Texas A&M billboard in Gainesville comes down (Pictures)

A billboard supporting Texas A&M football went up in Gainesville on Tuesday as some sort of smack talk before the Aggies play their first SEC game on Saturday. The billboard, located at 13th Street and 53rd Avenue according to Gator Nation, said:

Howdy Gainesville,
You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation
The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC. WHOOP!
Real Football. Real Tradition.

Texas A&M said the billboard was not put up by the school, and they were actually investigating it for possible copyright violation. There investigation must have worked, because the billboard came down a few hours later.

According to USA Today’s Rachel George, the billboard was purchased by a Houston-based agency representing a group called Aggie Nation. The trademark concern was over the phrase “Whoop!” George reports.

Here’s what the billboard looked like after the A&M ad was taken down:

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Texas A&M puts up ‘This is SEC Country’ billboard in Austin (Picture)

Now we’re talking. About a month ago, Texas A&M created a video that welcomed itself to the SEC in extremely corny fashion. Students from Texas A&M were recorded as they cheered for the other schools in the SEC and recited their slogans and battle cries. We get what the school was trying to do, but it certainly wasn’t what we have come to expect from the fiercest athletic conference in college football.

It still may be too early for Texas A&M fans to hang banners like this one over the freeway, but the billboard you see above that SBNation passed along is certainly a start. The message is currently on display in Austin, Texas. While it is not insulting toward the other schools in the SEC, it certainly throws an obvious jab at the University of Texas, which is a Big 12 school. Take that, Longhorns. Aggie fans will be poisoning trees before you know it.

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Texas A&M embarrasses itself with extremely cheesy SEC welcome video

Someone needs to tell Texas A&M that the only way to make it through your first week of imprisonment alive is to find the biggest dude in the joint and smash him over the head with a tray from the mess hall. Killing people with kindness rarely every works. Now that they are officially a part of the SEC, Texas A&M chose to create the incredibly cheesy video you see above as a way of saying “pleased to meet you” to the rest of the schools in their conference.

Nice gesture I suppose, but it had better stop there. This isn’t some pickup basketball game at the local community center where everyone is welcome. The Aggies are entering a ruthless world of competition where students and fans are more likely to poison a rival school’s landscaping or hang signs like this from the freeway than they are to wish you good luck. Welcome aboard — now get your heads in the game.

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Texas A&M SEC shirt makes regrettable geography error (Photo)

Take a look at the above shirt, which marks Texas A&M’s move to the SEC. Anything look off to you?

For those of you who realize North Carolina doesn’t currently have a team in the SEC, we extend our congratulations. The imaginary gift card to Denny’s is in the mail. (You could also say the shirt is also missing Missouri, which will also be joining the conference next season. More on that in a bit.)

But before we jump all over a fine institution like Texas A&M for letting this unfortunate geographical error slip by, it’s important to note that this isn’t an official piece of Aggies merchandise, nor is it being sold through the school. The shirt’s actual vendor, Aggieland Outfitters, released this statement:

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Texas A&M CFO Jeff Toole Admits He Called School President a ‘Putz’ and ‘Puppet’ on Message Board

Texas A&M CFO and associate athletic director, Jeff Toole, admitted Tuesday that he called the school’s president a “putz” and “puppet” on the popular message boards at TexAgs.com.

Toole had been posting under the alias UtayAG. In separate posts on the same thread, Toole had described school president R. Bowen Loftin as a “putz” and a “hopelessly underqualified puppet.”

One of the forum’s other users, iPanic, chased down a year-old post on the boards where Toole had identified himself as the CFO of athletics.

Toole admitted Tuesday he made the posts.

“I was posting what I thought was an anonymous opinion,” Toole said Tuesday afternoon, adding of his prior admittance of his job as A&M athletics CFO under the UtayAg handle, “That slipped my mind.”

All his posts on the forum still exist. Here are our favorites:

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Rice Band Spells Out ‘$EC’ as Shot at Texas A&M During Halftime Show

Something tells me Rice University has a problem with Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 to join the powerhouse SEC. Nothing is official just yet, but all signs point to the Aggies moving on in 2012. Naturally, money is the driving force behind the change. Why shouldn’t it be?  Perhaps it was all in good fun, but have a look at the shot Rice’s Marching Owl Band took at Texas A&M during halftime of their game with Texas on Saturday night:

I’ll admit it’s a pretty clever bit, but if I were Texas A&M, I wouldn’t be offended.  This isn’t like a player leaving his team in free agency to go to a huge rival.  Schools are supposed to bring in as much money as possible, and moving to the SEC will land Texas A&M more exposure which will lead to more money — even if they get smacked around for a while.

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