Terrell Owens: The Jets are desperate for receiver help, I’m not desperate

Terrell Owens is still looking for a job. Since their passing game is one of the worst in the NFL and they recently lost Santonio Holmes for the season, it’s safe to say the Jets are in need of help at receiver. Earlier this week, T.O. sent out a tweet letting the Jets know he is willing and able to help if they are interested in his services.

“Hey JETS!!! I’m available!” Owens wrote. “I’m ready, willing and able! Call my agent and let’s make it happen.”

Many saw that as a desperation move from T.O., who has struggled financially over the past couple of years and is not ready to call it a career. The former Seahawk says he was simply trying to do the Jets a favor.

“It’s not begging for a job when you know you can still play at a high level, given the opportunity,” Owens said during an interview with TSN on Wednesday. “When you have a defensive back playing offense and running routes, I think that’s more desperate than my actual tweet itself.”

That defensive back happens to believe he is the best receiver and cornerback on New York’s roster now that Darrelle Revis and Holmes are out for the year. Regardless of what T.O. wants us to believe, he’s plenty desperate. The Jets could certainly use help at receiver, but it’s safe to assume the out-of-work 39-year-old who hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2010 needs a job a bit more than they need to give him one.

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Terrell Owens campaigns for job with Jets

With the Jets passing game struggling and the receivers hurt, there is one person who thinks he could be a solution to their problems: Terrell Owens.

The unemployed wide receiver tweeted the following message during the third quarter of “Monday Night Football”:

Owens tweeted that message after seeing how injury-ravaged the Jets receiving corps became. Santonio Holmes is out for the season with a foot injury; Stephen Hill missed the game with a hamstring injury; and Clyde Gates left the game in the second quarter with a shoulder injury. New York was down to just three receivers for the game.

Owens is a free agent after being cut by the Seahawks before the season began. He was said to be a complainer during camp, but Pete Carroll disputed that report. Rex Ryan just might be bold enough to bring Owens in for a look.

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Terrell Owens reportedly complaining a lot during camp, in danger of being cut

Given some of the serious financial problems Terrell Owens has faced over the last year or so, one would think he would being doing everything he can to try to make the Seahawks final roster. T.O. was lucky Pete Carroll and company invited him to camp, but to this point there has been little indication that he is making the most of his time in Seattle.

A training camp roundup that was published by Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune on Thursday indicated that Owens has not been impressive.

He has a lot to overcome. And the fact that he finished without a catch and a bad drop against Denver is just scratching the surface. He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way. And Pete Carroll will not put up with that from a fifth or six receiver…

Braylon Edwards, the other savvy veteran who is hoping to earn a roster spot, has had a much different camp. Williams said Edwards has had at least “one eye-opening play” every practice and has been one of the most consistent big receivers on the team. Both Owens and Edwards have already put their best days behind them, so it remains to be seen how many of that type of player Carroll will want on his Week 1 roster.

It’s possible that Owens is feeling the effects of the knee injury that once reportedly put his career in jeopardy, which could be resulting in a frustrating situation for him as he tries to return to the NFL. Whatever the case, it’s not exactly shocking to hear that T.O.’s attitude is an issue. It’s a familiar story that we know all too well.

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Pete Carroll and Terrell Owens punk team, pretend T.O. really wants No. 81 (Video)

Pete Carroll has a reputation for being a prankster. Terrell Owens has a reputation for being a diva. Now that T.O has signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks, it only makes sense that the two would combine their most notable characteristics to pull a fast one on the rest of the team.

Anyone who knows the Seahawks could have anticipated that T.O. was going to get punked in some way during his first official team meeting on Wednesday. At first, it appeared that he did. Carroll called him up to the front of the room to share a personal story and then cut him off as soon as he started. The entire team screamed “sit down!” at him and it looked like T.O had fallen victim to some standard new-guy hazing. That’s when he and Carroll joined forces.

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Terrell Owens could face jail time over missed child support payments

It appears that the Terrell Owens child support payment saga may be coming to a head at some point in the near future. For over a year we have heard stories about T.O.’s failure to pay child support to the mothers of his children. The issue has been a topic of debate in the media and on shows like “Dr. Phil,” and we even defended T.O. last year for the way the media was portraying him. But it doesn’t really matter what we think, because Fulton County Judge John Goger seems to be running out of patience with the former NFL star.

According to WSBTV in Atlanta, Owens failed to show up to his child support hearing at the Fulton County Courtroom on Thursday. His attorney, David Hartin, told the judge that Owens’ failure to show up was a result of a miscommunication between him and his client. Goger was not pleased.

Melanie Smith, one of the four mothers of T.O.’s children, says Terrell agreed to pay her $5,000 a month in child support for the couple’s 7-year-old daughter and has not given her any money in months. Her attorney said it is a “tragedy” that Owens failed to show up since this is the third time Smith has had to file in the last year.

Before concluding the brief hearing, the judge reportedly called both attorneys into his chambers and reset the case for July 19. He also informed Hartin that Owens could face jail time if he fails to show up once again. It’s no secret that T.O. has had some serious financial problems over the past few months, but he had better figure something out quickly before he ends up behind bars.

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Woman who claimed to have nude Terrell Owens pictures says she will not sell them

The woman who was shopping sexually explicit photos of Terrell Owens to a variety of media outlets has reportedly withdrawn her offer. Here’s who else but TMZ:

The woman [...] tells us she’s had a “change of heart” and will NOT sell the pics to anyone, for any price. [...]

The seller also admits she was NOT the person on the other side of the X-rated Skype convo with T.O. … and claims she found the pics on a computer she bought from her friend.

“(The photos) have been deleted and no longer exist,” she added.

So what changed? That’s a good question. She seemed so gung-ho to sell them and apparently was considering at least two separate bids.  And then, out of nowhere, she pulls the offer off the table.

Is it possible Owens himself came in to kill the whole thing? That might explain why the photos “no longer exist.” Might have T.O. purchased the pics himself? That would be surprising given that, you know, he has no money. It would be more likely that his crack legal team threatened a lawsuit and scared the woman off. But, granted, it’s still unclear whether T.O. played any part.

It’s sort of unsurprising, really, for T.O., no stranger to providing distractions, to have a sex scandal. And yet, it’s over before it really got started.

Donovan McNabb thinks Eagles could have made Super Bowl without T.O., even though he gave team a boost

There’s always a controversy in Philadelphia surrounding the Eagles, but things were more contentious than usual when Terrell Owens was there.

T.O. caught 20 touchdown passes in 21 games with the Eagles over one and a half seasons. The team went 13-3 and lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl during the 2004 season — his first with the team. Owens received praise for coming back early from a broken leg to play in the big game, but things went downhill quickly. Owens threw quarterback Donovan McNabb under the bus following a 4-3 start in his second year in Philly and was told to leave the team after reeking havoc in the locker room.

T.O. continued to take some shots at McNabb over the years, but it looks like Donovan recognizes what Owens added to the team.

McNabb was asked during an interview on NBC Sports Talk if he thinks the Eagles could have made the Super Bowl without T.O. He provided an answer that can be taken two ways.

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