Texas A&M fans win $1 million in furniture after South Carolina blowout

Kenny-Hill-Texas-A&MMany felt that Texas A&M was overrated heading into the 2014 season because of Johnny Manziel. Then sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill went out and threw for an Aggies single-game record 511 yards en route to a 52-28 win over 9th-ranked South Carolina. And a bunch of people won free furniture in the process.

The Ashley Furniture branch in College Station ran a promotion from Aug. 16 through Aug. 27 where all furniture purchased would be free if Texas A&M beat South Carolina by at least 10 points. Considering the Aggies were an 11-point underdog, the store had to be feeling good about its chances. Oh well.

“We’ve wanted to do this for three or four years now,” store owner Mark Wilks told ESPN.com on Thursday night. “This was really good for us. We’re going to have a big check-writing party at the store.”

Wilks wisely took out an insurance policy on the promotion, so he said his store actually had its best month of sales in the eight years it has been open. He also noted that the insurance was pretty cheap since the odds were so heavily stacked against Texas A&M.

Retail stores run promotions like this all the time, and the consumer rarely ever comes out on top. That’s usually because the odds are stacked against the buyer, such as that store that offered free furniture if the Baltimore Ravens did this in the Super Bowl. As we all know all too well, nothing is a sure thing in sports.

Texas A&M chancellor rips Darren Rovell over Johnny Manziel reporting

John SharpTexas A&M chancellor John Sharp ripped ESPN’s Darren Rovell for his reporting in the Johnny Manziel autograph investigation, according to a report.

The Austin-American Statesman says Sharp sent an email to Aggie community and business leaders on Wednesday in which he took shots at Rovell’s reporting.

According to The Statesman, Sharp began his email by linking to his recent comments about Manziel. Last week, Sharp said athletes should be able to make money off their names the way the NCAA does, and he refused to say Manziel did anything wrong.

“I’ll tell you what’s true, without a doubt, he’s a good kid,” Sharp told NBC Dallas Fort Worth. “He is an honest kid, he has his heart in the right place and I think a whole bunch of folks are mistreating him and I’m not very happy about that.”

In his interview with NBC DFW, Sharp discredited the word of brokers who are looking to profit off Manziel. He did more of the same in his email to the Aggie community.

Sharp reportedly mentioned Rovell and other “members of the media (who) have chosen to declare # 2 guilty with no evidence whatsoever” in his email.

He pointed out that Rovell has been duped before in his reporting (read this and this for examples). Sharp also questioned the character of Drew Tieman, the autograph broker who was the source of the initial Manziel autograph report. Sharp may have got some information from Larry Brown Sports, because we dished the dirt on Tieman, who has a past of being picked up for marijuana charges.

“It is surprising that the nation’s largest sports channel would support publication with this lack of corroboration,” Sharp wrote.

ESPN has been publishing report after report to prove that Manziel signed autographs. They have published four reports in total saying Manziel did signings. Two of those reports said Manziel was paid to sign, while a third said Manziel’s personal assistant asked for money to do a signing.

Rovell’s reporting has been shaky in the past, but he has multiple people on record here. The problem is, despite the circumstantial evidence, the NCAA does not have proof of payment, which would be needed to completely suspend Manziel for the season. A more likely scenario would be the NCAA and Texas A&M agreeing on a small suspension as a compromise.

Alabama using Texas A&M as motivation in the weight room


Alabama accomplished its goal of winning another national championship last season, but Texas A&M prevented the Crimson Tide from enjoying an undefeated season. Johnny Manziel and company won a 29-24 thriller over Alabama in Tuscaloosa last November, and Nick Saban is making sure his team does not forget about the loss heading into the 2013 season.

As TexAgs.com first pointed out, Alabama recently had its loss to Texas A&M playing on every TV in the weight room and the Aggies’ logo hanging from every weight station. If someone told you before last season that Texas A&M would become Alabama’s motivation in the school’s first season as a member of the SEC, you probably would have laughed in their face.

The motivation tactic is another example of what a perfectionist Saban is. Some would say winning a BCS National Championship is all that matters, but clearly Saban wants his team to understand there was room for improvement. They could have been better, and he expects them to be this season.

