Robert Wayne Harris before execution: ‘God bless, and the Texas Rangers’

An ex-con named Robert Wayne Harris was executed on Thursday night after the U.S. Supreme court refused appeals to stall his punishment. The 40-year-old Harris confessed to killing five people 12 years ago at a Dallas-area car wash that fired him. Before receiving lethal injections, Harris told his brother and three friends not to worry and then expressed his love for the Texas Rangers.

“I’m going home. I’m going home,” Harris said according to the Associated Press. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. God bless, and the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers.”

I consider myself to be a pretty big sports fan, but I can’t say the last word out of my mouth before receiving a lethal injection would be the name of my favorite team. Harris certainly won’t have his fanhood questioned — here or in the afterlife.

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Sweaty Rangers fan got a little emotional in the 9th inning (Video)

I’m not sure there was anyone at the Ballpark in Arlington on Monday night who wanted a win more than this guy. This Rangers fan was hooting and hollering to the point where both the people next to them were full of embarrassment during the 9th inning of Texas’ 6-5 win over the Rays. I was trying to figure out if this guy was so emotional that he was crying, but it looks like he was just suffering from a combination of being drunk and overheated (the beads of water on his face were actually just sweat, we think). If the Angels players had half the heart of this freak, maybe they’d be in first.

Oh, and we must mention that the Rangers had Carlos Pena perfectly defended with the shift. Elvis Andrus just to the right of second base? Chalk another point up for advanced scouting.

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Rangers fan ejected after refusing to stop waving Texas flag, and Victor Rojas’ commentary was hilarious (Video)

A fan was ejected from the Rangers-Angels game on Wednesday night for causing a disturbance in the outfield seats, and the entire ordeal irritated Angels announcer Victor Rojas who providing hilarious commentary.

The fan was sitting to the right of center field and was addressed by an usher at the urging of third-base umpire Tim Reynolds during the top of the 10th inning. The fan was waving a Texas state flag and also operating his camera with the flash on, and he was told to stop doing both.

The fan seemed to view everything as a joke at first, but the umpire didn’t find his refusal to remove the flag to be very funny. After being warned, the fan hung the flag over the railing and the umpire pointed out to center field again, this time resulting in the fan’s ejection.

“Explain to your kids on the drive home why you got kicked out,” said Rojas, embodying the feelings of annoyed spectators everywhere.

Served the fan right that he missed the Rangers’ impressive comeback in the bottom of the inning. What a dunce.

Josh Hamilton praying for fans booing him amid slump

Josh Hamilton is in the middle of an ugly stretch, hitting just .190 since the start of June and failing to get a single hit with runners in scoring position in July.

Rangers fans are starting to get cranky. Boos emanating from the crowd at the Ballpark in Arlington are beginning to be noticeable and are growing. Hamilton, of course, has heard the booing, and he says he’s not going to let it bother him.

“I’m just out there playing; I don’t take any of it personal,” Hamilton said, according to The Dallas Morning News. “It’s all about what have you done for me lately. There were still more people yelling encouraging me. I pray for the ones who were [booing].”

“It’s disappointing,” Hamilton added about being booed by home fans. “It’s disappointing. I’ll leave it that.”

But like Hamilton alluded to, when he snaps out of the slump and starts hitting four home runs in a single game again and leading the team into the playoffs, everything will be all hunky dory again in Arlington.

Hamilton has even faced the ire of team owner Nolan Ryan, who this week criticized the former MVP for giving away at bats. Last we checked, Hamilton didn’t respond by saying he’d be praying for Ryan.

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Rangers couple says they didn’t know they took foul ball from kid, wants apology

By now you have probably seen the video of that young Rangers fan crying hysterically after he failed to snag a ball that a player tossed into the stands earlier this week. Mitch Moreland threw the ball into the stands, it hit the ground, and a happy couple wound up with it. The boy, three-year-old Cameron Shores, was devastated. He soon forgot about the first ball when the team gave him another ball later in the game, and WFAA in Dallas has reported that he is thrilled with the ball he now has.

The couple who was has been vilified, however, is not happy. Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore are getting married this weekend. This should be one of the most exciting weeks of their lives, but instead they have seen their faces all over the news and been labeled horrible people. That is unfair, they say, since they had no idea that the young boy was upset.

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Rangers fans keep foul ball from little kid, make him cry (Video)

A couple of Texas Rangers fans pulled a major no-no at Wednesday night’s game: They kept a foul ball from a young kid. Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands, and the typical mad rush for the treasure unfolded. One couple came up with the ball, but they left the young child next to them in tears.

According to Jimmy Traina, who shared the video with us, the young boy ended up with a ball, but not that one. He says a different fan gave it to him. At least the kid eventually got a souvenir.

I only have one question for you. Which is worse? These Rangers fans who made the kid cry, this awful woman, or this evil man? They’re all pretty bad.

Texas Rangers Fan Got 2011 World Series Champs Tattoo. Oops. (Picture)

Crazy fans will just never learn.  If the Texas Rangers are looking for someone or something to blame for reaching the World Series two years in a row and failing to bring home the trophy, there are plenty of scapegoats.  The first one we showed you was this news station, which sent a smart phone alert out that proved to be entirely premature.  Looking for another?  Look no further than this crazy Rangers fan who got a 2011 Rangers world champs tattoo before Game 7 of the World Series.  Here is the picture that a Big League Stew reader passed along of his friend’s ink:

Fans who get tattoos like this one or this one are still pretty insane, but at least they aren’t doing it and praying their tattoo doesn’t end up being completely false.  If he had gotten a 2011 World Series tattoo and left the “champs” part out of it, he would be fine.  It’s people like this gentleman who have me thinking the industry of the future is that of tattoo removal.