Chipper Jones takes shot at Tim Hudson over first pitch snubbing

Chipper-Jones-first-pitchDuring the playoffs, Atlanta Braves players decided to boycott a first pitch that was thrown out by Chipper Jones. Rather than his ceremonial pitch being caught by a former teammate, Jones had to throw it to Atlanta’s mascot. The reason? Chipper had gone on the radio earlier that day and predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers would win their NLDS series against the Braves in four games — which, by the way, is exactly what happened.

In any event, Chipper clearly has not gotten over his former teammates snubbing him. On Sunday, he took a quick jab at Tim Hudson, who recently signed with the San Francisco Giants.

Chipper was obviously planning on using that one for a while, because it seemed like he forced the joke. He later tweeted that he was just kidding and wishes Hudson the best with his new team.

When it comes to Twitter, Jones simply can’t help himself. He has done everything from defending former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice to urging fans to boycott games that are umpired by a certain ump. In August, Chipper said he was quitting Twitter because he couldn’t take the trolling anymore. He probably should have followed through with that.

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Red Sox interested in Carlos Beltran, Tim Hudson

Carlos BeltranCarlos Beltran is undoubtedly one of the most coveted players on the free agent market. He is expected to generate interest from multiple top teams, and it sounds like the World Series champion Boston Red Sox are in that group.

The New York Post’s George A. King III reported on Thursday night that the Sox have made an aggressive push for Beltran. The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles are also interested in Beltran, but King says the interest from the Sox has been the strongest so far.

Beltran is turning 37 in April but coming off two highly successful seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. He has posted an OPS of at least .830 the past two seasons, in addition to playing well in right field. He also has been an absolute beast in the postseason.

One of the issues for those three teams is figuring out how Beltran will fit into their roster. Boston has Shane Victorino in right and a platoon of Daniel Nava and Jonny Gomes in left. They will likely lose Jacoby Ellsbury in free agency and would have to replace him. They could move Victorino to center and put Beltran in right. The Yankees similarly have Brett Gardner and Alfonso Soriano, and they’re waiting to see whether Curtis Granderson will accept his qualifying offer.

Beltran received a qualifying offer for $14.1 million from the Cardinals, so the team that signs him would have to forfeit a draft pick if he turns down the qualifying offer. That probably wouldn’t be an issue for the Sox, who will receive a pick as compensation from the team that signs Ellsbury.

In addition, reports say the Red Sox are also interested in pitcher Tim Hudson, who is recovering from surgery to repair a broken ankle and ligament. Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports reports that the interest between Hudson and the Sox is mutual. The market for him could be stronger because he did not receive a qualifying offer from the Braves, which means the team that signs him would not have to surrender a draft pick.

The Sox would look even tougher heading into next season if they’re able to add both players, which seems like a strong possibility.

Tim Hudson suffers ankle injury, gets carted off

Tim Hudson ankleTim Hudson left Wednesday’s Atlanta Braves-New York Mets game after getting his ankle stepped on during a play at first base, resulting in a fractured ankle.

Mets outfielder Eric Young Jr. was batting in the bottom of the eighth with men on first and second, one out, and the Braves up 6-0. Young grounded a ball to first baseman Freddie Freeman, who was unable to field the ball cleanly. Freeman recovered after the ball went off his chest, and he threw to Hudson, who was covering the bag.

Unfortunately, Hudson stepped on the middle part of the bag instead of the edge, and Young accidentally stepped on him as he lunged toward the bag to try beating out the throw.

The Braves pitcher went down in pain and was carted off the field. He was surrounded by players from both teams as he was down on the field, and Young even went up to him to and apologized.

Hudson left the game having thrown 7.2 innings, allowing four hits and three walks while striking out nine. He was charged with the two runs that scored after he left.

Below is another look at the play:

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Adam LaRoche: Tim Hudson once filled my glove with human crap

Adam-LaRoche-Tim-HudsonBaseball players love to play pranks on one another, and word has it Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche is one of the MLB’s masters. LaRoche appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk on Friday, and Kevin Millar — one of the show’s hosts — was able to gather some intel from LaRoche’s brother before the interview.

Millar got LaRoche to talk about some of the best pranks he has played over the years, one of which the Atlanta Braves fell victim to. After being traded from the Braves to the Pittsburgh Pirates a few years back, LaRoche was in Miami finishing up a series. I’ll let him take it from there, with a special thanks to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog for transcribing the quotes.

“The Braves happened to have an off day in Miami while we were finishing up our series, so all their gear came in and was in our auxiliary clubhouse, all the Braves’ bags,” LaRoche explained. “And I chose to skip BP that day and go to the back room and dig through everybody’s bags.

“And it just came to my head to pull out everybody’s underwear and sliding shorts, take a pair of scissors and cut the crotch out of everybody’s gear. I sayeverybody; I didn’t have the heart to get Bobby [Cox]. I couldn’t do that. But I got a lot of the coaches and just about all of the players, and then I wrote on the big board — Kevin, you might remember this. I’ll keep it clean, but I wrote on the dry erase board, I said, Hey boys, good luck and play balls out — LaRoche.”

The prank went over well, with each player realizing their athletic supporters weren’t going to be so supportive as they got dressed. However, the victims didn’t exactly let him get away with it. In particular, Braves pitcher Tim Hudson went all out returning the favor.

“I came in, it was getaway day, so they did the standard cut my suit up,” LaRoche said. “Took my dress shirt, froze it. Cut all my equipment up, batting gloves, bats were broken. And then probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, Tim Hudson takes my backup first base glove and stuffs human feces up in the fingers of my glove. So needless to say I had to throw that glove away. Never got to use it again. Pretty disgusting.”

LaRoche said he still felt he got the best of the Braves because he got so many of them and they only got him, but we’re talking about a baseball glove turned into a toilet. We have featured some epic baseball pranks on the site over the years, but when someone craps in a glove the war is over. I call that a win for Hudson.

Bryce Harper has ball go off glove, gives Tim Hudson a home run (Video)

Bryce-Harper-Tim-Hudson-home-runAtlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson has only three home runs in his career, and his most recent big fly may not have made its way into the stands without a little help from Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper.

During the bottom of the fifth inning on Tuesday night, the 37-year-old Hudson proved that he still has the strength to send a ball a long way to the opposite field. The ball may have had the distance to get out on its own, but it appeared Harper gave it some assistance when he leaped and almost made a spectacular grab at the wall. Instead, it went off his glove and into the stands.

Harper certainly isn’t the first player to have a ball go off his glove and over the wall (see: Swisher, Nick). If anything, he can consider it a good deed. The Nationals were already in a pretty big hole at that point and he made an old man happy.