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Kevin Sumlin explains how he helped Johnny Manziel avoid suspension

Johnny ManzielLast week, it was revealed that Johnny Manziel came close to transferring from Texas A&M following an incident last summer that resulted in him being arrested at a College Station bar. Manziel was initially suspended by the university for the entire 2012 season, but he appealed the suspension and won. Without the support of head coach Kevin Sumlin, it probably wouldn’t have gone down so smoothly.

On Monday, the Aggies coach told NewsOK.com about how he wrote a letter backing Manziel during his appeal process. Sumlin said the reason he wrote the letter was because he felt he had disciplined Manziel enough.

“A lot has been said about discipline, but he went through all that, which is a little bit more than people think,” he explained. “That’s not a public deal, it’s just what I ask him to do. He did all those things and his parents were involved in all of that. So for him to go through that, then go through camp and those types of things and earn the job, that’s what’s brought him to where he is now.”

As you know, Manziel went on to morph into a star after he was reinstated and became the first ever freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. In retrospect, Sumlin probably could not be happier that he went to bat for the freshman. He did not say anything specific about Manziel’s punishment, but Texas A&M obviously thought it was sufficient.

Now if Sumlin could just keep Manziel from drawing unnecessary attention to himself, the sky could be the limit for the Aggies in 2013.

H/T Eye on College Football

Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope: People are shocked I’m a white guy running a 4.3

Ryan-Swope-Texas-AMFormer Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope ran the 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday, making him one of the three fastest players who took place in the Combine this year. But could he be flying under the radar even with that blazing speed?

In an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday, Swope was asked about being a white guy with those kinds of wheels. He said the fact that a white guy ran as fast as he did probably caught some people off guard.

“I think a lot of people were pretty shocked,” Swope said. “You don’t see that every day, a white guy running a 4.3. I just wanted to go out and let people know how important this is to me. This is a big deal. I’m trying to make it in the NFL and I want to go out and do it the right way.”

As Pro Football Talk pointed out, Swope’s NFL.com scouting report says that his straight-line speed and acceleration are “average.” Either that information is inaccurate, or something is wrong with the clocks at the Combine.

Naturally, the former Aggie is used to being compared to successful white wide receivers who currently play in the NFL. One such player is Wes Welker, who Swope is not complaining about being compared to.

“I’ve been compared to Welker,” he said. “I think that’s a huge compliment because Welker’s a great football player. … But I think people decide to make a white and white comparison.”

While Swope’s skin color may work against him if he is stereotyped leading up to the NFL Draft, there are a number of current NFL players who feel that it can work in a player’s favor at the professional level. Several Miami Dolphins players feel that Brian Hartline is underrated because he’s white. Jordy Nelson feels he does not get the respect he deserves from opposing defenses for the same reason. Flying under the radar has its pros and cons.

Texas A&M’s Kyle Field to undergo renovation, photos may have leaked


The future of Texas A&M football looks incredibly bright at the moment. In their first season as members of the SEC, the Aggies compiled a 10-2 record and capped off their season with a blowout win over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. Thanks in large part to the emergence of freshman Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, the team should be a national championship contender next season.

Rumor has it things could be getting even better for the SEC’s newest member in the near future. According to The Battalion, Texas A&M has reached an agreement with College Station community leaders on a $420 million renovation of Kyle Field, which would assure that the Aggies continue playing football games in College Station rather than moving to Houston.

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Texas A&M fan gets ass tattoo of final score after win over Alabama (Picture)

Texas A&M shocked the college football world on Saturday when it came way with a road victory against No. 1-ranked Alabama that included a goal-line stand to seal the game. The photo you see above was posted on Reddit over the weekend, and according to an Outkick the Coverage reader the rump actually belongs to an Aggies fan.

If you’d like to see a more hairy and disturbing photo of the tattoo, click here. The victim of the lost bet is named Calvin N., and it turns out Calvin is the victim of a lost bet. At first we thought this had to be a Crimson Tide fan since Texas A&M won the game, but apparently Calvin is one of those pessimistic fans that likes to bet you his own team has no chance of winning just so he’s not disappointed. His roommates said they would pay him $100 if he turned out to be right and Bama won but that he would have to get an ass tattoo of the final score if Texas A&M won. The rest is history.

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