Stephen Hill’s agent blames Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow for Hill’s release

Stephen-HillThe New York Jets released wide receiver Stephen Hill on Saturday. Hill, a former star at Georgia Tech, has been a disappointment since the Jets drafted him with the 43rd overall pick in 2012. But as far as the 23-year-old’s agent is concerned, Rex Ryan and company set Hill up to fail.

After Hill was cut, his agent Alan Herman criticized the Jets for not putting his client in a position to succeed.

“I’m disappointed in Idzik and Rex with the way the whole thing went down there,” Herman told Jim Corbett of USA TODAY Sports. “Two years in that kind of situation is disheartening.

“He didn’t have a chance that first year with that whole Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez fiasco. … His second year, Geno Smith was learning how to play quarterback. So they never threw the ball deep because they wanted to simplify things for Geno.”

Hill ran a 4.36 in the 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Combine and was at one point an extremely promising young talent. While he hasn’t exactly played with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, Hill has had some brutal drops in big situations. His progress has also been hampered by knee injuries.

We all know the Tebow experiment was a disaster and Sanchez was below-average at best. However, there are plenty of wide receivers across the NFL (Larry Fitzgerald, Josh Gordon, Andre Johnson, etc.) that have carved out impressive careers with poor quarterback play. That’s a pretty lame excuse from Hill’s agent, who anticipates his client will be scooped up quickly.

“I would think the Browns would put in a claim,” Herman said. “(Coach Mike) Pettine knows him and they need receivers and Stephen can stretch the field.”

Are the Browns really the best team for Hill? What if the whole Hoyer-Manziel thing becomes a circus? At least his agent will have someone to blame.

Urban Meyer: I still don’t get why Tim Tebow isn’t in the NFL

Urban Meyer Tim TebowUrban Meyer is Tim Tebow’s biggest fan. Tebow and Meyer won two BCS National Championships together and enjoyed as much success as any coach-quarterback combination in NCAA football history. When Meyer thinks of Tebow, he must still think of the dual-threat quarterback who threw 83 touchdowns and just 15 interceptions and rushed for nearly 2,500 yards in his three years as a starter at Florida.

How do we know this? Because Meyer is somehow surprised that Tebow no longer has a job in the NFL.

“I still don’t get that part of it,” Meyer said Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days, via Dan Parr of NFL.com. “He’s the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football.”

Yes, Urban, college football. There have been countless NCAA superstars who have amounted to nothing at the NFL level (Eric Crouch, anybody?) and Tebow is another one of them. NFL coaches don’t have it out for Tebow. If he had what it takes to contribute, he’d still be in the league.

The reason Meyer gave for not understanding Tebow’s lack of employment is that there are plenty of offenses in the NFL now that are similar to spread college offenses.

“He had really good personnel around him (at Florida) and we utilized his skill very well,” Meyer added. “I think in a traditional setting, it is difficult, but there’s a lot of non-traditional offenses now in the NFL.”

At the end of the day, Tebow is a victim of the speed of the NFL. His delivery is too slow and his passing is below average. He doesn’t have enough speed to make up for that on the ground, so designed running plays could only be so effective. Meyer must see that. He’s just trying to be nice to his favorite player.

Rex Ryan takes shot at Tim Tebow with false Eric Decker stat

Eric DeckerRex Ryan is hoping Eric Decker will give the New York Jets something they have been lacking in recent years — a reliable wide receiver. Guys like Santonio Holmes have been good for stretches, but the Jets haven’t had a consistent threat at wideout since Ryan was hired. Rex is so high on Decker that he is throwing around false stats to make him sound better.

Earlier this week, a reporter asked if there is any concern over Decker’s stats being inflated over the last two seasons because Peyton Manning has been throwing to him.

“He did catch eight touchdown passes when [Tim] Tebow was the quarterback,” Ryan replied, via Newday’s Kimberley A. Martin. “Hey, that’s pretty impressive.”

While Martin chose not to address Ryan’s factual inaccuracy, Eric Edholm of Shutdown Corner pointed out that only four of Decker’s touchdown receptions in 2011 came from Tebow. He and Tebow hooked up for five scores total, and one of them came in the final week of the 2010 season. So yes, Decker managed to catch eight touchdowns in a season without Manning. That doesn’t mean they all came from Tebow.

“Clearly, he is going to be a go-to guy,” Ryan added. “We know what we’re getting. This is going to be a guy that you can get him the ball in critical situations.”

The Jets signed Decker to a five-year, $36.25 million contract, so they obviously expect him to make a huge impact. He’ll certainly be an upgrade for New York, but I doubt he can duplicate the numbers he put up with Manning.

