Rangers warn fans against doing the wave for safety reasons


You know why the Texas Rangers are awesome? Because unlike many other teams across baseball (ahem, Red Sox, ahem), they are not afraid to admit that “the wave” has absolutely no place in an MLB ballpark. On Tuesday, the Rangers sent out yet another humorous warning urging fans to not attempt the wave for their own personal safety.

A few years back, the Rangers warned fans that doing the wave could cause a tear in their arm muscles and that any children who were caught doing it would be sold to the circus. Unfortunately, fans still refuse to take the warnings seriously.

The wave is easily my least favorite part of going to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I’ve been to plenty of games where the wave starts in a tie game in the eighth inning and only 5% of the fans in attendance are watching the field. It has to stop, but I don’t ever expect it to.

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Rangers fans litter Shannon Stone memorial statue with beer cans


The Texas Rangers need to either place more trash cans outside their stadium or do a better job of cleaning up after fans, because littering the memorial statue of a fan who died is something that should not be happening. At Opening Day on Monday, what looked like at least 100 beer cans and bottles were piled onto the Shannon Stone memorial statue.

As most of you know, Stone was the fan who tragically fell to his death at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington while trying to catch a foul ball for his son back in 2011. The photo you see above, which was shared by Kami Mattioli of Sporting News, shows the statue that was built in Stone’s honor in 2012.

The Rangers apologized in a series of tweets late Monday night.

“The Rangers certainly regret and apologize for the trash that accumulated on the Rangers Fans statue at the home plate gate. With thousands of fans, many of whom had been tailgating, entering the park 30 minutes before game time, large amounts of cans, bottles, and other items that are prohibited in the park, accumulated at all entrances.

“Many calls came into the maintenance department during this time, and the club utilized many employees to continually remove the trash. The debris on the statue was removed in a timely manner but it should not have been allowed to be placed there in the first place. The Rangers Fans statue is a cherished component of the ballpark and the club will make certain this situation does not occur in the future.”

As Big League Stew’s Mike Oz mentioned, Rangers fans are equally responsible. You should have the wherewithal to realize what you’re doing with your trash. Throwing it on the ground is one thing, but placing it on a memorial statue is just plain ignorant.

Ian Kinsler calls out Texas Rangers fans for lack of support

Ian-Kinsler-RangersThe Texas Rangers pulled out a victory over the Los Angeles Angels in their final game of the season on Sunday to force a one-game playoff against the Tampa Bay Rays. The one-game playoff on Monday night will determine which team gets to participate in the other one-game playoff that is now the wild card round.

With the coming down to game No. 162, you would think the game would have been sold out and then some. Instead, there were roughly 9,000 seats left empty in Arlington. Ian Kinsler was not proud of that.

“We’ve been to the postseason three years in a row,” Kinsler said, via ESPNDallas.com. “We’re fighting for our playoff lives. I’m just a little disappointed this place wasn’t sold out and rocking. You can’t say it’s the Cowboys because they were on the road. The fans were chanting ‘baseball town’ and stuff like that, and we can’t sell out.”

Perhaps the most ironic part about the absence of a sellout was that the 40,000-plus Rangers fans who were in attendance could be heard chanting “baseball town” at Josh Hamilton at one point, which is a reference to some comments the former Ranger made after leaving the team in free agency.

“The fans that were here were amazing,” Kinsler added. “They were allowed to chant ‘baseball town’ because they were here supporting us. It was a little disappointing to see the place wasn’t sold out today.”

Fortunately for the fans who chose to stay home and watch football all Sunday afternoon, the Rangers closed out the regular season with their seventh-straight victory. If any fans regret not heading to the stadium to support their team, they have another opportunity to do so on Monday. Something tells me that one will be a sellout.

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Joe Nathan says Josh Hamilton egged Rangers fans on in Texas

Josh-Hamilton-RangersJosh Hamilton’s first series at the Ballpark in Arlington as a member of the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend went pretty much as scheduled. Texas Rangers fans booed him mercilessly and pretended to be reading newspapers while he was introduced. Then, there was reportedly an incident where Hamilton’s wife and children needed to request additional security because some Rangers fans were being particularly nasty.

Overall, it was nothing anyone with a little common sense would not have seen coming. However, it is interesting to note that Texas closer Joe Nathan felt that Hamilton antagonized the fans a bit.

“I think him being more vocal than he should have been may have created more hype and more hostility,” Nathan told Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on MLB Radio Network Monday, via The Dallas Morning News. “If he had been quieter, I think this weekend might not have been hyped as much. He egged them on a little, playing with them. … It’s a shame. I hope it’s not like this every time he comes into town.”

