Wes Welker likely commits recruiting violation trying to get Nick Kurtz to attend Texas Tech

Wes-Welker-Texas-TechWes Welker is one of the best wide receivers and special teamers to ever play at Texas Tech. He had over 250 receptions and 3,000 yards during his four-year career at the school. Welker also returned eight punts for touchdowns, which is tied for an NCAA record. Now, he has decided to try to help his alma mater with recruiting.

The thing is, Welker’s not allowed to do that. Former athletes are considered representatives of college athletic programs and are not allowed to communicate with recruits. That makes the following exchange that Welker had with community college wide receiver Nick Kurtz illegal.

Had he left it there, Welker may not have had a problem. His ice-breaker was subtle enough, but the Broncos receiver went into full-blown recruiting mode after that.

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Kliff Kingsbury leaves Texas Tech players funny note before break (Picture)


College campuses across the country will be sending students home for the summer over the next couple of weeks, which must be a great source of anxiety for coaches. The less time players spend with their teams, the more opportunities they have to get into trouble and out of shape. Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury is aware of that and is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Texas Tech offensive lineman Alfredo Morales tweeted the photo you see above on Tuesday, which shows a letter Kingsbury sent to all of his players before they went home for break.

“Also we advise you to be active over break as you will need to be ready to work once June rolls around,” the note read. “Sitting at the house playing COD/2K13/Madden against 12 year olds online doesn’t suffice as ‘activity’ even if you claim to ‘wreck shop.'”

Awesome. As a 33-year-old coach, Kingsbury can certainly relate to his players. He knows how 20-somethings act, considering he just was one about four years ago. I’d rather have a coach who tells me not to play video games than one who sends out creepy recruiting messages like this, but that’s just my personal preference. Score one for Kliff.

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Kingsbury is not married. It’s unclear whether he has a girlfriend.

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Johnny Manziel throws up Texas Tech ‘guns up’ symbol (Picture)


Johnny Manziel may have made a seemingly mature decision last month when he announced he is taking a break from Twitter, but the Texas A&M star has remained active with his Instagram account. Isn’t that basically the same thing? You can certainly use Instagram to piss people off just as effectively as Twitter, which Manziel reminded us of early Saturday morning.

As you can see, the Heisman Trophy winner posted a photo of him flashing Texas Tech’s “guns up” symbol with a young lady who appears to be his friend. We did a bit of poking around on Instagram and discovered that Manziel appeared in another photo with the young woman about five months ago. It also looks as though she has worked on the sidelines of Red Raiders games, possibly as a student manager. The photo was captioned as follows:

“#Getyourdamngunsup #kingsbury #gigem”

It should be noted that Kliff Kingsbury, who is now the head coach at Texas Tech, was Manziel’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Texas A&M last season. He was probably just having a little fun supporting his friend and his former coach, but that doesn’t mean Aggies fans are going to appreciate it. It will probably go over about as well as this controversial tattoo picture did.

Michael Crabtree says he once got into it with Wes Welker at Texas Tech

Texas Tech is known for producing quality NFL wife receivers, and there are no two greater examples of that than Wes Welker and Michael Crabtree. Welker is one of the game’s best receivers and Crabtree is one of its brightest young stars. Back in 2006, they got a chance to work out together with the Red Raiders. According to Crabtree, the two didn’t exactly hit it off right away.

“I actually got into it with Wes Welker when I first went to college,” Crabtree told the Boston Herald on Wednesday. “He said something about me playing in the summer. We were doing one-on-ones with some guys that were in the NFL that used to go to Tech. He was holding me, and I was fresh out of high school, had an attitude, and I was cussing him out to get off of me. He got in my face like I was going to back down.”

Crabtree is known for having somewhat of a temper, so he wasn’t about to be shown up by another receiver — even if he was a legend at his school and an NFL star.

“That was one of those things I was letting him know I’m about to come in there and do better than what he did,” the Niners receiver said. “It was just fun and games. That’s my dude, though.

“You can learn a lot from guys like that. Wes is a legend.”

Welker may have had more receptions (259) while at Texas Tech, but he spent four years there. Crabtree caught 231 balls in only two seasons and racked up more yards (3,127) than Welker (3,069). Both are tremendous competitors, which is why it’s not surprising to hear that things got heated between them. That’s the type of drive that separates them from your average receiver.

Four Texas Tech recruits missed visit because they couldn’t find the campus

Colleges can run into a number of different complications when they are trying to schedule visits with recruits. There is an encyclopedia of rules to memorize regarding recruiting violations, and then there’s the trouble of convincing the players to come out and see the campus. On rare occasions, there can even be a problem with finding the campus itself. Just ask the four Texas Tech football recruits that never made it to West Texas last weekend.

According to Rivals.com, Houston-area recruits Devin Lauderdale (WR), Reggie Chevis (LB), Tavares Garner (CB) and Arthur Lockett (RB) got lost on their way to visit the Texas Tech campus last weekend. They were scheduled to make the roughly 550-mile drive to Lubbock from Houston to watch the Red Raiders Spring Game, but apparently they left their directions and technological advancements at home.

“(We) didn’t use a GPS, and we didn’t even know we were going the wrong way,” Lauderdale said. “So we were driving (and we ended up) in East Texas.”

The four players realized they weren’t on the right track when they were 100 miles away from the road they were supposed to be on and still 500 miles from campus. They ended up roughly an hour away from the Louisiana border when their destination was an hour away from the New Mexico border. Lauderdale said they still plan to visit this spring, and the situation is not believed to have affected any of the recruits’ decisions.

The good news is the four players haven’t even enrolled in a college yet and they’ve already learned a valuable life lesson. If you take the appropriate measures — such as using a smart phone or a GPS — getting lost driving somewhere in the year 2012 is very difficult to do.

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Adam James Caught a Touchdown Pass for Texas Tech

Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James entered his team’s fifth game of the season with the same stats on the year as me or you. He finished the 45-40 loss to Texas A&M with four catches for 28 yards. Oh yeah, he also caught his first touchdown since the Red Raiders’ first game of the 2009 season.

So who is Adam James and why are we making a big deal out of a guy who has four catches on the season? Well, you may remember him because he’s the son of former SMU legend and current ESPN broadcaster, Craig James.

It was Mike Leach’s alleged treatment of young Adam that supposedly got the former Texas Tech coach into trouble with the school, leading to his firing. Later on, it was revealed that Adam did not want Leach fired, and that he found the incident to be funny.

Leach recently provided a scouting report of James:

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Adam James Did Not Want Mike Leach Fired, Found Closet Incident Funnny

Mike Leach got a raw deal from Texas Tech. The football program’s all time-leader in winning percentage was fired in late ’09 because of alleged mistreatment of wide receiver Adam James. James is the son of Craig James, a former SMU football star, who used his platform as an ESPN broadcaster to smear Leach. While the media prayed on the angle of Leach’s alleged mistreatment of James’ son who had a concussion, we pointed to the other side of the story — the one that said Adam James was a lazy jerk who was a poor teammate. Not only does that side seem much more accurate, but we’re also learning that Adam James did not want Mike Leach fired and that he found the “closet incident” funny.

Here is the other side of the story from Mike Leach, who wrote a book Swing Your Sword, which just was released. The two main points conveyed by the excerpts from the book are that Leach was fired because Texas Tech did not want to pay him an $800,000 bonus he was due, so they used the Adam James incident to push him out. The other important point is that Craig James lied what happened to his son and used his influence to get Leach fired.

We’ve blockquoted the most significant portions of the excerpt published at SI.com:

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