Nashville Restaurant Adds Fried Gator to Menu Ahead of Tennessee-Florida Game

Florida hosts Tennessee in the SEC opener for both teams Saturday. One Nashville restaurant is in rivalry mode and added fried gator to its menu this week to prepare for the game:

That picture was tweeted by Nashville radio host Clay Travis, whose 3 Hour Lunch show broadcasted live from the restaurant on Thursday. Some of you out there may be thinking that fried gator is gross, but I caution you: it’s not that bad. Not only does anything taste good deep fried (except broccoli), but I’ve actually had crocodile before and it’s pretty good. I can’t imagine gator is much different.

But hey, if this is how some SEC fans want to get pumped for their game, I’ll take it. It’s certainly much better than some of the other fan nonsense we’ve seen recently.

Tennessee Football: Where ‘Opportunity is Nowhere’

Kentucky Sports Radio posted that picture under the heading “Tennessee Football Learns That Proper Spacing Is Everything.”


It took me five full minutes of staring at that picture like Willam and the scooner before I realized it’s supposed to say “Opportunity is now here.” Maybe using capital letters isn’t always the best idea. And maybe crappy slogans isn’t either.

Thanks to Eye on College Football for the link

Derek Dooley Quotes Shakespeare’s Richard III to Teach Vols a Lesson

As if student-athletes didn’t already have a tough enough time with their studies in the classroom, now we have coaches referencing historical plays from the late-1500s on the field.

Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley apparently read from a selection of William Shakespeare’s Richard III after practice Wednesday. His purpose was to send a message about attention to detail, and how even the smallest mistakes can have crippling effects.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel explains it well:

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Video: LSU and Tennessee Crazy Ending

LSU lucked out with a 16-14 win over Tennessee thanks to a 13 men on the field penalty. The outcome of the game changed hands so quickly most people didn’t realize what happened. Because of poor clock management that should have Les Miles fired, it appeared as if the Tigers had lost to Tennessee 14-10. Then, the penalty called on Tennessee gave LSU a second chance at victory and they capitalized. In case you missed the game, here is a video of the Tennessee and LSU ending that has people going wild:

LSU Lucks Out with Win on Tennessee 13 Men on the Field Penalty (Picture)

LSU somehow lucked out with a win over Tennessee 16-14. LSU really should have lost 14-10 because of their ineptitude with clock management, but thanks to a 13 men on the field penalty on Tennessee, they got a second chance at victory. With four seconds left, here’s how Tennessee lined up:

Referees reviewed the play and gave LSU a second chance because of the penalty. They went in for the score after that and won 16-14. Regardless of the win, coach Les Miles still should be fired for his poor clock management. I’ve seen teams back into victories before, but it doesn’t get more blatant than that.

Tennessee Vols Get in a Brawl

Rhymes, right?  A little?  I tried.  Anyway, “seven to 10″ Tennessee Volunteer football players got into a brawl at Bar Knoxville in Knoxville Thursday night, according one of the bar’s owners.  Actually, based on her account it doesn’t sound like it was much of a brawl.  Her description makes it pretty clear that it was a bunch of football players beating down on some guy.  Here’s co-owner Sandy Morton’s account of the incident, courtesy of the Chattnooga Times Free Press:

Basically, it was a normal Thursday night — Thursday’s our big night,” Morton said. “We had all the UT football players come in. They’re on a first-name basis with my husband (and co-owner), and they get VIP status, which means they pay no cover at the door. We’ve never had a problem with them in the past, but tonight, apparently they had a falling out with another gentleman. I don’t know why. I don’t know what happened, but several of the guys started beating up the other customer. I want to guess there was seven to 10 guys beating up this one gentleman.

“All the security then rushed in and were trying to break it up. My husband saw them picking up bar stools and starting to swing them. We got them out the door with security. There happened to be a friend of ours who was an off-duty police officer outside. He tried to help, and he ended up getting knocked out in the street and proceeded to be kicked while he was down on the ground in the middle of Cumberland.”

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Picture of Tennessee Hostesses at Byrnes High Game in South Carolina

My man Andy Staples who does excellent work during college football season at SI came up big with this damning photo evidence against Tennessee. The picture serves as evidence against the Vols football program which is under investigation by the NCAA for improper conduct by its Orange Pride “student ambassador group.” Two members of the group, captain Lacey Earps and member Dahra Johnson, traveled over 200 miles to watch Byrnes High recruits Corey Miller and Brandon Willis play in their game against Gaffney High. As far as I understand things, the hostesses are not allowed to recruit off campus since they are representatives of the University. This photo alone shows they committed a violation, so here’s the picture of the Tennessee hostesses at the Byrnes High game:


It may have been minor matters up until this point, but due to the volume of negative stories against Lane Kiffin, I can no longer give him and his staff the benefit of the doubt. If the hostesses are going out of their way to do more than is legal, that gives them a clear cut advantage over rival schools. Think about it: most recruits will feel a stronger tie to one school if that university is making excessive contact that they’re not supposed to be making. Can’t you see the high schoolers saying “I like Tennessee the most because they reached out to me more than anyone else. They even sent some girls to one of my games.” Yeah, illegally. This is not a good start for Lane Kiffin, that’s for sure. He’s created far more headlines for negative things than positive ones in his first year on the job. I also must include this anecdote from the latest NY Times story on the matter, it’s a beauty:

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