Crying Tennessee fan Kathleen may be the biggest Vols fan in America

Tennessee-Vols-flagThe Tennessee Vols have fallen on some tough times on the gridiron. Tennessee has not won a bowl game since 2008 and is on its way to a fourth-straight losing season. To put it bluntly, all of this losing has just become too much for Kathleen to take.

Kathleen is a diehard Vols fan who calls into 104.5 The Zone regularly to discuss the state of her favorite team. As Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage shared with us, Kathleen lost control of her emotions when she called former Tennessee coordinator Doug Mathews on Sunday. Audio of her hilarious phone call can be heard here.

“I’m so sad,” Kathleen said while bawling her eyes out. “I love hearing your voice. You’re probably one of my favorite coaches of all time from Tennessee. I’m just really said, because living here in middle Tennessee I’m gonna get a lot of rack from last year and this year. It burned my pride to watch that game. But I’m still a fan and I always will be so I just hope we can do good against Kentucky.”

On Monday, Kathleen called into 104.5 The Zone’s “3HL” to talk some Vols football with Travis. He kept her on the line for quite a while, and the waterworks started again.

“Our boys are beaten down,” she said while sobbing again. “We have a wonderful coach now and he will be paying the bills.”

Kathleen was also adamant about pointing out that she is not a fan of Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin.

“I’m not a big James Franklin fan, by the way,” she added. “He gets under my skin. He’s arrogant. He’s not professional. I never liked him.”

Tennessee may just be playing for pride at this point, but Kathleen could really use a win over Kentucky this weekend. If the audio of her phone calls doesn’t get the Vols fired up, nothing will. And you thought this Tennessee fan was out of his mind?

Knoxville lumber store tells Nick Saban he will lose to Tennessee, makes grammatical mistake

Witt Tennessee sign Nick Saban

Tennessee is coming off an upset win over South Carolina last weekend and its fans are getting a little cocky. One lumber store in Knoxville got so carried away that they supposedly put up this message on the marquee outside the store to warn Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide that they were next up to lose to the Vols.

Not only is this incredibly brash and stupid because there’s no sense in giving any more fuel to Bama, which is already favored by 28 points in the game, but we absolutely love the grammatical error in the marquee.

“Dear Mr Saban
Your next
Vol Nation”

I can’t tell you how frequently we see “your” substituted for what is supposed to be “you’re.” In fact, most of the time it comes from taunting fans. Maybe they’re all just too drunk to remember their contractions. I’m not sure what the excuse was for the person running the marquee at this Witt store.

H/T Throw the Flag via Dr. Saturday

Tennessee students celebrate Lane Kiffin firing: ‘Karma is a Butch’


Most Tennessee Vols fans despise Lane Kiffin. The recently-fired USC football coach accepted a job at Tennessee in 2009 only to leave a year later to coach the Trojans. Kiffin’s new job didn’t exactly work out, and he was recently fired at an airport terminal.

Upon hearing the news that their former coach had been terminated, Tennessee students decided to celebrate by taking a shot at Kiffin through the use of a massive boulder on their campus. As you can see from the photo above that former Vols quarterback Erik Ainge posted on Twitter, they wrote the following in spray paint:

“Hey Kiffin, Karma is a BUTCH!”

Tennessee is currently 3-2 under head coach Butch Jones. USC fired Kiffin after falling to 3-2 following an embarrassing loss to Arizona State, so the grass wasn’t as greener out west as Kiffin thought it would be. No group of fans is happier with the way it turned out than the Vols faithful. Well, we shouldn’t speak for the current USC players.

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Tennessee fan gets a little crazy in the stands

No way this guy realized he was on national TV, because nobody makes the kind of motions he was knowing they have a camera on them. This was like the scene straight out of “Superbad” where Seth is talking to Jules during home ec and says, “You mean like cumming cumming?” and pretends to spray all over his face.

Best part is how this Tennessee fan’s buddy in the black jersey thought it was all so hilarious. Probably just an inside joke that went national and embarrassed them.

Tennessee: home of buttchuggers, and this.

Tennessee fans have glass eyes with ‘Power T’ logo (Pictures)

Forget tattoos and facial hair, expressing team support through glass eyes is the new thing.

On Thursday we published a story about a Kentucky fan who has a glass eye with the UK logo on it. Last month we shared a picture of a Kansas City Chiefs fan who had an awesome arrowhead logo on his glass eye. And now, courtesy of Outkick the Coverage, we have two Tennessee fans who have the “Power T” logo on their glass eyes.

You can see a close-up of what they look like below:

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Tennessee Vols fan has ‘Power T’ goatee (Picture)

If there is some better fan facial hair around than this, I’d like to see it. One Tennessee Volunteers fan is so dedicated he shaved his goatee in the shape of the Vols’ logo, which is known as the “Power T.” You might not think anything of it if you saw him on the street, but when he keeps his mouth in that position, it simply looks awesome.

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Photo via @JayEzzy