Elin Nordegren reportedly feels Lindsey Vonn is a ‘good influence on Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren Lindsey Vonn

Another day, another conflicting gossip report about Elin Nordegren and how she feels about Tiger Woods’ relationship with Lindsey Vonn. Last month, a report claimed that Tiger’s ex-wife “hates” Vonn and everything about the gold medalist’s relationship with the father of her children. A new report indicates that quite the opposite is true.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Nordegren feels that dating Vonn has been good for Tiger. A source reportedly told the Post that Elin “really likes Lindsey and thinks she is a very good influence on Tiger.” The source also said Nordegren believes Woods is happy with Vonn and that Lindsey gets along well with the couple’s two children.

We can’t speak for the way Tiger’s life has been going off the golf course, but his game has certainly improved since he took his relationship with Vonn public. He has yet to capture a major since the sex scandal erupted, but Woods already has three wins this season and has shown signs of starting to look like the old Tiger again.

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Either one of the two reports about the way Elin feels about Tiger’s new relationship is inaccurate, or she has come a long way over the past month. A previous report from the Post also stated that Vonn waited in a car for an hour while Tiger watched his daughter play baseball, which contradicts with the notion that she gets along well with Woods’ kids. Perhaps that relationship has also progressed.

It’s tough to differentiate truth from fiction with any of these gossip stories, but it’s certainly interesting to hear that Elin has allegedly gone from “hate” to “happy” in just over a month.

Lindsey Vonn: I am definitely not getting married again

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods appear to be enjoying their relationship and doing a great job of ignoring what gossip magazines and tabloids are saying about them. That does not mean they will ever get past the dating phase.

During a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Vonn talked about how she made a mistake by mixing business with her personal life by marrying her former coach Thomas Vonn. While she said she does not regret that part of her life, she also said she has no interest in ever getting married again — to anyone.

“No, thanks!” Vonn said when asked if a second marriage is a possibility. “I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.”

Vonn’s first marriage nearly destroyed her relationship with her father and led her toward a serious battle with depression, so you can understand why she feels that way. Tiger’s first marriage ended with the most infamous sex scandal in sports history, so he probably is in no rush to say “I do” again at any point in the near future, either.

Maybe this is what makes it work. Vonn said that the media coverage of her relationship with Woods has been intrusive and that she has felt overshadowed by him at times, but the two still seem happy together. Taking marriage completely off the table might be one of the keys to their happiness.

Tiger Woods practicing with new driver, may not use one in British

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods was seen using a new driver during practice rounds at Muirfield prior to the British Open this week, and he may not even use one at all for the tournament.

Tiger has been using a Nike VR Tour driver for the past three years, but Golf Week says he was using a Nike VR_S Covert Tour driver in practice rounds this week. Golf Week says the VR_S driver is a fixed-loft driver (9.5 degree) without an adjustable hosel, and that the shaft is glued into the head in traditional fashion.

Even though Tiger was practicing with a new driver, he may not find a use for one this week. Woods says the course is playing fast similar to Hoylake in 2006, which he won.

“It is playing really fast, the golf course has got a bit of speed to it. It was pretty quick and I am sure they can get it really quick by the weekend,” Woods said this week.

“I used a lot of irons (at Hoylake). I hit one driver that week. This course is playing similar to that, it is quick. I’ve played three days now and I have only hit a couple of drivers here.”

Woods also says Jason Day didn’t even use a driver in practice when they played together, so that will be something to watch. It’s quite possible that many players just play irons throughout their rounds.

Lindsey Vonn: I’m more than just Tiger Woods’ girlfriend

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn has made it clear on numerous occasions that she is very happy to be in a relationship with Tiger Woods, but that does not mean she never experiences frustration. In a rather candid interview with Bill Pennington of the New York Times on Friday, Vonn talked about how there have been times when she has felt overshadowed by the world’s No. 1 golfer.

“Some people seem to forget that I’m not just Tiger’s girlfriend,” Vonn said. “I’m actually a successful athlete. I’m Lindsey. I have my own career and my own life.”

Before she started dating Woods, Vonn was typically discussed in the context of being one of the best Olympic skiers in the world and a two-time gold medalist. Now, as she continues to rehab her knee and prepare for the 2014 Olympics in Russia, Vonn has rarely seen her face on the cover of a magazine without the word “Tiger” next to it.

Earlier this month, Vonn said the media coverage of her relationship with Tiger has been intrusive. She reiterated that on Friday, mentioning how she largely goes unnoticed when Woods is not alongside her.