As for Rex’s phony stat — that seems like it was more about taking a shot at Tebow than it was pumping up Decker. That just goes to show you how much Ryan enjoyed his time with the Florida Gators legend.

Tim Tebow shows off guns chopping wood with Jase Robertson


Tim Tebow — still unemployed, but still very jacked. The former Florida Gators star spent some time working out with Jase Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” The gun show was still enough to make the ladies as excited as they were when Jack Parkman did his little shimmy in “Major League II.”

We know Tebow was still working on his quarterback skills several months ago, so it’s good to see he is keeping up with his strength training as well. You never know when a team might come calling.

Photo: Twitter/Jase Robertson

LeSean McCoy: My 2-year-old son is better than Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow PatriotsYou can add Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to the long list of current and former athletes who do not think very highly of Tim Tebow’s football ability. Tebow may have a great personality and know how to make a National Championship Game prediction, but very few are surprised that he is unemployed. McCoy certainly believes he should remain a free agent.

TMZ caught up with Shady at LAX over the weekend and asked him who he thought is the best NFL player who is not signed to a contract. The first example the reporter gave was Tebow.

“Tim Tebow?” McCoy said with a look of disgust. “My son is 2. I’ll take my son over Tim Tebow.”

McCoy went on to name former teammate Vince Young before settling on Chris Johnson, who was officially released by the Tennessee Titans just over a week ago.

Come on, man. Weren’t we supposed to stop dogging on Tebow after he made that hilarious Super Bowl commercial dogging on himself? Don’t kick a good Christian while he’s down.

H/T Shutdown Corner

Urban Meyer: Tim Tebow still hoping for NFL shot

Urban Meyer Tim TebowTim Tebow did not play in the NFL last season, but he’s still hoping for another shot in the league, his former college coach says.

Urban Meyer, who was Tebow’s coach at Florida, gave a really good interview to CBS Sports’ Jeremy Fowler in which they mostly discussed the Ohio State program. But one subject that came up was Tebow. Meyer says his former QB is still hoping for an NFL shot.

“You’d imagine how he works. Works every day. He’s hoping. There are some conversations about it. I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on,” Meyer said.

Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for the 2012 season and hardly played. He was disappointed about his lack of a role in the offense and even supposedly refused an assignment. He remained unsigned throughout the 2013 season and accepted a job as a broadcaster with the SEC Network.

[Previously: Urban Meyer - Tim Tebow needs team whose system lets him play]

Though Tebow may be intriguing enough of as a player to have in camp, most teams probably figure he’s not worth the media distraction.

Meyer did say many other things during the interview that were of interest. He didn’t seem to be a fan of the proposed 10-second rule, saying that you “don’t just start making rules.” He admitted that the prospect of going to the NFL was “intriguing at one time,” but it no longer has as much of an appeal. And Meyer also says he’s reached out to Jon Gruden to see if he would be willing to come to Ohio State to work with their quarterbacks, but he has been unable to make that happen.

It’s definitely a good interview that’s worth a read. And we won’t completely close down Tebow’s NFL career yet, but it’s not looking good, especially if he goes through 2014 without a gig.

Warren Moon compares Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel and Tim Tebow both won the Heisman Trophy in college. They also both played in the daunting SEC Conference. And there was that time Manziel wore Tebow’s New York Jets jersey to a party. Other than that, they have very little in common. Don’t tell that to Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

Moon told The Loop on KILT-AM in Houston Wednesday morning that he would not be surprised if Manziel ends up with an NFL career that is similar to the one Tebow had.

“As a college quarterback, he was one of the greatest to ever play, but so was Tim Tebow,” Moon said, according to CBS Houston. “He had a tough time making that transition because he was that same style of quarterback.”

Like NFL.com’s Mike Huguenin, I completely disagree that Manziel and Tebow are the same style quarterback. Tebow used his 240-pound body to pick up crucial first downs in short yardage situations and turn 1st-and-goals into automatic touchdowns. Manziel eludes defenders with his quickness and is a far more capable passer than Tebow ever was.

“You’re talking about taking a guy number one overall in the draft and he’s 5’11,” Moon added. “He didn’t really run that fast at the combine, only about a 4.6 which was closer to a 4.7, so you are talking about a small guy that’s not very fast in an NFL that’s big strong and fast. He likes to run around and make plays and he was able to do that in college. I just don’t know how well that’s going to transition into the National Football League.”

Moon has a point there. A lot of the defenders at the NFL level have speed that is similar to that which Jadeveon Clowney displayed at the NFL Combine. Manziel may not have the same luck getting away from NFL linebackers and defensive ends like he did in college, so that could be an issue.

The difference is Manziel can throw. Tebow’s throwing mechanics are horrible, and that is what ultimately led to an unsuccessful NFL career. If Manziel fails, it will likely be for different reasons.