Chris Johnson takes a veiled swipe at the Titans offensive line

Chris Johnson has picked up right where he left off this season. Unfortunately for Titans fans and his fantasy owners, that is a very bad thing. Johnson had a down year in 2011 and vowed to bounce back with a vengeance in 2012. Unless carrying the ball 19 times for 21 yards is bouncing back, CJNoK is off to a brutal start.

The main issue has been the Titans offensive line. Johnson is understandably frustrated with the unit for getting pushed around through the first two games, and he decided to air it to the public after Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

“The run game ain’t working,” Johnson said according to The Tennesseean. “We just aren’t executing the plays. I don’t know why we’re not.

“People need to step up and do their job. They don’t need to let people beat them. It don’t matter who the opposing defense is, you can’t let your guy beat you. You just can’t give up plays. You have to make plays like they make plays. I can’t speak for the defense. I can only speak for the offense.”

If Tennessee can’t get something going on the ground, the situation could turn ugly in a hurry. Titans fans wasted no time turning on Johnson last season when he was struggling, regardless of whether it was his fault or the offensive line’s. C.J. is a back who once ran for 2,000 yards and was paid accordingly after holding out. As the man who is making the most money, he also bears the burden of accountability.

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Titans get in on the rookie haircut hazing (Pictures)

I’m not sure what it is about haircut hazing, but it never seems to get old. Perhaps it’s simply because the possibilities are endless. A person’s head is a surprisingly versatile canvas, allowing talented artists and 300-pound football players alike to create masterpieces of art. As you can see from the photos above that Chris Johnson shared on his Twitter account, the Titans recently got in on the fun.

The Tennessee veterans unloaded a plethora of haircuts on their rookies that included the yamaka look, which you see on the left, and the Rick Ross look — as CJ2K described it — that you see on the right. See the Rick Ross resemblance? From what we’ve gathered, the Titans stayed away from completely inappropriate designs like we saw from the Raiders. They also decided not to shave grades into the back of the rookies’ heads like the Jets did.

As boring as preseason football can be, haircut hazing makes us wish it never had to end.

Angry Titans fans make ‘F*** you Peyton’ song (Very NSFW)

While Peyton Manning is set to get a boat load of money from the Broncos — reportedly in the neighborhood of five years, $95 million — it would be tough to imagine his decision was monetary based. Given his injury history, signing Peyton to that type of contract is a risk. Given his Hall of Fame resume, it’s a no-brainer. If the Titans, Niners, or Dolphins lost out on Manning because of money, shame on them.

Some Titans fans do not feel that way. Understandably upset by being led on and let down, a group of Titans fans decided to make a spinoff of a popular Cee Lo Green song and direct it at Peyton. In their eyes, he’s a greedy s.o.b. who simply went to the highest bidder. Check out this clip that Outkick the Coverage shared with us. The language in the song is obviously very NSFW:

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Titans Accuse Saints of Cheating by Blowing Whistle on the Sidelines

If everything the Titans are saying about their 22-17 loss to the Saints is true, New Orleans was not exactly playing nicely.  Earlier, we told you how receiver Nate Washington accused Roman Harper of being a dirty player for grabbing him by the facemask and then doing this.  The second accusation is a bit more severe; Tennessee is saying a whistle was being blown from the New Orleans bench area late in the game.

Offensive lineman Jake Scott claims Dean McCondichie, the producer of the team’s television show “Titans All Access,” has evidence that it was indeed happening while the Titans were on offense.

“Dean’s got it on tape,” Scott said according to ESPN.com. “Somebody was blowing a whistle on the sideline. There is audio of it, so we’ll let it go from there. The second to last drive I think.”

“During the game we heard this whistle blowing, but they weren’t stopping the game, they just kept playing,” McCondichie explained. “They were loud enough for me to hear it on the microphone on (offensive lineman Michael Roos). They were all trying to figure out why play continued. I asked them if they knew where it came from and they said the New Orleans bench. Nobody saw it, but it was pretty loud and it was definitely a whistle.”

