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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Thierry Henry gets meme treatment after France defeats Belgium

Thierry Henry was caught between a rock and a hard place during Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal pitting France against Belgium, and many got in a good laugh at his expense.

Henry, a French football legend but now an assistant coach for Belgium, saw his new side fall 1-0 to France in the pivotal match. With the French making their first World Cup final since Henry led them there in 2006, Twitter had some jokes about the mixed feelings that he must have been experiencing.


France star taunts Belgium assistant ahead of semifinal

French football icon Thierry Henry is in an awkward position ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal, and Olivier Giroud is having some fun with it.

Over the weekend, the star French forward Giroud took an opportunity to playfully taunt Henry, who is now an assistant coach for Belgium.

“There’s a lot of mutual respect. I don’t resent him,” said Giroud of Henry, per Joe Miles of The Sun. “My job’s to be good on the pitch, to help my team. But I’d be proud to show Titi [Henry’s nickname] that he chose the wrong side!

“He’s a living legend of French football, and we have a lot of respect for him,” Giroud continued. “We have a lot of respect for what he’s done, but we’re not going to think about very much. I’d have preferred him to be with us and to be giving his advice to me.”

Henry, 40, may be the most renowned Frenchman in the history of the sport. He retired from international play in 2010 as the country’s all-time leading goalscorer and helped lead France to their only World Cup victory in 1998.

However, the former Arsenal great has served as the second assistant for Belgium under manager Roberto Martinez since 2016. At this point though, Henry is probably already used to stirring up controversy at the World Cup.

FIFA paid Ireland not to sue them over Thierry Henry handball

You remember when a handball by Thierry Henry tied a World Cup qualifying game between France and Ireland back in 2009 and helped prevented the Irish from qualifying for the 2010 World Cup? Yeah, we have received confirmation that FIFA paid off the Football Association of Ireland to make up for it.

Henry clearly used his hand to stop a ball and help make a centering pass to the front of the net where the ball was punched it to tie the match at one. As soon as he used his hand, several Irish players raised their arms and stopped playing to indicate to the referees that a hand was used.

Thierry Henry handball

Somehow the call was never made, and Ireland lost to France on aggregate goals.

A year ago it was reported that Ireland was paid €5 million as compensation for the bad call. FAI chief executive John Delaney confirmed that report during a radio appearance on “The Ray D’Arcy Show” on RTE Radio One.

“We felt we had a legal case against FIFA because of how the World Cup play-off hadn’t worked out for us with the Henry handball,” Delaney said. “Also the way Blatter behaved, if you remember on stage, having a snigger and having a laugh at us. That day when I went in, and I told him how I felt about him, there were some expletives used and we came to an agreement.

“That was a Thursday and on Monday the agreement was all signed and all done. It’s a very good agreement for the FAI and a very legitimate agreement for the FAI, but I’m bound by confidentiality for naming the figure.

“It was a payment to the Association not to proceed with a legal case,” Delaney said.

H/T Deadspin

Thierry Henry You Dog, You

Tony Parker must be used to this type of thing after dating Eva Longoria for so long now.  You get up to leave your seat, somebody is going to stare at your wife’s chest.  It doesn’t really matter if they’re a random fan or a close friend, it’s going to happen.  So when we see a picture of Thierry Henry staring at Eva Longoria’s chest, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Looks like the Red Bulls new star is already enjoying life in America.  Nothing like taking in a USA-France basketball game with one of the hottest women in the country.

SbB Live via SI Vault

Is a Little Interview Preparation Too Much to Ask for?

Last week we told you about soccer star Thierry Henry signing with the New York Red Bulls of MLS. Henry may be 32 years old but he’s still one of the top players in the world and certainly one of the most accomplished. Now that he’s signed and agreed to play in New York for MLS, he’s trying to promote himself and his team, not unlike David Beckham whose arrival in LA caused a brief buzz. The problem is Henry is playing in the lowly MLS which is essentially the minor leagues of international soccer. As a result, the players get minor league media coverage. Even if it’s only soccer and we’re only talking about an MLS player, the pathetic interview conducted by the hosts at FOX 5 in New York was nothing short of an insult. As Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks pointed out, you have to see this video of Thierry Henry’s interview with FOX 5 in New York:

Talk about giving Americans a bad name. Is five minutes of preparation too much to ask for prior to having a guest on? Particularly one as accomplished as Henry? How can your first question ask about winning the World Cup when it just happens and Spain won it, not France? I don’t get how this even happens. Truly truly pathetic.

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New York Red Bull Lands Thierry Henry

At least New York City landed one of its coveted free agent targets this summer. The New York Red Bulls — who actually play at a new stadium in Harrison, NJ — announced Wednesday that French soccer legend Thierry Henry has agreed to a multi-year contract to come display his skills stateside of the Atlantic. Henry, who is expected to make his debut July 22 in an exhibition match against Premier League club Tottenham, had the following to say in an interview on the Red Bulls website:

“Some people might think I am going to go there for vacation – I do actually go there for vacation – but it won’t be for vacation this time. I’m a competitor and I don’t like to lose.”

There is no doubt that this is a good thing for the Red Bulls and MLS, both of whom will benefit from the publicity and star power that Henry commands. But lets not forget, the once crowned prince of the French national team is now 32 years old and landed in the MLS after being let go from Barcelona for lack of quality performance. So while the hype is now officially on, Red Bull fans better hope that Henry brings a few years of quality soccer rather than just a brief spectacle for the franchise.

Thierry Henry joins New York Red Bulls [FOXSports]