Terry Bradshaw: Peyton Manning is your guy if you like losing Super Bowls

Terry-Bradshaw-NFL-does-not-care-about-playersTerry Bradshaw, winner of four championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s, can always flash his Super Bowl rings if someone asks if he is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. We all know Manning is a better passer and is far more talented, but hardware talks. Bradshaw recently felt the need to remind everyone of that.

During one of his stops for his “America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde” tour, Bradshaw touched on the topic of whether Manning is the best quarterback to play the game today.

“No one would argue with that,” he told the audience. “If you like winning during the (regular) season and losing the Super Bowl, that’s your guy.”

Quarterbacks are judged by rings first. That’s just the way it is. Dan Marino is a better quarterback than Bradshaw, but because he never won a championship most people would argue that Bradshaw is the better player. Manning’s 1-2 record in Super Bowls and 11-12 playoff record is a nasty blemish on his overall legacy — there’s no question about it.

But as Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk noted, much of Bradshaw’s success is owed to the phenomenal Steelers defenses of the 1970s. If not for several dud performances by Bradshaw in the playoffs (which are listed here), his team might have won five or six championships.

Again, that’s just the nature of the beast. Manning has had his chances and blown them, particularly when he threw a pick-six to lose a Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints several years back. Bradshaw’s jewelry gives him the right to yap.

Russell Wilson asked Terry Bradshaw for advice on winning Super Bowl (Video)

Russell-Wilson-Terry-BradshawIn the moments after the Seattle Seahawks clinched a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII, Russell Wilson found himself standing next to one of the winningest quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. Terry Bradshaw, like Joe Montana, is a perfect 4-0 in Super Bowl starts. Wilson decided to take advantage of being in the presence of such wisdom.

“I’ve got a question for you,” Wilson said to Bradshaw. “What do we need to do to win it? What makes you win it?”

This, as they say, is sports porn. There’s a difference between pregame analysis on FOX Sports and a genuine one-on-one conversation between one of the game’s great young quarterbacks and an NFL legend. Fortunately, we were given a glimpse into the latter.

“You know what, you’ve got to be really cool,” Bradshaw told Wilson. “Don’t let the moment catch up with you. You’ve got to play the game down. If you build it up, you’ll screw it up and you won’t play well.

“It’s not just another game, believe me. But you can make it one. Just be cool.”

Awesome stuff. While it’s much easier said than done, Wilson should be able to take some pressure off himself by looking across the field. Peyton Manning has far more to lose than he does. If the Denver Broncos lose, people are going to be talking about how Manning was never a great playoff performer and has trouble winning the biggest games. If Seattle loses, Wilson is just a 25-year-old kid who will probably be back there some day.

Terry Bradshaw: Reggie Bush ‘bucket of chicken’ joke was intended for Jimmy Johnson

Terry Bradshaw expressed remorse for a joke he made on Sunday while reading a halftime highlight of Reggie Bush scoring a touchdown.

Bradshaw was describing a highlight of the Dolphins running back scoring against the Colts when he said to co-host Jimmy Johnson, “look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day.”

“Oh boy,” host Curt Menefee groaned in response.

“I’m glad you said it to Jimmy and not me,” Strahan playfully said to Bradshaw. “We’re going to ship [Bradshaw] out of here.”

“I’m dying, I’m playing hurt,” said Bradshaw, who complained earlier in the day that he wasn’t feeling well.

The “bucket of chicken” joke was noted and criticized by many websites Sunday and Monday. Bradshaw told USA Today Sports’ Michael Hiestand that his joke was intended for Jimmy Johnson, not Reggie Bush, and he offered the following apology.

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Drew Brees responds to Terry Bradshaw, defends ‘historic night’

Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw was critical of the way Drew Brees and the Saints celebrated last weekend, and now Brees has responded.

The current FOX NFL Sunday analyst said on WFAN that he wasn’t impressed with Brees setting a record by throwing for at least one touchdown pass in 48 straight games. He also was upset with the NFL for allowing Sean Payton and the other suspended Saints personnel to attend the game.

Brees responded during an interview on NFL Network’s “NFL AM” on Thursday.

“I haven’t heard his comments directly,” Brees said, “but there’s no person who’s a bigger part of that record than Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, Joe Vitt — all the coaches on suspension right now. I felt it was very appropriate for them to be there because they are as big a part of that as anybody, and it really made for a special night, a historic night. I was really glad they could be a part of it.”