Over the winter, Hamilton said that Dallas was not a true baseball town and that he thought the fans had become a little “spoiled” during his time with the Rangers. That certainly didn’t help matters. Hamilton was going to be booed loudly no matter what he said leading up to his first visit in Texas, but engaging the fans is never a good idea. If Hamilton was interacting with fans who were giving him a hard time as Nathan seemed to imply that he was, he certainly deserves some of the blame for the hostility he was shown.

Josh Hamilton says wife needed extra security due to Rangers fans being ‘ugly’

It is no secret that Josh Hamilton has fallen from the good graces of Texas Rangers fans. He was booed as his career with the team came to a close and again this week when he visited the Ballpark in Arlington for the first time as a member of the Los Angeles Angels. All of that was to be expected, but one would hope the fans would leave Hamilton’s family out of it.

According to the Angels slugger, they did not. Hamilton said his wife Katie had to seek out security when fans were verbally harassing her and the couple’s daughters.

“She ended up calling security just because people are being ugly,” Hamilton told reporters on Friday, via the Dallas Morning News. “Not necessarily the booing and stuff, but inappropriate with kids around – and that was before the game even started. But overall, it’s not like they left and went anywhere. They stayed right there. Good lesson for the kids about people and general and not putting your faith in man, but in the man upstairs.”

Rangers officials said they provided the Hamilton family with extra security after the complaint but that no fans were ejected. They were not able to sit in a suite on Friday because there was no availability, but they were apparently given one for Saturday and Sunday. Hamilton also said his children took it well.

“They weren’t upset when they got home,” he said. “They kissed me and hugged me and said good game. They went on playing with the friends they had over. It was like coming home from any other game. … It’s cool to get ragged on about normal things. But when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie and saying inappropriate things, it’s a little different story.”

As the wife of this Philadelphia Eagles linebacker could tell you, fans harassing a player’s family is nothing new. However, it does cross the line — especially when young children are involved. Booing is inevitable, but there’s no need for swearing at someone’s wife and children.

Texas Rangers fans boo Josh Hamilton, pretend to read newspaper

Texas Rangers fans gave it to Josh Hamilton in his return to the Ballpark in Arlington. Not only did Rangers fans boo the slugger in introductions and when he came to the plate Friday, but they also pretended to read the newspaper during his at-bat:

Texas Rangers fans newspaper Josh Hamilton

Hamilton went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts lowering his season average to .063 through four games. They cheered when strikes were called on him, and they gave a standing ovation when he punched out. The Rangers also scored two runs late in the game to comeback and beat the Los Angeles Angels 3-2, which must have made things doubly awesome for the fans.

If you’re wondering why Rangers fans booed Hamilton, who was a five-time All-Star and one-time AL MVP during his five seasons with the team, there are several reasons.

Not only did Hamilton choose to sign with Texas’ AL West rival, but his wife also blamed the Rangers for letting her husband get away. Then Hamilton upset Texas fans by calling them “spoiled” and saying they are not true baseball fans.

Hamilton said after the game that the boos did bother him, but he is not backing down from his criticism of Rangers fans. He also jabbed them for being louder than ever just to boo him.

“I’m on a different team now, a division rival, I expect nothing less from the fans,” he told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez after the game. “I’ve never heard it louder here in any playoff game, any World Series game, so if that’s what it takes, get after if, fans.”

Gomez asked if Hamilton wanted to address his comments that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is not a baseball town.

“Stick to ‘em. If they pack the house for the next 20 or 30 years, then I might say it’s a baseball town. It’s a football town.”

The reaction of the fans really should surprise us considering they were even booing Hamilton during his slump last season.

Below is a video showing the fans booing him during introductions:

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Angels players have clubhouse pool going for whether Josh Hamilton will be booed or cheered in Texas

There is very little doubt that Josh Hamilton is going to be booed when the Los Angeles Angels travel to Arlington this season to face the Texas Rangers. His career in Texas ended on fairly sour terms, and Rangers fans probably became even more irritated with him when Hamilton said Dallas is not a true baseball town.

Hamilton will get the reception out of the way early, as the Rangers visit the Angels on April 5. According to Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News, his new teammates are already having some fun with it.

The Angels are setting up a clubhouse pool on whether Hamilton receives more boos or cheers when he returns to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on April 5. Hamilton expects to be booed.

‘I got booed when I played there,’ said Hamilton, alluding to the response to his final game as a Ranger. ‘Why wouldn’t I get booed when I play there as an Angel?’

Where can I sign up? I don’t care what the odds are on Hamilton being booed more than cheered — it might as well be free money. Hamilton also backtracked on his comments about Dallas not being a baseball city and said the “fans where great” when he was there, but he’s right. Rangers fans booed him when he was in a slump. They’re certainly going to boo him when he’s suiting up for the opposition.

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