she watched her UCLA Bruins take down his Nevada Wolfpack on Saturday evening.

Leroux, a former UCLA soccer star from 2008-2011 and current forward on the US Women’s National Team, sent a little chin music Kaep’s way while the Bruins were turning the game into a blowout during the second half:

The game was actually close at halftime — the Bruins were only up 17-13 — but UCLA turned it on for the second half and blew out the Wolfpack 41-7 to win 58-20.

Kaepernick, a four-year starter at Nevada, had no response for Leroux’s taunt.

Leroux and Kaepernick are actually friendly with each other. They follow each other on Twitter and were both featured in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. They were at an event in May and took a picture together, leading Leroux to crack a joke about all the tattoos both of them have:

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Sydney Leroux taunts Canadian fans with goal celebration (Video)

US women’s striker Sydney Leroux was born in Canada. The 23-year-old from Surrey, B.C. played for Canadian teams until she was in her mid-teens, at which point she moved to the US and decided to represent the America in international competition. As you might expect, Canadian fans have not been pleased with her since.

On Sunday, Leroux scored the third US goal in an eventual 3-0 win in a friendly match against Canada. After netting the dagger, she pointed to the crest on her jersey and made the “shush” symbol to the crowd. Here is the celebration in GIF form, via Eh Game:

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Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux made a Prancercise video

Alex Morgan Sydney LerouxThe US women’s national soccer team beat Canada 3-0 on Sunday in an international friendly, and two of the game’s stars, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, celebrated by making a “Prancercise” video.

Prancercising is a form of exercising created by a woman named Joanna Rohrback. Rohrback has a website, book, and even trademarked “Prancercise,” which she describes as “a fitness revolution.” She posted a workout video to YouTube in December, but the video didn’t blow up until last week. It now has over 4.7 million views on YouTube.

Morgan scored twice and Leroux added the third goal in the team’s win. Here’s the Vine video Leroux posted after the game of their mock Prancercise workout:

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