McCondichie said the whistle was definitely loud enough for several Titans players to hear it.  The team is looking into the matter, and obviously the Saints would be facing huge penalties if the league were to determine that something like that was going on.  For what it’s worth, Sean Payton and Bill Belichick are close friends.

Jeff Fisher-Brandon Fisher Nepotism Reportedly an Issue for Bud Adams

A surprising move happened on Thursday in the NFL when the Tennessee Titans and head coach Jeff Fisher announced they were parting ways. Fisher had been the Titans coach for the last 16 years, making him the longest-tenured coach in the league. The news would have been less shocking had it been announced weeks ago when most evaluations were being made. So if Fisher survived the evaluation and the team had decided on him over Vince Young, then what happened?

A report from John Clayton may provide insight into the news and timing of it.

Clayton was told that “one of the final disagreements that led to Fisher’s departure involved his son, Brandon. Fisher wanted to have his son on the staff as a quality control coach and thought it would be approved. Brandon Fisher helped out during the season while offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger was receiving cancer treatment.”

Apparently it was owner Bud Adams’ policy not to have family members hired to the staff and he reportedly stuck by that principle during their discussions. This report makes tons of sense because Fisher’s departure didn’t. Unless Fisher had another job lined up — which doesn’t seem like the case considering he says he’s tired and hints he wants a break — such a disagreement seems like something that could have led to them parting ways. I know I’d be plenty peeved if my team refused to hire my son.

Vince Young Benched for Rusty Smith, Clashes with Jeff Fisher in Locker Room

It appears as if Vince Young’s tumultuous run in Tennessee may finally be coming to an end. Either that, or Jeff Fisher may be gone, because the two had a serious clash on Sunday. Young left Tennesse’s game against the Redskins in the third quarter after hurting his thumb on a throw. VY was replaced by third string option Rusty Smith, a rookie out of Florida Atlantic, who saw the first action of his career. Despite Young’s efforts working with the trainers to re-enter the game, Fisher stuck with Smith for the rest of the game. Young was 12/16 for 165 yards in the game while Smith went 3/9 for 62 yards and an interception. The benching resulted in a series of conflicts involving Vince Young. Let’s let The Tennessean explain everything:

After the game Young tossed his shoulder pads into the stands as he left the field, setting off a chain of events in the locker room.

As Fisher gathered the team, Young uttered expletives under his breath as he was getting dressed, according to the source.

Young then headed for the locker room door. Fisher told him not to walk out on his teammates. Young responded that he was not walking out on his teammates, but was walking out on Fisher, according to the source.

Fisher never seemed to be satisfied with Young who reportedly does not work hard enough on his craft. Even when the team started 0-6 last season, it was Titans owner Bud Adams who demanded the change at quarterback from Kerry Collins to Vince Young. In all likelihood, Young probably lost his coach years ago because of crap like this, this, and this. Fisher has said that injury or not, Vince Young won’t be the team’s starting quarterback. Now that he’s spoken, here’s your chance: will both Fisher and Young be back next season? If not, which one will be gone?

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Randy Moss Claimed By Titans, Report Says He’s Willing to Sit If He’s Unhappy

It looks like 22 NFL teams said “no, thank you” to Randy Moss, as he’s been claimed by the Tennessee Titans who were No. 23 on the waiver claim list.  Although Pro Football Talk is reporting that Moss is expected to report to the team, a source has told the Boston Herald that Moss is “willing to sit out the season” if he’s unhappy with the team that claims him.

According to the Herald’s source, Moss wants a ring.  Either his desires have shifted over the past month from wanting a long term contract to just wanting a ring, or he didn’t believe the Patriots gave him a chance to win a Super Bowl.  Maybe with him on their roster, they wouldn’t have.  Who knows.  In any event, the interesting part starts now.

Will Moss report to the Titans?  My guess is yes.  He’s still seeking one last lucrative contract, and he’s not going to get it if he sits out the remainder of 2010.  Will he give the Titans all he’s got?  That remains to be seen.  Again, he’d be wise to put forth a strong effort to try and prove he can still be highly productive.  However, after all the nonsense he’s pulled already this year, I doubt any team is going to invest multiple years and a lot of money in him after this season.  It’s sure to be an adventure, as usual.