Broncos Fans Launch Start Tim Tebow Petition ‘Unleash the Tebow’

They say the most popular sports figure in a city is often the backup quarterback. That’s even more the case when your second string QB is Tim Tebow, a first-round pick out of Florida who was one of the most popular college players of all time.

Tebow has served as the backup quarterback for the Broncos but he’s only attempted one pass all season. Kyle Orton has started all 13 of Denver’s games, completing 58% of his passes for 3,653 yards, 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions. The numbers look pretty but the team’s win-loss total doesn’t; Denver is 3-10 and has lost three in a row. They’ve already fired their coach and the season is already over so the fans are demanding a change.

As I found out from Josina Anderson, fans have launched an “Unleash the Tebow” petition to persuade the Broncos to start Tim Tebow at quarterback. Here’s the stated objective of the petition:

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Did Tim Tebow Break News of Florida Hiring Will Muschamp?

Florida went A-Rod/Scott Boras on the college football world Saturday evening when reports first emerged that they hired Will Muschamp as their new head coach. The news came out as the Heisman Trophy ceremony was going on, and most people probably learned of the development from the Bottom Line scroll on ESPN. More connected fans may have heard things before anyone else from … Tim Tebow’s twitter feed.

About an hour before the word appeared on the Bottom Line, Tebow tweeted “Welcome to the Gator family Coach Muschamp! You’ll soon find out why it’s great to be a Florida Gator! God bless and Go Gators!!!”

Considering how infrequently Tebow tweets, it was a surprise to see him breaking news on his account as if he were challenging this guy. Upon further review, sports site Saturday Down South reported the news before anyone else, well before Tebow’s tweet, but most people don’t realize that. Not that it really matters to most fans because they only care about who Florida hires, not who breaks the story. Still, it was funny to see Tebow share some inside news before most people had heard it.

It was also quite thoughtful of Florida to steal the spotlight from Auburn and Cam Newton by spoiling the Heisman ceremony. Nothing like some SEC ribbing by the Gators. Can you say revenge?

Tim Tebow Has a New Dog Named Bronco

You gotta love Tim Tebow. The week he scores his first career NFL touchdown, he goes out and gets a new dog named Bronco. Either that, or someone else lent him a dog named Bronco to use in a photograph on Tuesday.

And if you didn’t think the media could use this for an overboard interpretation, then you were wrong. Tebow always seems to “do the right thing,” and he has done just that. What better way to endear yourself to your fans than by naming your dog after the team? Certainly franchise players like LeBron James and even Tom Brady have gotten that wrong. Not Tebow — there’s nothing he could do wrong!

Tim Tebow Scores First NFL TD (Video)

Tim Tebow has broken seal.  The former Florida Gator legend (understatement) finally found his way into the end zone during the first half of the Broncos game against the Jets.  Tebow came in as part of a goal line set for Denver and was able to turn the corner and find pay dirt to tie the score at 7-7.

Don’t get me wrong, we still don’t think Tebow can run at the NFL level, but I’m sure he’s relieved to finally get on the board after all the hype that’s surrounded his NFL career.  You can watch video of Tim Tebow’s first NFL touchdown here.

If Tebow can somehow work himself into the Broncos offense they could become a bit more dangerous.  Kyle Orton has surprised a lot of people with his quick start to the year and is currently 2nd in the NFL in passing behind Philip Rivers.  With Knowshon Moreno back and an already potent passing attack, opponents would have a tough time figuring out what’s coming their way if Tebow become a part of the Denver attack.

Tebow Won’t Be Able to Run at NFL Level

Tim Tebow may have played well in his first preseason game with the Denver Broncos but not everything was great. We told you that his throwing motion was too long and now we’re discovering that his physical running style may need to be discarded too.

Tebow ran for a touchdown on the final play of the preseason game but got crunched in the end zone. The hit he took was reminiscent of the one Donovan McNabb took in the first game of the season last year against the Carolina Panthers that broke his ribs and kept him out a few games.

While Tebow may have escaped a broken ribs injury, his midsection is sore enough to keep him out of practice this week. Compared to other successful running quarterbacks at the collegiate level — guys like Vince Young or Dennis Dixon for instance — Tebow’s style was more predicated on power than speed. It may have worked for Tim in the college game, but he’s quickly learning that the physical running style won’t last long in the NFL. That is, unless he wants his brains scrambled like Trent Green eventually.

ESPN’s ‘The File’ Could Dig Up Some Intriguing Information

ESPN launched The File Blog (subscription only) on Tuesday through their Insider page on ESPN.com.  While a lot of us will undoubtedly refuse to admit it, the concept is an intriguing one that is sure to result in some interesting information from the sports world coming into the public eye.  The blog, which is run by Shaun Assael, “uses public information requests, court filings, government data, and reader-furnished material to go deeper into the stories that the sports world is talking about,” according to their homepage.

The introductory column includes a breakdown of how much it cost the Alabama football team to visit the White House in March, which ended up being a measly $97,327, among other interesting behind-the-scenes information from various college football programs.

The section that I found most mind-boggling was about none other than Tim Tebow.  Although Tebow is now at the bottom of the food chain in the NFL, carrying shoulder pads and being given a Friar Tuck haircut, we’re reminded that he was once on top.  In fact, when he became ill with a flu virus that was spreading throughout the Florida Gators locker room, Florida paid nearly $10,000 to charter him a private flight to Kentucky to play the Wildcats.  I realize the precaution was taken to protect the entire team, but it’s no coincidence Tebow was the one getting quarantined.  That’s what I call star treatment.

Bottom line is The File got it right on their first day.  You would have to be a fully delusional ESPN-hater to say the concept has no potential.  I’m not going to sit here and bash the idea, because I’m sure it will be providing us with some blog-worthy content in the coming days.

How the Tide roll [The File Blog]

Tebow’s Delivery is Still Too Long

The Tim Tebow buzz is already in full effect after he played in his first NFL game with the Denver Broncos — albeit a preseason exhibition — on Sunday night.  While most are babbling about his hard-nosed touchdown run in the fourth quarter or the beautiful pass he threw deep down the sideline that was dropped, I noticed something a lot of people aren’t mentioning: Tebow’s delivery is still way too long for the NFL.

There’s no questioning Tebow’s desire to improve and he certainly should be considered one of the most coachable players in the NFL.  He carried his teammates shoulder pads without hesitation and took the Friar Tuck haircut in stride.  But Tebow nearly fumbled last night after being leveled by Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Jeromy Miles.  Upon further review, it was determined that Tebow’s arm was going forward, but if the shortened delivery he worked so hard on in the off-season carried over onto the field he may have been able to get rid of the ball.  Here’s the video of Tim Tebow getting jacked up in the preseason:

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