Dominique Jones Gets Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Tattoo on His Neck

Remember how Jason Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy prior to the season starting and said he would get it removed if the Mavs didn’t win the title? Well he played like a stud and earned the title, so the tattoo turned out to be fitting. Teammate Dominique Jones also got a tattoo of the trophy, but his seems less comfortable since he was just a bench player who has been out since February. Check it out via Mavs.com:

This isn’t Jones’ first NBA-related tattoo, so it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. But don’t you think a guy should put in a little more work than that to earn the right to get such a tattoo? I would think so.

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Canucks Fan Gets Bruins Tattoo After Losing Stanley Cup Finals Bet

Embarrassing tattoos seem to be a popular form of punishment for losing a bet. We showed you this unicorn tattoo a man had to get after coming in last place in his fantasy football league. We thought that was the worst. It probably is. But how about getting the logo of a team that beat yours in a game? That’s downright mean-spirited. Still, that was the term of a bet between a Canucks fan and Bruins fan, and the loser had to get the B’s logo on his leg:

I just hope Chad from IntheOT.com recognizes how lucky he is. Had we included that as part of the LBS Playoff Beard Challenge, he’s be sporting some fresh ink now.

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Steelers Fan Johnny Menesini Gets Insane Brett Keisel Tattoo (Picture)

Remember that time we showed you the Oakland Raiders fan who had tattoos all over his face?  L.B. referred to that artwork as a “commitment to ugliness,” and if you look at the pictures of the crazed fan I’m sure you’ll agree.  On Wednesday, SI Hot Clicks passed along a story about a fan who also committed to ugliness using a tattoo, only his is a little less noticeable.  The wearer of the ink, a Steelers fan named Johnny Manesini, thought it would be a good idea to get an extremely detailed Brett Keisel tattoo across his forearm.  Check out this picture from Clutch Blog:

From an artistry standpoint, that is top-notch work.  The tattoo looks exactly like Keisel and the detail is amazing.  But like our friend Jimmy Traina noted, would you really want to commit to a picture of Brett Keisel’s mug on your arm for the rest of your life?  Keisel is one scary looking dude.  At least the Steelers are good and Manesini isn’t stuck with a tattoo of a crummy team’s logo on his head like this guy.  For the record, we aren’t sure if the tattoo is one of Billy Hilly’s freebies he was dishing out leading up to the Super Bowl, but I doubt it.

Mikel Leshoure Gets Detroit Lions Tattoo After Being Drafted in Second Round

Former Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the second round, 67th overall. Leshoure will likely be splitting time with Jahvid Best, so it’s not as if he was drafted to be the team’s franchise player. That didn’t stop Leshoure from expressing his bond to the team in the form of permanent ink. Leshoure actually got a Detroit Lions tattoo on his left forearm that was on display at his team’s workouts Monday:

Leshoure is aware that he may not be with the Lions his entire career so that’s why he had the tattoo marked with the day he was drafted. Still, it’s a brazen move by a rookie who doesn’t seem to recognize the business of the league. If he’s not careful, he could wind up like another star running back who had to get a second tattoo after doing the same thing. It’s nice that Leshoure is already showing loyalty to his team, but he’ll soon learn teams show little loyalty towards players. Hey, it could have been worse — at least he didn’t get this awful tattoo.

UPDATE: Leshoure tore his Achilles’ tendon in August and was knocked out for the year.

Photo Credit: Justin Rogers/MLive.com

David Beckham and Craig Ferguson Talk About Tattooing Their Packages

David Beckham joined Craig Ferguson for an interview on his CBS program this week. The two of them began talking tattoos, comparing ones that they have (sadly there was no mention of Beckham’s Jesus tattoo). At one point Ferguson asked Beckham if he had considered getting a tattoo on his package. His answer might surprise you (jump to the 4:30 mark):

If you do plan on getting a member tat, I think Craig’s “Hello my name is Craig nice to meet you have a good day” is a good choice. The only problem is they may run out of …….. ink.

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Jason Terry got Larry O’Brien Trophy Tattoo on his Biceps Before Season Began

Mavericks guard Jason Terry is either going to look pretty foolish in a few weeks or pretty clairvoyant. Before the season began, Dallas guard DeShawn Stevenson invited his teammates over to his offseason home in Orlando for a get-together. As part of the team-building exercise, Stevenson had his personal tattoo artist over to ink up the squad. Jason Terry decided to get the Larry O’Brien Trophy (awarded to the NBA champion) tattooed on his biceps:

That was a pretty ballsy decision by Terry considering he had never won an NBA title. It even caught Stevenson off guard, and that’s hard to do given how many tattoos he has. Terry said about the tattoo “Everybody laughed and they thought it was a joke at the time. When they actually see me get it, they were like, ‘This boy is serious.’ And our whole talk and conversation was about right now, about us getting to this point and winning it all.”

Like I said, he’ll either look pretty foolish in a few weeks, or clairvoyant. Even though the Mavericks appear to be extraordinarily focused, I’m guessing he’ll end up looking foolish.

UPDATE: Terry says he’ll get the tattoo removed if they don’t win the title.

Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Monta Ellis Family Tree Tattoo (Picture)

Professional athletes love new tattoos.  Now that we have things like Twitter, that concept is pretty well-documented.  Last April, we showed you all the new tattoos Shaq had gotten as a member of the Cavs while he recovered from a thumb injury.  Then there’s Monta Ellis, who went from looking like an innocent high schooler without any cash to spend on tats to all inked up in a matter of one off-season.  The Warriors guard hasn’t stopped since, and his latest piece of body art could be the strangest.  Check out Monta Ellis’ family tree tattoo, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Whatever tickles your fancy I guess.  Nothing wrong with a family man.  Would I do it?  Probably not.  But hey who am I to judge?  One thing’s for sure: it certainly beats Andrei Kirlenko’s massive back tattoo.  That thing is just creepy.