Shaq Got Some Fresh New Tattoos

Shaq missed the last six weeks of the regular season after having surgery on his injured thumb. While Shaq was out we heard how he was working hard to get into shape and that he lost 20 pounds. That seems accurate because Shaq has looked pretty good since rejoining the Cavaliers for their playoff series against the Bulls. I also noticed that something else had changed with Shaq’s appearance: he seemed to have plenty more work done on his arms and chest. I don’t know how many of Shaq’s tattoos were there at the beginning of the season, but based on some of these pictures it looks like Shaq got plenty more ink, taking a page from teammates LeBron James and Mo Williams:

As you can tell, it looks like he got a second Superman tattoo, the latest on his right arm to go along with the original “Man of Steel” S on the left arm. You can also see Shaq’s fraternity tattoo on the backside of his left arm. It’s for his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi. Here’s how Shaq’s arms used to look, courtesy of Vanishing Tattoo:

As you can see, Shaq sure has added on over the years, most recently during his stay in Cleveland.

Mayweather: Shane Mosley’s New Tattoo ‘Out of Character’

A week ago I read an article in the Las Vegas Sun talking about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr./Sugar Shane Mosley fight. Obviously there’s a ton riding on this fight — possibly $30 million for Floyd should he win and agree to fight Manny Pacquiao. According to the article, Mayweather feels like he has a mental advantage in the fight because Shane got a new tattoo recently:

“I think he’s kind of out of character,” Mayweather said. “We all know that’s not the real Shane Mosley. The guy waits until he’s 38 to get tattoos? Come on.”

Obviously I was wondering what the big deal was with Mosley getting a new tattoo that caused Mayweather to treat it like it were Mike Tyson’s face ink. Well, thanks to a story at The Sweet Science, I finally saw a picture of Mosley’s tattoo that had caused all the drama. Here it is:

It definitely has a trendy/tribal feel to it and doesn’t seem to go along with who Shane Mosley is, so I see Floyd’s point. Mayweather will have his chance to make his point in the ring on May 1st. He better not screw this one up otherwise it would go down as one of boxing’s biggest blunders.

Also see Bella Gonzalez pictures (Shane’s new girlfriend)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says Shane Mosley ‘out of character’ for upcoming fight [Las Vegas Sun]
Photo Credits: The Sweet Science, MyBoxingFans

Colts Fan Matt Ellis has Autographs Tattooed on His Body

Some dude named Glenn Timmermann became pretty well-known for having a bunch of Chicago Bears autographs tattooed on his body. He topped off the look with the Bears logo inked on the back of his skull. Yeah, that’s a nice look. Anyway, apparently Timmermann has inspired an entire culture of superfans. Maybe not, but Colts fan Matt Ellis is following in his footsteps. Ellis has 33 Colts autographs tattooed on his body. WANE channel 15 in Indy actually did a story on Ellis to provide the background for the insanity:

If you ever wondered what type of person would do that to his body, now you have the answer. Pretty much anyone whose resolution to not having enough memorabilia for players to autograph is get them to sign his body obviously isn’t a very deep thinker. The good news is that Ellis can just chop off various body pieces for auction if he ever runs low on cash — not to say he would ever have trouble finding a job looking like that. Not at all.

DeShawn Stevenson Is Only a Step Away from Being Mike Tyson

Or if you judge by the amount of ink on his face, he’s two steps ahead. What went from being a trend in sports has become somewhat of an epidemeic — tattoos are popping up on nearly every player in every sport and guys are running out of ways to out-do each other. Not DeShawn Stevenson, however. The Wizards guard elected to remain a step ahead of the curve getting some fresh ink in the offseason, Stephon Marbury style. Check out these pics of DeShawn Stevenson’s new face tattoos. He’s got three on his face and a giant one on the front of his neck. Thanks to Wizards Insider for the heads up on the story and the Washington Times for all the pictures.

It really looks like he and Gilbert Arenas are having a competition — Stevenson gets Abe Lincoln, Arenas gets the Black Mount Rushmore on his leg. I’ll just leave it as saying it’s not my cup of tea. Also, there’s been debate about Stevenson’s Pirates “P” logo which is considered to be a gang sign. Nice DeShawn. The other tats are his son’s name (Londyn), and a Frankenstein looking crack on his forward because he doesn’t crack. Yikes.

Guess We Know How Monta Ellis Spent His Time Off

UPDATE: Many more Monta Ellis tattoo pics below

I was pretty excited to watch the Cavs/Warriors game Friday night for several reasons. For one, the back end of the ESPN Friday night double-header was the Winter X Games. Secondly, the Clippers/Thunder were the only opposite game on the West Coast. Third, any game in which LeBron is playing is interesting. And lastly, the game marked the return of Monta Ellis. Monta really impressed me last year as he emerged to average over 20ppg in only his third year in the league. Most of all, it’s the youngster’s quickness that separates him from the competition. As a restricted free agent, the Warriors signed him to a big deal, and he went out and celebrated by hurting his ankle in a moped incident. In addition to rehabbing the past several months, it seems pretty clear what else was taking up Ellis’ time — the tattoo chair:

Pre-2008 and 2008 Tattoos


Monta Ellis tattoos Monta Ellis tattoos Monta Ellis tattoos Monta Ellis tattoos

It was hard to tell all the ink he added from that picture, but that’s the best I could find. He has em all up and down both arms, on his chest, and his legs. Not to predict the future or anything, but wasn’t it when Josh Hamilton was hurt that he got all tatted out? As for the actual game Ellis did handle the ball going up the court on most possessions, but the Warriors really ran their offense through Stephen Jackson all night. Jax was great down the stretch knocking down a pair of jumpers over LeBron to give the Warriors the lead both times, but LeBron hit the game-winner over Turiaf as time expired. It will be interesting to see the Golden State offense operate when Jamal Crawford joins Ellis in the back court (Crawford was a late scratch). Still shouldn’t change the outcome of many of their games but they have a weird combination going on.

Picture of Stephon Marbury’s Head Tattoo

OK, so over the weekend I told you that Stephon Marbury was busy in the offseason adding a new tattoo of his Starbury logo to his dome. The story was good, but what everyone really wanted to see was a picture of it. Well, thanks to the magic of Deadspin, we now have one. Brace yourself.

Well, if he ever gets tired of it, at least he can just grow his hair out …