Unlike Bradshaw and LBS writer Steve DelVecchio, I do think it was a big night. Though wins are important, I don’t think the significance of achieving historic records that can stand for years should be minimized. Brees was celebrated by the city and sent special gifts after breaking the record, and I don’t have a problem with that. But the one area that I agree with Bradshaw on is the NFL allowing the suspended personnel to attend the game. Why should they have been rewarded while they were on suspension?

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Terry Bradshaw rips Drew Brees: ‘I’m not into records, I’m into winning Super Bowls’

Sunday night was a special night for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints for a number of reasons. After struggling for four games, New Orleans picked up its first win of the season vs. the San Diego Chargers. While that was the most important part of the evening, the win was slightly overshadowed when Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ 52-year-old record by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th straight game. That overshadowing was a problem for FOX NFL Sunday’s Terry Bradshaw.

During a recent interview with WFAN’s Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, Bradshaw ripped Brees for the way he went about breaking the record.

“(The record) didn’t blow me away,” Bradshaw said. “I’m not much on that stuff … I’m not into records, fellas. I’m just into winning football games. (The Saints) hadn’t won a game … I’m not into records, I’m into winning Super Bowls … These things aren’t important. We lose sight of why we play. We play to win and to win championships, not to break records.”

Tough not to agree with Bradshaw on that. While the record was certainly impressive and something to be proud of, it was bizarre that they celebrated it so emphatically with the Saints having been off to such a horrendous start. Bradshaw seemed most annoyed by the fact that Brees asked the NFL for permission to have suspended head coach Sean Payton in attendance.

“I was a little upset that he went to the NFL to get Payton and everybody back to watch him break a record,” Bradshaw said. “I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I never would have gone and asked for them back … I thought it was disrespectful to the San Diego Chargers … So break it, go ahead. Hell, you’re throwing it 50 times a game … I’m just against stuff like that. I just don’t believe in doing stuff like that.”

Obviously, Bradshaw is a bit more old-school than most. Like the time he ripped the NFL earlier this year, I tend to think Terry has a point. During Sunday night’s game I thought it was a bit awkward that the Saints were so happy about something that happened during a season in which they have drastically underacheived. If they were 4-0 or even 2-2, the celebrating would have seemed a bit more appropriate.

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Terry Bradshaw doesn’t think NFL cares about former players, wouldn’t want son playing football

Ever since Kurt Warner made a few comments about how he would not want his kids to play in the NFL given what he knows about the long-term effects of head injuries, everyone has wanted to weigh in on the topic. The latest Hall of Famer to do so is former Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw. During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno Wednesday night, Bradshaw agreed with Warner and others that he would rather his son not play football if he had one.

“If I had a son today, I would not let him play football,” Bradshaw told Leno adding that he suffered six serious concussions during his playing days. “There will be a time in the next decade where we will not see football as it is.”

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Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw Question Jason Garrett as Cowboys Coach

No team in the NFL has underachieved more than the Cowboys over the last few seasons. They look like a legitimate playoff contender before each season begins. With weapons like Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant, the Dallas passing attack should be one of the best in the league. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to put it together. Before the Cowboys improved to 4-4 with a win over the Seahawks on Sunday, Fox analysts Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw questioned head coach Jason Garrett’s ability to lead the team.

“He needs to become a head coach,” Johnson said according to the Dallas Morning News. “It may be time to think — not for this year but for next year — hire an offensive coordinator to call the plays and be the head coach.”

This is the same Johnson who called Mike Singletary nothing more than a motivational speaker for the 49ers, so he might be onto something once again.  Bradshaw questioned whether or not the Cowboys players respect Garrett enough for the team to be effective.

“He is not my kind of guy to be a head coach,” Bradshaw explained. “That’s not the kind of coach I want. I know he’s smart…a lot of guys are smart out there but I like a guy who gets in people’s face, a guy like Jimmy, a guy like Chuck Noll.”

The truth is it’s too early to tell whether or not Garrett is the right man for the job.  He certainly helped turn an abysmal Cowboys season around last year, and he only has eight games under his belt in his first full season as head coach. There are bound to be plenty of people who share T.O.’s opinion of Garrett, but Dallas fans should at least give him a chance to lead this team to the playoffs before writing him off as head coach.