Did Mexico’s Omar Arellano Crap Himself Against the U.S.A.? (Picture)

For whatever reason, strange things seem to happen when the U.S.A. and Mexico get together on the pitch.  After Mexico defeated the U.S.A. in the Gold Cup a little over a month ago, we showed you this hilarious video of a cameraman trucking one of his associates.  Now, we bring you a picture that is a bit more disturbing than funny.  Check out the this picture of Omar Arellano’s stained shorts, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

The match ended in a draw, but I think we can all agree that the U.S. came out on top here — unless a picture surfaces that proves a U.S. player crapped himself during the game.  We’ll call it a win for new head coach Juergen Klinsmann in his Team U.S.A. debut since none of his guys sharted.

One Cameraman Trucks Another After US-Mexico Gold Cup (Video)

Since we’re dealing with soccer here, it’s only fair to ask the question: flop or no flop?  Whether you like soccer or not, everyone knows diving is a huge part of the game.  When a player takes a swipe at another player’s leg, it usually results in someone falling to the ground like they just took an RPG to the chest.  Now it’s up for us to decide if these antics are prevalent among the members of the media as well.  Check out the video of a cameraman trucking another cameraman at the Gold Cup, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Definitely a lot of contact there, but was it enough to send him flying to the ground?  I say no.  And how about the second fall at the 8-second mark?  The guy with the small camera was obviously just upset the ref missed the initial hit, so he decided to sell it even further.  Final verdict: aggressive and effective move by the guy with the bigger camera.  Darwin’s theory at work.

Bad Call Again? No Problem; Donovan Scores in Stoppage Time

The World Cup officials once again made their best attempt at costing the United States a game.  Luckily, they were unsuccessful.  Referee Koman Coulibaly cost the Americans a game last week against Slovenia and has since been demoted.  It almost happened again on Wednesday, but team U.S.A. was able to score in stoppage time to beat Algeria and secure a spot in the knockout round.  Had they not scored, the game probably would have ended in a tie.  With the way the England vs. Slovenia game went, it would have taken a miracle for the U.S. to advance if they played to another tie.  Check out the video of the World Cup refs blowing an offside call that cost Clint Dempsey and the United States a goal:

If you know anything about the rules of soccer, you know that play isn’t even close.  If not for Landon Donovan’s goal in stoppage time to give the U.S. a 1-0 victory, the officials would have faced epic backlash following the match.  But he did score, and because of that the Americans are moving through to the next round and have won their group for the first time since 1930. Here’s the video of Landon Donovan’s stoppage time goal

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Ref Blows Call in U.S. vs Slovenia Match

Is it just me or are blown calls affecting the outcome of a ton of games lately?  Not long ago we had Jim Joyce’s missed call at first base that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game.  Then, we moved on to the NBA Finals where there was an exceptional amount of whining going on by either side — much of it warranted.  On Friday, we saw a blown call on arguably a bigger stage than some of the others.  After trailing 0-2 against Slovenia at halftime, it appeared the U.S. World Cup squad was headed for a loss barring an unbelievable comeback.  The comeback they mounted was nothing short of that, as they knotted the game at 2-2 in the 82nd minute on a Landon Donovan score.

After a foul, the Americans were awarded a free kick at around the 85th minute in a spot that gave them a legitimate chance to take the lead.  Donovan placed the ball perfectly in front of the net and Maurice Edu nailed it in for what appeared to be the go-ahead score.  The goal was nullified after referee Koman Coulibaly called a foul and waved it off.  Check out the video of the blown call in the U.S.-Slovenia game that would have given the U.S. the lead, courtesy of Twitter user Dan Levy:

Not only was that not a foul on the U.S., but the American players were being severely held during the kick.  It’s huge that the U.S. was able to come away with a tie, but if not for poor officiating they would have ended up with one of the biggest comeback victories American soccer has ever seen.

Video Credit: Twitter user Dan Levy