Tennessee uses Beyonce photoshop to recruit Shy Tuttle


Shy Tuttle is one of the top-ranked defensive tackles in the class of 2015, and Tennessee would really like for the 6-foot-3, 310-pounder to call himself a Volunteer. In an attempt to separate themselves from the rest of the powerhouse schools that are trying to woo Tuttle, Tennessee coaches decided to use Beyonce as a prop.

“They snapped with this one,” Tuttle wrote on Twitter with a bunch of smiley faces along with the photo you see above.

Tennessee even included a bunch of phony headlines like “Beyonce on why she thinks Tuttle belongs at Tennessee.” The Vols coaches pulled out all the stops.

Hey, it’s better than sending someone 53 recruiting letters in a single day. That practice is played out and unoriginal. Tennessee is battling with other major programs like Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Miami and Michigan, so they had to do something to make an impression. Tuttle certainly isn’t going to forget the Vols’ pitch to him.


Ex-Tennessee players rip Derek Dooley, call him a loser

Derek DooleyTo say that some former Tennessee players are not fond of Derek Dooley would be a massive understatement.

A number of ex-Vols had unpleasant things to say about Dooley while working a football camp over the weekend. Dooley went 15-21 over three seasons as head coach of Tennessee before being fired during the 2012 campaign — his third consecutive losing season.

Troy Fleming, Al Wilson and Corey Larkins were among the ex-Vols who helped out at Eddie Moore’s youth camp and participated in a Q&A Friday. When asked about Butch Jones turning around the program, the players took that as an opportunity to fire shots at Dooley.

Here are some of their comments via the Times Free Press:

“I just want to see some fight. I’ve seen our guys for the last few years not only get beat to the ground, but then the other players push up off their chest to go back to the huddle and our guys just got up and walked back to the huddle,” former running back Corey Larkins said. “I want to see some guys with some fight and defend the program. That mentality came from the guy we had before Coach Jones. Derek Dooley was a loser. He’ll always be a loser and he rubbed off on the program and created a losing attitude.”

Former Vols and Titans fullback Troy Fleming agreed with Larkins and said Dooley “did very little.”

“With Coach Jones, when you walk into the facility now it’s like you never left. The guys who have worked around the program for years are at ease now, which tells you things are good again. The biggest thing about Coach Jones is he actually does his job. Unlike that guy we call Derek Doolittle, who really did very little,” he said per the Free Press.

Wilson, who was a program icon and star linebacker for the Denver Broncos, was just as harsh on Dooley.

“I really don’t even want to say the names of the two guys who were there between Coach Fulmer and Coach Jones. They don’t deserve to have their names mentioned with Tennessee football.”

Tell us how you really feel, folks.

Wilson unhappiness with the program is understandable. The guy led the Vols during their glory days in the ’90s. They went 45-5 during his four seasons. Dooley lost at least 7 games in each of his seasons.

Maybe the guys were ganging up because they were in a group and it was easy to bash Dooley, but this just reminds us how bad of a hire that was by Tennessee and how optimistic the players are about the future under Jones.

Helmet smack to Dr. Saturday

Charles Mosley commits to Tennessee with haircut


Offensive lineman Charles Mosley committed to Tennessee on Monday by using a unique backdrop to make his announcement — his head. Mosley, the 21st-ranked offensive guard in the class of 2014, dyed both sides of his head with Tennessee colors and had “UT” shaved into one side and “VOLS” shaved into the other.

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Despite finishing with a losing record in five of their last six seasons, the Vols have secured one of the top recruiting classes for next season. According to Rivals.com, Tennessee has already locked down two five-star commits and 16 four-star commits. Things are certainly looking up.

Photo via Twitter/Paul Fortenberry
H/T Black Sports Online

Alabama fans paint Tennessee’s rock with red and ‘Roll Tide’


Alabama and Tennessee are set to square off this weekend in what is a fierce rivalry because of conference alignment and geography, though the games have not exactly been competitive in recent years. The Crimson Tide have beaten the Vols by 31 points in each of their last three meetings. As a result, Alabama fans felt they had every right to claim “The Rock” on Tennessee’s campus as their own this week.

