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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Tebowing

Von Miller Goes Tebowing, Tim Tebow Loves it (Picture)

Von Miller became the first athlete to officially support the “Tebowing” movement when he tweeted a picture of himself praying on one knee at the Broncos facility Thursday. Tebow joked back that the jersey was too big for Miller (guess he’s a smedium guy?). Tim also posted the word “Tebowing” along with its description, before…Read More

Tebowing Founder Created Idea Sunday, Website Monday

Early Thursday we introduced you to the new internet phenomenon known as “Tebowing.” The concept is similar to planking, owling, and some of their other social media crazes that go viral, but in Tebowing, you just drop down on one knee in a prayer position. So how did “Tebowing” come about? The site’s founder, Jared…Read More

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