Woman Whose Dying Wish Was to See Rangers Win World Series Died Wednesday

A 76-year-old woman from Red Oak, Texas was a huge Rangers fan and her wish was to see the Rangers win the World Series.

“I only want to live long enough to see the Rangers win the World Series,” Heneri Ann Short told her doctor last week.

Short’s dying wish looked like it may come true after the Rangers took a series lead by winning Game 5 in Arlington.

Unfortunately, Game 6 was postponed until Thursday because of the weather in St. Louis, and Short died on Wednesday night after losing her fight with cancer.

Texas doesn’t need any more pressure to close out the World Series, but it wouldn’t hurt to win it for Short.

Let’s just hope that Heneri Ann’s family has the sense to leave that out of her obituary.

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Rangers Fan ‘Napo-Lee’ Jersey Shows Texas is Over Losing Cliff Lee (Picture)

No fan base wants to lose its best pitcher via free agency, but a return trip to the World Series the following season is the most ideal way to ease the pain.  The Rangers would obviously like to have Cliff Lee as a member of their current pitching staff, but they made the right choice by letting another team spend a fortune on him.  They also made the right choice in trading for Mike Napoli.  Mike Scioscia may not be willing to call the Napoli trade a disaster just yet, but I’m sure the Rangers are willing to call it a huge success.  Props to this Rangers fan for figuring out a way to support Napoli and forget about Lee without even having to buy a new jersey.

Now that’s what I call knowing how to improvise.  We already knew Rangers fans do weird things like rock fake mustaches and execute home run throwbacks better than any fan base in the league.  It’s also nice to see they appreciate the value of a dollar.

H/T to Deadspin for sharing the picture with us.

Rangers Fans Support Derek Holland with Fake Mustaches

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland has been sporting a mustache for the latter part of the season. The wispy little thing began in late July, and the pitcher initially decided he would keep it until the Dallas Cowboys lost a game. He was pitching so well with it that he decided to keep it around for even longer.

Even though Holland has what Timothy Burke, who provided the above image for us, called “the grossest mustache you’ve ever seen outside of middle school,” the fans love him for it. They showed up to Saturday’s Game 2 of the ALDS in Arlington wearing fake ‘staches of their own. Peep the pics:

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Rangers Fan Throws Kelly Shoppach Home Run Ball Back. Promptly. (Animated)

Rays catcher Kelly Shoppach burned the Rangers for two home runs in Game 1 of the ALDS Friday. Seeing him hit the dinger was worth it just to watch the fan in center field throw it back with ferocity:

Over and over and over again. Oh, so worth it. Easily the best home run ball thrown back in the history of home run balls thrown back. By the way, who had Kelly Shoppach as the game one hero for the Rays? Dude went 3-for-3 with three runs scored and five RBIs in his first three plate appearances.

Forearm bash to the brilliant Tim Burke at Mock Session for the GIF

Rangers Fans Spend Honeymoon at the Ballpark

Trey Roemisch and Stacy Williamson of Snyder, Texas got married on Saturday. The two are such big Rangers fans they decided to spend their honeymoon at the ballpark.

“We love the Rangers so much we couldn’t think of a better place to have our honeymoon,” Trey told FSN Southwest.

They apparently attended the team’s last few games. Stacy added that the two plan to return in subsequent years, ostensibly on their anniversary.

I know lots of fans propose at the ballpark but that’s something I’ve really never understood (unless it’s a situation like this). I mean nothing screams romance quite like overpriced beer, hot dogs, and David Murphy, right?

Rangers Fan Shannon Stone Dies After Falling Going for Foul Ball (Video)

366 days after Rangers fan Tyler Morris fell at the Ballpark in Arlington going for a foul ball, another fan did the same thing. The difference is when Shannon Stone lost his balance and fell over the railing, it cost him his life. Here is the tragic video:

The man who died is Shannon Stone (pictured below), who has been a firefighter for nearly 18 years in Brownsville, Texas. As if the story isn’t tragic enough, this detail will truly make your heart break.

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Rangers Fan Who Fell Has Broken Ankle, Fractured Skull

There was a time-stopping moment in Arlington on Tuesday night when a Rangers fan fell from the upper deck trying to grab a foul ball. I’ve always wondered how it doesn’t happen more frequently given how low the railings at most parks are. Even though the fan fell 20 feet, he appears to be in relatively good condition.

Additionally, Larry Brown Sports has learned the identity of the fan and it’s Texas native Tyler Morris. According to sources, Morris has a broken ankle and fractured skull, and he may have a broken jaw. As you could imagine, Morris is being moved to ICU for observation for the head injury.

It’s really amazing that Morris doesn’t have more injuries given what occurred. Although we’re being told he has a fractured skull, I imagine he’ll be feeling the remnants of this fall for quite some time. Here’s to a full recovery and maybe a reconsideration from major league teams to include safety nets and higher railings in the stands. Just a thought to help prevent another accident like this in the future.