Tim Tebow Thinks College Athletes Should Get Paid (to Afford Dinner and a Scooter)

Tim Tebow may be the most pure athlete in the world. He follows his religion and faith closely (even bringing it on the field), seems to be highly respectful of everyone he encounters, and he’s already been immortalized with a bronze statue. He also believes that college athletes should get compensated in some form. Tebow touched on this issue in his new autobiography that was recently released. Here’s what he says about it, according to The Denver Post:

“[Tebow writes] that the NCAA should consider paying college athletes (he said he had to scrimp to afford Christmas presents for his family even though the Florida athletic department was making plenty of cash.”

Additionally, Tebow talked about paying athletes on The Daily Show via Deadspin. Tebow joked that he should get a cut of coach Urban Meyer’s bonus money that came if the Gators won the national title. He added that “It’s a tough situation. I can look at both sides and see how hard it is. You’re having a lot of athletes that work extremely hard and make millions and millions for universities, and they’re just struggling to go out to Outback to get something to eat. So I can see both sides. Something fair would be if some of the athletes got a little more so they could go to dinner, afford a scooter to drive around campus.”

While amateur athletics is a notion LBS supports, and while we believe athletes already have excellent benefits in terms of housing, clothing, food, tutoring, and education, there’s little reason the money should enrich university presidents and not the players. Tebow for instance was a superstar, bigger than anyone else in college football when he played. He was an individual who meant more viewers and revenue for companies, broadcasters, and the school. I think he should be allowed to take advantage of that and that he should be able to get a cut of the pie. The only difference is I think the money should be put away for after the students are done with school and into the professional world to help preserve their amateur status. I haven’t heard any other suggestions on the matter that offers a better and fair solution to the issue, so I’m willing to listen.

Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel, Steve Spurrier Get Bronze Statues at Florida

Florida’s three Heisman Trophy winners were memorialized with bronze statues that were unveiled Saturday during the Gators’ spring game at The Swamp. The program’s three winners, Tim Tebow (2007), Danny Wuerffel (1996), and Steve Spurrier (1966) were all honored with life-sized statues that are on display outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville. Both Spurrier and Wuerffel’s statues show them throwing, while the statue of quarterback Tim Tebow shows him tucking his shoulder and running. He wasn’t bothered by the difference, saying they had to change it up for him.

Both Wuerffel and Tebow were in attendance for the ceremony which took place at halftime of the spring game, while Spurrier taped a message that was played for the fans.

Gator Zone has more details on the day as well as a video of the ceremony, and Gator Sports has a picture gallery. Here are a few pictures in the meantime.


Tim Tebow has a Sweet Golf Swing, of Course – Videos and Pictures

Denver Broncos quarterback and former Florida legend Tim Tebow played in the Honda Classic pro-am in Palm Beach Gardens this week. He was partnered with Jack Nicklaus and looked like an amateur compared to the legend, but for a guy who plays pro football he has a pretty nice swing. I mean you can see how it was possible to hear that Tebow mashed in batting practice last year. Check out this video of Tebow working a practice session as LBS contributor Sam passed along:

Pretty impressive — Tebow can pull off the orange pants look without coming across as John Daly either. Not bad.

Tim Tebow Focusing on Practicing, Not Commercials (but Book Promotion is OK)

Tim Tebow’s work ethic and practice habits are quite impressive. Watching his Year of the Quarterback documentary on ESPN, you could see how hard he works to improve his play. The former Heisman Trophy winner worked hard to prepare for the draft, and then he continued his strong practice efforts throughout his rookie season. He ended up starting the final three games for the Broncos, going 1-2.

The second-year quarterback will have a lot to prove next season because John Elway said three weeks ago the team currently would have Kyle Orton starting. Good thing for Tebow that he’s been focusing solely on football instead of lending his name to every product that comes along and becoming an endorsement whore, like Peyton Manning.

During an interview with The Florida Times-Union to promote his autobiography Through My Eyes (pre-order here) which is due out in May, Tebow explained why he doesn’t do too many commercials. “I have my priorities in a certain order,” he said. “I just don’t have the time right now to do a lot of commercials and ads.”

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New Denver Broncos Coach John Fox Has Been a Tim Tebow Fan Since the Draft

New Broncos football operations director John Elway announced Thursday afternoon that John Fox would be the team’s new head coach, replacing Josh McDaniels and Eric Studesville. Though I joked about the hiring on twitter (follow LBSports for news and analysis), I think it was a good decision by Denver. Aside from this year’s 2-14 disaster, the Panthers were always competitive under Fox and generally had a strong defense. He led Carolina to three 11 or more win seasons (all three resulted in playoff berths), and one Super Bowl. He’s a good, reliable coach, and he should make the Broncos more competitive.

But as we knew from John Elway’s introductory press conference last week, the new Broncos coach had to be a believer in Tim Tebow. That sentiment holds true with Fox. If you can recall Florida’s Pro Day in March, Fox was in attendance and had praise for Tebow’s ability and work ethic. Speaking about Tim, Fox said “He had a very, very good workout. He doesn’t lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he’ll do. I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well.”

At a media event a few weeks later, Fox had even more praise for Tebow.

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Clearing Up the John Elway ‘Not a Tim Tebow Fan’ Misinformation

There was a misleading story that came out over the weekend and it wound up taking a life of its own. Because of the way information spreads so quickly, many people have ended up hearing the last few words in a game of telephone and got the message completely mixed up. Thankfully LBS is here to set everyone straight.

On Saturday, SI/NBC NFL reporter Peter King wrote on twitter: “Elway tells me “at this time” he doesn’t think Tebow’s a good NFL quarterback. I said on NBC that if McD gets job in spot that needs QB …” On NBC, King did a segment saying that if Josh McDaniels gets hired as an offensive coordinator somewhere, he’ll likely try to convince that organization to trade for Tim Tebow (as long as that team doesn’t already have a quarterback). Given that McDaniels traded up to select Tebow in the 2010 NFL draft, the report made plenty of sense.

Now here’s where things got out of hand. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who generally does a dynamite job, read King’s tweet and turned it into the headline “Elway’s not a Tebow fan.” Florio got the story completely wrong and his assertive headline captivated people’s attention, but it was incorrect.

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Tim Tebow Circumvents Eye Black Rule with Bible Verse on Wrist Band

You didn’t think something as lame as the NFL dress code could keep Tim Tebow from spreading his faith on game days, did you? Of course not. Unlike other players who end up getting fined, Tebow figured out a way to share his message with fans while following the rules. Because players aren’t allowed to write anything on their eye black in the NFL, Tebow wrote his bible verse on his wrist band typically used for storing plays. Here’s the picture courtesy of Lindsay Jones, taken by John Leyba of the Denver Post:

The verse appears to be Luke 2:10-11, though I could be wrong. If that was his verse for the day, then it’s unbelievably foreshadowing. Luke 2:10-11 says “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

So is Tim Tebow the Messiah for the Denver Broncos? Is he bringing the good news causing great joy to all the people? Heck yeah he was. How about leading the Broncos to a 17-0 second half comeback including two fourth quarter touchdowns and a game-winning drive late in contest. Maybe Tebow just knew he was born to keep making special happen throughout his football career.

We were critical of Tebow coming out of college but after two solid performances, it looks like we may have been wrong. All hail Denver’s messiah — Tim Tebow.