Teemu Selanne reportedly offered $10 million a season by KHL team Jokerit

Teemu Selanne DucksThe top hockey team in Finland is joining the KHL next season and doing everything possible to sign Finnish hockey legend Teemu Selanne.

According to hockey reporter Juha Hiitela, Finnish club Jokerit has offered Selanne $10 million a season. They want him so badly they are even offering him the Vin Scully deal; for $5 million, he would only have to play in home games.

Selanne confirmed the offer from Jokerit but says only playing half the team’s games might not be a good thing. It would probably be difficult to stay in peak shape and develop chemistry with his teammates if he were only playing in half of the team’s games.

Selanne, 44, has pondered retirement on and off for years. He even briefly retired after the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

Teemu says his NHL days are over. He is 11th all time in goals and 15th in career points.

Teemu Selanne gets beautiful stick salute from Kings (Video)

Teemu Selanne DucksTeemu Selanne’s storied career came to an end on Friday night after a disappointing 6-2 defeat to the Los Angeles Kings in Game 7 of the Anaheim Ducks’ Western Conference semifinal series. Though Selanne did not go out with the exit he was hoping for with his team, he certainly received a sendoff for which he was worthy.

The Kings remained on the ice following their win to give Selanne a stick salute, as did the Ducks. Selanne grew emotional at the site and barely was able to keep himself from crying.

At 43, Selanne does not plan to play in the NHL again, though he has left the door open for the possibility of playing in the KHL.

Selanne broke into the NHL in the 1992-93 season as a rookie phenom with the Winnipeg Jets. He has played 1,451 games and scored 684 goals while recording 773 assists for an impressive total of 1,457 points, and he considers the 2007 Stanley Cup he won with Anaheim to be one of the crowning moments of his career.

“The 2007 Stanley Cup has to be the biggest crown for my career,” Selanne said after the game via the AP. “To be honest, the most proud I am is I have been able to play so many years and at this age. You all know when you get older, it’s not going to get any easier. But to be able to compete against these young guys and still enjoy this and play well, that has been the greatest thing in my career. I’m really thankful for that.”

Selanne ranks 15th in NHL history in total points and 11th in goals. He’s been playing so long that I remember being in fourth freaking grade when he burst onto the scene with 76 goals as a 22-year-old rookie. He led the league in goals two more times during his career and made 10 All-Star games. He will go down as one of the greatest Ducks and players in league history.

Teemu Selanne Has Swedish Flag Tattooed on Ankle, He’s from Finland

Generally when we talk about tattoos here on LBS, we like to make fun of those who got them.  When we see things like unicorns, Padres head tattoos, and Raiders face tattoos, we can’t really help ourselves.  While Teemu Sellane’s tattoo is horrible, it would be just plain wrong to make fun of him for it.  Why? Because we feel sorry for him.

According to the Swedish news source The Local, via SbB live, Selanne has a tattoo of the Swedish flag just above his ankle.  Those who are unfamiliar with Selanne might think it’s nice that he is proud enough of his homeland to represent with a tattoo.  Those of us who are a bit more familiar with Teemu know it sucks that the tattoo artist screwed up, because he’s from Finland.

Apparently Selanne was out drinking with his buddies more than 10 years ago and they decided it would be a good idea to blindfold him and drag him to a tattoo studio.  They told the artist to give him a tattoo of the Finnish flag, but he apparently was so nervous to be in the presence of Selanne that he screwed up the colors.  The flags of the two Scandinavian countries are identical except for the color scheme, and the artist just so happened to use the wrong ones.

Teemu said he was supposed to go back two weeks later and never did.  Perhaps he should return to the tattoo studio and fight the artist, since that’s something he recently did for the second time in his career.  You drink the booze, you lose.

Teemu Selanne Actually Got into a Fight

Teemu Selanne actually got into a fight Saturday, and no, we’re not joking. Facing the Kings, the Ducks winger got cross checked into the boards sparking a few fights between the teams. About 1:35 into this video, you can see Teemu Selanne fighting with Brad Richardson:

We must savor the moment because that’s only Selanne’s second fight in an 18-year career. Do you get that? In 18 years and 1,259 career games, Selanne has only fought twice. You have a better chance of seeing a white tiger snort cocaine while walking on his hind legs than seeing Teemu fight again. Hope you enjoyed it.

Video: Teemu Selanne Cuts Quad Muscle on Own Skate, Out 4-6 Weeks

Right up there with hurting yourself playing tag in the yard or while sleeping on a pillow, cutting yourself on your own skate has to be a pretty crappy way to get injured. When you’re skating around with razor-sharp skates and you’re getting pushed around, ish happens, as it did to Teemu Selanne. Check out how Selanne hurt himself to the point where he’s out 4-6 weeks:

Those bad boys must be sharp as all hell, considering Selanne’s comments, “I knew right away that I got cut. It was scary how much blood was coming out. It was all over. You couldn’t even stop it.” 4-6 weeks seems pretty extensive but I’m not going to doubt them. At least he didn’t cut a tendon because the Ducks are in a tight race in the Western Conference.