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Monday, March 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Texas A&M Football

Texas A&M billboard in Gainesville comes down (Pictures)

A billboard supporting Texas A&M football went up in Gainesville on Tuesday as some sort of smack talk before the Aggies play their first SEC game on Saturday. The billboard, located at 13th Street and 53rd Avenue according to Gator Nation, said: Howdy Gainesville, You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation The Best Academics & Cleanest…Read More

Texas A&M SEC shirt makes regrettable geography error (Photo)

Take a look at the above shirt, which marks Texas A&M’s move to the SEC. Anything look off to you? For those of you who realize North Carolina doesn’t currently have a team in the SEC, we extend our congratulations. The imaginary gift card to Denny’s is in the mail. (You could also say the…Read More

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