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Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Titans called for epic false start penalty (Video)


Late in the first quarter of Sunday’s game between the Titans and Colts, the Titans were flagged for a false start. However, it wasn’t of the variety we are accustomed to seeing.

On third down with one yard to go and Marcus Mariota in the shotgun, there was movement along Tennessee’s offensive line that drew the attention of the officials. It wasn’t just one man who jumped early though. As referee Walt Anderson explained, “Everyone but the center” moved prior to the snap.

In the box score, Quinton Spain is listed as the one who committed the penalty. Obviously, as we can all see, he wasn’t the only one.

Report: Jon Bon Jovi interested in buying Titans


Jon Bon Jovi still wants to be an NFL owner, and he reportedly has a new team in his sights.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the rock star is monitoring the situation with the Tennessee Titans closely, as their ownership is currently not compliant with league bylaws. While owner Amy Adams Strunk maintains there are no plans to sell, the situation is untenable at the moment and there is no plan in place to come into compliance.

Bon Jovi, meanwhile, has reportedly been networking with owners and other league executives in order to build a base of support. He would almost certainly have to form a group to be competitive with other billionaire owners who would also want to purchase the team, and there is some skepticism that he will be able to.

It’s worth noting that, according to La Canfora, there is a belief that Peyton Manning would like to own a stake in the Titans someday as well.

Bon Jovi pushed hard to purchase the Buffalo Bills back in 2013, but ultimately lost out to the Pegula family. That clearly has not put him off further attempts.

Peyton Manning came ‘pretty close’ to joining Titans in 2012

Peyton Manning

With all the time that has passed, it’s easy to forget that when Peyton Manning left the Colts back in 2012, the Denver Broncos were far from his only choice if he wanted to continue his career.

The Tennessee Titans were after Manning as well, and on Thursday night he admitted that he’d strongly considered playing professionally in the state where he went to college.

“I was pretty close,” Manning said of playing for the Titans, via The Tennessean.

Manning also said he wasn’t going to be coaching at his alma mater, but he was very excited for Vols football.

“I’m a huge Butch Jones fan,” Manning added. “I’m excited about the Tennessee Vols and how we’re gonna do this year.”

Manning could have had a free Nissan if he’d joined the Titans. Alas, he had to settle instead for winning a Super Bowl. We’re guessing he’s alright with that. But hey, perhaps if he decides to start a front office career, he could end up with Tennessee after all.

H/T theScore

Report: Titans attempting to trade back up into top ten


If you thought the Tennessee Titans were done dealing before the NFL Draft, it sounds as if you may be mistaken.

A report from CBS Sports’s Jason La Canfora says several NFL executives familiar with Titans GM Jon Robinson’s thinking believe that the team is now trying to trade back into the top ten.

“He’s moving back up,” one executive said. “He has the ammo to do it and it’s heading in that direction.”

La Canfora notes that these are many of the same executives who correctly predicted that the Titans would trade out of the No. 1 spot, so the story may well have legs.

Tennessee currently sits at 15, and given what they got from the Rams as part of their trade down, they probably have the resources to pull off a move. It’s no secret that they’re looking for ways to protect quarterback Marcus Mariota. If Robinson still wants top talent Laremy Tunsil, he could get really creative and perhaps call up this team that is reportedly interested in moving their pick.

Titans host on-field movie night for fans, forget to turn off sprinklers (Video)


The Tennessee Titans did a pretty cool thing on Saturday night by hosting a movie night at Nissan Stadium. Fans were invited to bring their families, grab a towel, sprawl out on the field, and watch Minions on the big screen together.

It’s a nice family function and it gives the fans a chance to hang out on the field at an NFL stadium. There was just one problem, though – the Titans forgot to amend the sprinkler schedule.

Here is the video courtesy of Jessica Mitchell, who attended the event:

Titans movie night update – sprinklers came on – lucky @laneycrowder @mrwalkerroe and I were out of range

A video posted by Corey Crowder (@coreycrowder) on

At least the impacts appear limited, and hey, the little kids probably loved it. And it beats having an actual football game delayed by them.

H/T Eye on Football

Titans reportedly have two offers for first overall pick, execs expect deal


The Tennessee Titans reportedly have two offers on the table for the first overall pick, and rival executives believe that the team will pull the trigger and trade out of the top spot.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Titans’ motivation to deal the pick “cannot be overstated” and they already have at least two offers on the table. Rival executives who are familiar with general manager Jon Robinson’s thinking believe that a deal is going to happen.

“I really do expect them to trade out of that pick,” one executive is quoted as saying. “They’ll market it up to the draft to get the best ransom they can, but they’ll move it.”

If the Titans keep the pick, La Canfora says that tackle Laremy Tunsil is the likely choice, but the organization is in desperate need of assets and will take advantage of any chance they get to acquire more of them.

It sounds as though the chances of the Titans moving the pick have improved since this report. Interestingly, the second overall choice reportedly may be up for grabs as well.

Report: Titans are 50-50 to trade number one pick


The odds of the Tennessee Titans trading the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft may be better than originally thought.

According to SI’s Peter King in Monday’s edition of the MMQB, he places the odds of the Titans trading the pick at 50-50, and there has been “significant interest” in the pick.

If the Titans keep the pick, King says to expect offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil or defensive back Jalen Ramsey to be the pick, but King would not be surprised if the pick gets moved. He cited the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles as teams that could overpay for the top pick, potentially in search of a quarterback.

Titans GM Jon Robinson has previously said that it would take a “king’s ransom” to compel the team to move the pick. Perhaps there are indications that someone is willing to go that route, or perhaps this is all a smokescreen.

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