LeSean McCoy: My 2-year-old son is better than Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow PatriotsYou can add Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to the long list of current and former athletes who do not think very highly of Tim Tebow’s football ability. Tebow may have a great personality and know how to make a National Championship Game prediction, but very few are surprised that he is unemployed. McCoy certainly believes he should remain a free agent.

TMZ caught up with Shady at LAX over the weekend and asked him who he thought is the best NFL player who is not signed to a contract. The first example the reporter gave was Tebow.

“Tim Tebow?” McCoy said with a look of disgust. “My son is 2. I’ll take my son over Tim Tebow.”

McCoy went on to name former teammate Vince Young before settling on Chris Johnson, who was officially released by the Tennessee Titans just over a week ago.

Come on, man. Weren’t we supposed to stop dogging on Tebow after he made that hilarious Super Bowl commercial dogging on himself? Don’t kick a good Christian while he’s down.

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Urban Meyer: Tim Tebow still hoping for NFL shot

Urban Meyer Tim TebowTim Tebow did not play in the NFL last season, but he’s still hoping for another shot in the league, his former college coach says.

Urban Meyer, who was Tebow’s coach at Florida, gave a really good interview to CBS Sports’ Jeremy Fowler in which they mostly discussed the Ohio State program. But one subject that came up was Tebow. Meyer says his former QB is still hoping for an NFL shot.

“You’d imagine how he works. Works every day. He’s hoping. There are some conversations about it. I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on,” Meyer said.

Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for the 2012 season and hardly played. He was disappointed about his lack of a role in the offense and even supposedly refused an assignment. He remained unsigned throughout the 2013 season and accepted a job as a broadcaster with the SEC Network.

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Though Tebow may be intriguing enough of as a player to have in camp, most teams probably figure he’s not worth the media distraction.

Meyer did say many other things during the interview that were of interest. He didn’t seem to be a fan of the proposed 10-second rule, saying that you “don’t just start making rules.” He admitted that the prospect of going to the NFL was “intriguing at one time,” but it no longer has as much of an appeal. And Meyer also says he’s reached out to Jon Gruden to see if he would be willing to come to Ohio State to work with their quarterbacks, but he has been unable to make that happen.

It’s definitely a good interview that’s worth a read. And we won’t completely close down Tebow’s NFL career yet, but it’s not looking good, especially if he goes through 2014 without a gig.

Warren Moon compares Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel and Tim Tebow both won the Heisman Trophy in college. They also both played in the daunting SEC Conference. And there was that time Manziel wore Tebow’s New York Jets jersey to a party. Other than that, they have very little in common. Don’t tell that to Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

Moon told The Loop on KILT-AM in Houston Wednesday morning that he would not be surprised if Manziel ends up with an NFL career that is similar to the one Tebow had.

“As a college quarterback, he was one of the greatest to ever play, but so was Tim Tebow,” Moon said, according to CBS Houston. “He had a tough time making that transition because he was that same style of quarterback.”

Like NFL.com’s Mike Huguenin, I completely disagree that Manziel and Tebow are the same style quarterback. Tebow used his 240-pound body to pick up crucial first downs in short yardage situations and turn 1st-and-goals into automatic touchdowns. Manziel eludes defenders with his quickness and is a far more capable passer than Tebow ever was.

“You’re talking about taking a guy number one overall in the draft and he’s 5’11,” Moon added. “He didn’t really run that fast at the combine, only about a 4.6 which was closer to a 4.7, so you are talking about a small guy that’s not very fast in an NFL that’s big strong and fast. He likes to run around and make plays and he was able to do that in college. I just don’t know how well that’s going to transition into the National Football League.”

Moon has a point there. A lot of the defenders at the NFL level have speed that is similar to that which Jadeveon Clowney displayed at the NFL Combine. Manziel may not have the same luck getting away from NFL linebackers and defensive ends like he did in college, so that could be an issue.