Twitter user @DandyAndy110 posted the photo you see above earlier this week, which shows that Tennessee’s famous rock — the same one that was used to mock Lane Kiffin a couple weeks ago — has been painted red with the words “Roll Tide” across it. The Bama fans who did the honors also felt the need to write “Go 2 Hell TN” underneath their rally cry.

As Eye on College Football noted, Tennessee has never beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa in six attempts during the Nick Saban era. Don’t expect that to change on Saturday afternoon.

H/T Twitter/Wes Rucker

Steve Spurrier takes shot at Tennessee

Steve-Spurrier-South-CarolinaSouth Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, probably the greatest 68-year-old trash talker in college football history, was up to his old tricks this week when discussing his team’s upcoming game against Tennessee. Spurrier has spent more than 20 years as a head coach in the SEC, so he has faced the Vols a ton. He found a way to eloquently express that on Thursday.

“This will be the 14th time I’ve coached in Neyland Stadium,” Spurrier said, via The State’s Josh Kendall. ” I’ve coached there more than some of their head coaches.”

For those of you who didn’t know, Neyland Stadium is the home of Tennessee football. Spurrier was calling attention to the fact that guys like Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley spent very little time with the Vols.

Saturday is indeed Spurrier’s 14th time coaching at Neyland Stadium. You have to wonder if his jab was directed at Kiffin, who coached only eight home games for Tennessee before leaving to take a job at USC. As College Football Talk pointed out, Dooley coached 22 games at Neyland during his three-year tenure at Tennessee.

It should be noted that Spurrier also praised the Vols during the same press conference and said they have enough talent to be a top-25 team. Similar to last year when he downplayed Nick Saban’s accomplishments, the Ole Ball Coach simply couldn’t help himself.

Tennessee students celebrate Lane Kiffin firing: ‘Karma is a Butch’


Most Tennessee Vols fans despise Lane Kiffin. The recently-fired USC football coach accepted a job at Tennessee in 2009 only to leave a year later to coach the Trojans. Kiffin’s new job didn’t exactly work out, and he was recently fired at an airport terminal.

Upon hearing the news that their former coach had been terminated, Tennessee students decided to celebrate by taking a shot at Kiffin through the use of a massive boulder on their campus. As you can see from the photo above that former Vols quarterback Erik Ainge posted on Twitter, they wrote the following in spray paint:

“Hey Kiffin, Karma is a BUTCH!”

Tennessee is currently 3-2 under head coach Butch Jones. USC fired Kiffin after falling to 3-2 following an embarrassing loss to Arizona State, so the grass wasn’t as greener out west as Kiffin thought it would be. No group of fans is happier with the way it turned out than the Vols faithful. Well, we shouldn’t speak for the current USC players.

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Arian Foster admits he took money in college at Tennessee

Arian-Foster-Rips-Fantasy-OwnersHouston Texans running back Arian Foster is the latest professional athlete to admit that he took improper benefits while in college. Those benefits ranged from taking cash to asking his coach at Tennessee to buy him some food.

In an upcoming EPIX documentary that discusses the growing issue of whether or not collegiate athletes should be paid, Foster spoke about not having enough money to survive on a day-to-day basis. Rather than go hungry, he says he accepted money.

“I don’t know if this will throw us into an NCAA investigation — my senior year, I was getting money on the side,” said Foster, as uncovered by Sports Illustrated. “I really didn’t have any money. I had to either pay the rent or buy some food. I remember the feeling of like, ‘Man, be careful.’ But there’s nothing wrong with it. And you’re not going to convince me that there is something wrong with it.”

Foster said it is only natural for players to be rubbed the wrong way knowing there are over 100,000 people buying a ticket to watch them play and they are not allowed to see any of the profits.

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