Cowboys Kicker on Ted Ginn Jr.: Hit Him in the Mouth Early and He Might Give Up

Ted Ginn Jr. was one of the most valuable players of the opening weekend of the NFL season. The special teams ace returned a kickoff for a touchdown with under four minutes left against the Seahawks, and a handful of plays later, he returned a punt to the house. Ginn took a 19-17 game and single-handedly made it a 33-17 blowout in a matter of minutes. He’s a game-changer on special teams, and he’ll look to continue his efforts Sunday when his 49ers play the Cowboys.

Despite Ginn’s success as a returner, Cowboys kicker David Buehler is not worried. In fact, he thinks Ginn can be intimidated. Speaking about the Cowboys’ game Sunday against the 49ers, Buehler took a shot at Ginn.

“If the wind is at my back, hopefully I’ll get the green light and be able to kick a touchback and keep it out of Ted Ginn’s hands because he is a dangerous returner,” Cowboys kicker David Buehler said. “As long as you hit him in the mouth earlier, I think he might give up.”

Ordinarily you might say a kicker has no business calling a real player soft, but Buehler is no ordinary kicker. The ex-USC Trojan is a 6’2″ 227 lb. monster who played running back and linebacker in high school. Oh yeah, he also outlifted 27 offensive linemen at the combine and ran a 4.56 40. He can defend himself on the field perfectly fine and will have no problem standing up to Ginn. The question is if Ginn will be able to make him pay on the field.

Troy Smith, Mike Singletary, Ted Ginn, and an Argument Featuring a Towel (Video)

What a mess the 49ers have become this season. They don’t know who their quarterback is, but they have a pretty good idea it’s someone with the last name Smith. At the conclusion of the season, they won’t know who their head coach is.  Troy Smith probably gave the Niners a better chance to win than Alex Smith, but neither has proven he can be a capable NFL starter.  With a loss to the Rams on Sunday, San Francisco squashed any hopes it had of making the postseason and Mike Singletary effectively placed an expiration date on his 49ers head coaching career.

To make matters even more embarrassing, Singletary had a blowout with T. Smith on the sideline during Sunday’s game.  Ted Ginn got involved, too.  By involved I mean he shoved a towel in Smith’s face in an attempt to get him to stop arguing with the head coach.  Check out the Mike Singletary and Troy Smith sideline fight video:

I wonder if they were arguing over who will find a job first when they both inevitably lose theirs.