“I can be normal by myself; no one notices me,” she said. “But wherever he’s around, we’re living in a fishbowl. I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. It’s weird. But it’s just something I have to deal with. He has his job, and I have mine. I just have to get used to it.”

While Vonn is obviously uncomfortable with some of the tabloids following her every move, she seems genuinely satisfied with the way her relationship has gone. In fact, she even used an interesting metaphor when talking about whether or not she and Tiger give each other advice about their respective sports.

“I don’t give him a lot of feedback about his golf game,” Vonn said. “We talk golf after his golf rounds, but mostly I listen. We really are normal in that way. Lots of people go home and talk to their wife or husband about their job. That’s what we do.”

Wife or husband? Why not girlfriend or boyfriend? Run, Tiger! Just kidding. Good for them.

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Tiger Woods caught flicking Rory McIlroy’s ear at US Open


Tiger Woods showed a side of himself that we are not used to seeing at the US Open Champions Dinner on Tuesday. The event is supposed to be an enjoyable one, but most fans are accustomed to seeing a serious Tiger who rarely goofs around or has fun with other golfers. For a split second, that changed.

As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit, cameras caught Woods flicking Rory McIlroy’s ear while he was being interviewed. I don’t have any stats in front of me, but I feel confident assuming that is the only time Tiger has ever flicked another golfer’s ear on camera.

Some people assumed Rory and Tiger didn’t like each other when McIlroy talked about kicking his ass at the Ryder Cup last year, but that is obviously not the case. Between the ear-flicking and the this comment from Tiger a couple of months ago, it’s obvious Nike’s two poster boys get along just fine.

Sergio Garcia left Tiger Woods a hand-written apology note

Sergio-Garcia-Tiger-WoodsOn Monday, we showed you a photo of Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia shaking hands on the driving range at the US Open. It is not standard procedure for every golfer to shake every other golfer’s hand on the range before a major, so we were left to draw a simple conclusion — that Garcia had apologized.

Tiger claims that was not the case. According to Eye on Golf, a reporter asked Woods on Tuesday if Garcia has “personally apologized” to him.

“No, we haven’t had time for that,” Woods replied.

If that’s the case, does that mean the guy who made a racist comment about Tiger just a few weeks ago was just dropping by for a friendly hello? There had to have been more to it than that, right?

Later in the day, Garcia was asked a similar question. Apparently he intended to apologize to Woods after their practice round, but the weather threw a kink in his plans. Instead, he settled for a hand-written note.

“We saw each other on the range and I was hoping to meet him after the round but he was gone after the round and the weather obviously didn’t help,” Garcia explained, via USA Today. “This morning I was here early and didn’t see him around. He got here later on. I did leave him a handwritten note. Hopefully he can take a look at it. It’s a big week and I understand that it’s difficult to meet up and stuff. So hopefully I’ll be able to do it. If not, at least he has read the note and he’s happy with that.”

Garcia would not elaborate on what he wrote, saying that the note was for Tiger to share if he felt the need. He also apologized for the comment again and said he wishes he could go back in time and take it back.

Talk about the song that never ends. Garcia really needs to apologize to Woods in person, which is what we thought he did with Monday’s handshake. That’s the only way any of this is going to go away.

Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia shake hands at US Open


Sergio Garcia took his ongoing feud with Tiger Woods too far a few weeks ago, and it appears he knows it. On Monday morning, Garcia approached Woods on the driving range at the US Open and shook his hand before the two shared a brief exchange.

About a month ago, Garcia accused Woods of intentionally distracting him at The Players Championship. Tiger later said that he had no interest in squashing whatever beef it is that he has with Sergio, with Garcia claiming Woods wouldn’t answer his phone call if he reached out to him anyway. Then, Garcia crossed the line with a racist comment and later had to apologize.

As you can see from the photo above that Twitter user @bigup2dahorns passed along (via USA TODAY), Garcia must have apologized to Woods in person on Monday. Given their history, it certainly seems safe to assume the two golfers would not just be greeting one another like old buddies. Tiger would not acknowledge the exchange when asked about it.

“I’m not going there,” he told reporters, via ESPN.com.

If he did apologize, good for Sergio for accepting responsibility for his stupid actions. And good for Tiger for being mature about it and not slapping his hand away. Fans of drama might be disappointed if the feud ends, but a simple handshake was probably best for both parties.