Tim Hardaway Is an Image Consultant

Mad love to my man HG over at YOU BEEN BLINDED for this incredible video. None other than Tim Hardaway — the most anti-homosexual man you can find — rips apart Allen Iverson because of the image A.I. portrays. Pot, I would like to introduce you to kettle:

Another great find by YOU BEEN BLINDED.

Can Tim Hardaway see gay people?

I admit I haven’t exactly covered any aspects of the Tim Hardaway/John Amaechi issues over the past few weeks, and by “haven’t exactly” I mean not at all. But I came across this video courtesy of the wonderfully creative folks over at NBX. In case you’re new to the site, I blog and host a podcast over at NBX which also doubles as a fantasy sportsbook in addition to its sports content. Here’s another one of their hilarious creations, check it out

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