The difference is Manziel can throw. Tebow’s throwing mechanics are horrible, and that is what ultimately led to an unsuccessful NFL career. If Manziel fails, it will likely be for different reasons.

Ohio State reported Tim Tebow-Clifton Garrett phone conversation as violation

Urban-Meyer-Jets-should-unleash-Tim-TebowThe Ohio State football program committed four violations that the school self-reported to the NCAA in 2013, including one that involved Tim Tebow.

According to the Buckeyes’ self report to the NCAA, 2014 linebacker recruit Clifton Garrett, who ultimately signed with LSU, called Ohio State coach Urban Meyer on the phone. Meyer told Garrett that he was on vacation in Florida and happened to be dining with Tim Tebow, among others. Garrett asked to speak with Tebow to wish him luck on the upcoming season, and Meyer complied.

Meyer says the conversation between Garrett and Tebow lasted about eight seconds and that Tebow did not recruit Garrett. Regardless, the conversation was considered a secondary violation.

You’re probably wondering how this even became an issue. The call was publicized after Garrett tweeted about it last year:

Poor Urban Meyer. Always the victim of just making innocent moves. And he didn’t even get Garrett after all that!

Also see: Clifton Garrett got 54 letters from Ole Miss in one day


Tim Tebow makes fun of himself for lack of NFL contract in Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Tim-Tebow-T-Mobile-commercialTim Tebow may have lost his job, but he kept his sense of humor. The former Florida star has been unable to find work in the NFL since he was released by the New England Patriots over the summer. Ironically, Tebow was able to turn his lack of work into an advertising gig for the Super Bowl. The end result is actually very entertaining.

Tebow appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday and debuted his T-Mobile commercial that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The ad focuses on all the things Tebow has been able to do — ride a bull, practice stand-up comedy, throw a football on the moon — now that he is unemployed. The punch line?

“Bottom line — contracts hold you back.”

You may not know it’s a cell phone commercial until the very end, but someone came up with a great idea. Tebow remains an extremely marketable person despite the fact that his NFL career may be over.

Video via The Big Lead

Tim Tebow almost nailed his National Championship Game prediction on the nose (Video)

Tim Tebow ESPNIt looks like playing quarterback and winning football games isn’t the only thing Tim Tebow does exceptionally well. The guy is almost perfect as a game analyst, too.

Tebow made his debut as a college football analyst for ESPN on Monday, and the guy almost nailed his pregame prediction on the nose.

“Well Auburn might be a team of destiny, but tonight Florida State is deeper top-to-bottom, and with Jameis Winston and Telvin Smith’s leadership in the fourth quarter, I think they win 35-31,” Tebow said before the game.

And what helped Florida State beat Auburn? Jameis Winston’s leadership in the fourth quarter. Our friend Timothy Burke at Deadspin put it perfectly about Tebow:

“Is he the Godhead himself? Or maybe the Lord sent him a text?”

Teebs was only off by a point on his prediction — FSU won 34-31.

Tim Tebow hired as analyst for SEC Network, ESPN

Tim Tebow FloridaTim Tebow still has not given up his dream of being an NFL quarterback, but it looks like he is ready to begin moving forward in his career.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and first-round pick by the Denver Broncos has agreed to a multi-year deal to serve as an analyst for the SEC Networkand ESPN. Tebow will first appear on ESPN Jan. 6 to provide analysis for the BCS National Championship Game. His primary role will be as an analyst for “SEC Nation,” which is a pregame show on location from different SEC campuses each week during the college football season.

SEC Network is scheduled to launch in August, but Tebow will appear on the network before then.

In the months leading up to launch and after, he will contribute to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary Southeastern Conference player.

Tebow’s analyst duties will not prevent him from pursuing playing opportunities.

“I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity,” said Tebow. “When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

As much as people would be inclined to mocking Tebow for accepting his fate as a talking head, I actually think he’ll do well in this role. He’s a huge fan of the SEC with a great sense of the conference’s history and he loves college football. But will he fawn all over players the way Jon Gruden does? Probably. That might be the only disappointment.