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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Team USA Soccer

One Cameraman Trucks Another After US-Mexico Gold Cup (Video)

Since we’re dealing with soccer here, it’s only fair to ask the question: flop or no flop?  Whether you like soccer or not, everyone knows diving is a huge part of the game.  When a player takes a swipe at another player’s leg, it usually results in someone falling to the ground like they just…Read More

Bad Call Again? No Problem; Donovan Scores in Stoppage Time

The World Cup officials once again made their best attempt at costing the United States a game.  Luckily, they were unsuccessful.  Referee Koman Coulibaly cost the Americans a game last week against Slovenia and has since been demoted.  It almost happened again on Wednesday, but team U.S.A. was able to score in stoppage time to…Read More

Ref Blows Call in U.S. vs Slovenia Match

Is it just me or are blown calls affecting the outcome of a ton of games lately?  Not long ago we had Jim Joyce’s missed call at first base that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game.  Then, we moved on to the NBA Finals where there was an exceptional amount of whining going on by…Read More

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