Lightning Fans Campaigning to Save Mascot Thunderbug’s Job

I hate to say I told ya so, but I did.  People were blasting this Bruins fan last week for flipping out on the Tampa Bay Lightning Mascot, Thunderbug, after Thunderbug sprayed him directly in the face with silly string.  After the fan became enraged and tackled the mascot, Lightning security removed him from his seat and had a chat with him.  We’re not sure exactly what was said during the discussion, but we do know the person who plays Thunderbug at the games has since been fired.

According to WTSP in Tampa, a Lightning spokesman said the altercation with a Bruins fan played a role in the decision to let the person go but was not the only factor.  Was he late for work a few times or something?  I can’t imagine the mascot would be looking for a job right now if he had kept that can of silly string by his side.

As Off the Bench pointed out, Lightning fans have started a Facebook page in an attempt t0 save Thunderbug’s job.  Does anyone really care that much? The group was started on Monday and has racked up 253 likes, which is not that impressive considering the creator is trying to rally an entire fan base.  Maybe the page has yet to catch on.  Unfortunately for Lightning fans, this generation does not tolerate bullying and/or people being meanies.

Lightning Fans Sent Team Off to Boston with 800-Person Bolt at Airport

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been criticized for having a poor fan base. On Sunday, about 800 fans gathered for a “Be the Bolt” campaign in an effort to support their team and change perception. They showed up at Tampa International Airport to help send the team off to Boston for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a human bolt:

The event was organized on Facebook as CBS Sports pointed out, and they actually offered a lot of incentive for fans to show up. The first 400 fans received a Bolts Nation Bag, some of which contained extra goodies including tickets, autographed memorabilia, and a gift card to the team store. That’s a pretty generous giveaway by the team and I like the way they’re rewarding fans for showing their support. The only difference between the Lightning and Thunder is that Oklahoma City doesn’t need any incentives for their fans to show up at the airport, regardless of time of day.