Tigers get stuck in Boston wearing Zubaz outfits


The Detroit Tigers completed a sweep of the Red Sox in Boston on Sunday night, but their greatest moment came in the hours following the game. After Joba Chamberlain bought the whole team Zubaz pants a couple of weeks ago, the Tigers decided it would be a good idea to wear full Zubaz outfits for their road trip to Cleveland. Unfortunately, the quirky outfits may have been bad luck.

At first, the Tigers seemed to be having a blast with their Zubaz pants and hoodies in the locker room and on the airplane.

Things went downhill from there, as the team’s plane apparently experienced a malfunction and had to be grounded for the night. The Tigers looked a little less thrilled while riding a bus and chilling in a hotel lobby.

At least they did it in style. No one can take that away from them.

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Photo: Instagram/Torii Hunter

Tampa Bay Rays go preppy for road trip

The Tampa Bay Rays, aka the masters of the themed road trip, did what they do best on Sunday night with another fantastically original idea before they boarded the plane for their trip to Houston. This time, the Rays went with the preppy look.

All of the players and coaches pulled off the style nicely with plenty of pastel colors, popped colors, and trendy sport coats. But unfortunately, there can only be one winner. You all know who that is:

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Orioles wear ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ for road trip to Toronto (Pictures)


Themed road trips have become increasingly popular across Major League Baseball over the past couple of years, thanks in large part to Joe Maddon’s commitment to the cause with the Tampa Bay Rays. On Wednesday, the Baltimore Orioles decided to put their own spin on the hilarious trend by sporting “Canadian Tuxedos” as they left New York to head for Toronto.

As you can see from the photo above that Adam Jones posted on Instagram, most of the players went with the basic jean jacket on jeans look. Infielder Manny Machado took it a step further by rocking overalls over his denim.

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White Sox wear ‘Caddyshack’ outfits before road trip (Pictures)

With Robin Ventura in his first season after replacing Ozzie Guillen and a roster that has a different look this year, nobody expected the White Sox to be in first place in the AL Central at the end of August. The division was supposed to belong to the Tigers, but Chicago has overachieved and currently leads Detroit by two games. From the look of it, they’re having fun along the way.

Before their trip to Baltimore Sunday night, the White Sox threw on their best “Caddyshack” golf attire, which included some spectacular sets of retro slacks. We’ve seen cowboy outfits, white outs, Nintendo costumes, hockey jerseys, tacky tuxedoes and more. What will they think of next?

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Cubs dress up as Super Mario Bros. characters for road trip (Picture)

The Cubs may be having a horrendous season, but it’s nice to see they are still having some fun. Big changes for the better were expected in Chicago when Theo Epstein took the reins, and in his first season as GM Cubs fans have seen the complete opposite. The Cubs are 38-56, in last place in the NL Central and are looking to be sellers at the trade deadline. None of that nonsense has stopped them from dressing up for road trips.

As you can see from the photo that Cubs writer Doug Padilla shared on Twitter, the Chicago players dressed up as “Super Mario Bros.” characters this past weekend before their trip to Pittsburgh. Pictured above are pitcher Scott Maine, catcher Steve Clavenger and infielder Bryan LaHair. They may be one of the worst teams in baseball, but good for the Cubs for finding a way to keep it unique. We’ve seen the Rays wear all white before a road trip this year, the Cardinals rock these crazy tuxedos and the Mets dress like cowboys. To our knowledge, this is 2012’s first Nintendo-themed road trip.

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Rays wore all white for road trip (Picture)

The Tampa Bay Rays know it’s not Labor Day yet, so they decided to get their white clothing in while they had a chance. Yup, for the team’s road trip from New York to Miami, they wore all white. Manager Joe Maddon even wore a bow tie for Dhani Jones like he did last time. Here’s a closer picture of it:

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Mets wear NHL hockey jerseys on their visit to Toronto (Video)

With Toronto being in the American League and the only team from Canada in Major League Baseball, players on National League squads rarely get an opportunity to travel north of the border during the regular season. This weekend, the Mets are visiting the Blue Jays. Terry Collins and company wanted to make the most of traveling to hockey country, so the team decided to wear NHL jerseys of their choice.

“We like to have some fun in New York and for me the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the ultimate of the hockey season,” Collins explained. “We’ve got a lot of hockey fans on our club and in spring training we talked about taking theme trips. One of the guys said ‘Hey let’s take a hockey trip when we go to Canada.’ I told all the players to pick a team and we went to the NHL store and got the jerseys. You’ll see a variety of jerseys when they get off that bus.”

The team indeed brought a variety, including a Whalers jersey from Jason Bay. Bay, who is from Canada, said he grew up a Canucks fan but wanted to do something throwback. Somebody had to be that guy. The Mets have a long way to go if they want to catch up to the Rays and their crazy jackets or classy sweaters, but the hockey theme is a nice place to start.

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