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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Tennessee Vols fans

Tennessee students celebrate Lane Kiffin firing: ‘Karma is a Butch’

Most Tennessee Vols fans despise Lane Kiffin. The recently-fired USC football coach accepted a job at Tennessee in 2009 only to leave a year later to coach the Trojans. Kiffin’s new job didn’t exactly work out, and he was recently fired at an airport terminal. Upon hearing the news that their former coach had been…Read More

Tennessee fan gets a little crazy in the stands

No way this guy realized he was on national TV, because nobody makes the kind of motions he was knowing they have a camera on them. This was like the scene straight out of “Superbad” where Seth is talking to Jules during home ec and says, “You mean like cumming cumming?” and pretends to spray…Read More

Tennessee Vols fan has ‘Power T’ goatee (Picture)

If there is some better fan facial hair around than this, I’d like to see it. One Tennessee Volunteers fan is so dedicated he shaved his goatee in the shape of the Vols’ logo, which is known as the “Power T.” You might not think anything of it if you saw him on the street,…Read More

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