Tim McCarver gives emotional final sendoff (Video)

Tim McCarverWe’re not big fans of Tim McCarver as a broadcaster. In fact, we were turned off by most of his analysis. But we do respect the career he had as both a player and broadcaster and recognize that he has been a big part of baseball over the past several decades.

Wednesday night marked McCarver’s final night calling games for FOX as their lead MLB analyst alongside play-by-play partner Joe Buck. His final sendoff was emotional and touching and we wanted to share it in case you missed it.

Though McCarver will not be doing big events for FOX such as the MLB All-Star Game and playoffs, he still intends to be around the game and possibly continue broadcasting, albeit in a different capacity.

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Tim McCarver Thinks Albert Pujols Has Taken the Heat off Prince Fielder

Anyone who watches FOX Saturday baseball on a regular basis knows that Tim McCarver provides some of the strangest commentary possible. The TV show Family Guy parodied him with this sad but hilarious clip that explains everything.

Even when McCarver isn’t providing analysis on games, he’s providing shoddy commentary on baseball.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, McCarver said that the attention paid to Albert Pujols has helped Prince Fielder. Seriously. Can’t make this stuff up.

“There has been so much emphasis put on Pujols and the Cardinals, that this has allowed Prince to relax and have a terrific year this year, unlike Albert,” McCarver said during a telephone interview. “I think Albert has taken the heat for first basemen of his ilk, and Prince is the primary one.”

“I don’t think Prince feels it like Albert does,” McCarver said. “Players deny that, but from the way I see it, I think you certainly can make a case for it. That’s one of the reasons Prince has been allowed to play as well as he’s played. All the talk has been deflected from him. It’s allowed him to play the way he can play.”

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