Tim Tebow Carries the Shoulder Pads

Ever since there was much ado about Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads all rookies have been judged by the same standard: pad carrier or not? We already know that Dolphins rookie Travis Ivey is a card carrying member and now we know that Tim Tebow is also in the club. In a Denver Post article about whether or not Tebow will be active on gamedays via Ben Maller, a picture showed Tebow carrying two teammates’ gear off the practice field:

It’s amazing how something so routine as rookies carrying veterans’ shoulder pads has become a training camp storyline. Tebow obliged but that does not make him special. Rather, it just points out how different Dez was from mostly everyone else. People got on Dez for refusing but I still maintain that Roy Williams should have been carrying Dez’s pads.

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Tim Tebow Can Mash Too?

Even though most of the top athletes in the country are multi-talented, they mostly concentrate on one sport these days. Gone are the times of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson where a guy would pick up his bat and glove down one day and strap on the pads the next. Clemson quarterback and slugger Kyle Parker could follow in their footsteps but he’ll probably end up playing professional baseball and giving up football. The point is that even though many of these athletes are well-rounded, we only know about one side of them for the most part. That’s why it was so spectacular to see Saints quarterback Drew Brees belt home runs in a charity softball game; we just don’t get treated to the other side very often. Well apparently football hero Tim Tebow has a baseball side too.

Tim Tebow has been in Memphis trying to train for his upcoming football season. He’s been working out at a local Memphis high school to avoid drawing huge crowds and he even took batting practice with the Memphis University School baseball team one day. How did he do? Well the Memphis Commercial Appeal says Tebow hit 12 of the 15 pitches out. Wow. I figured Tebow would have good power at the plate, but to have the coordination to drop 12 of 15 bombs without even playing regularly? That’s impressive. I don’t think Tebow will be a successful NFL quarterback but I have plenty more respect for him as an athlete now.

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Tebow Makes Sense For Broncos

The first-round of the 2010 NFL Draft has passed and some teams are being praised while others are being torn to shreds.  It comes as no surprise that the player generating the most buzz in the aftermath of Round 1 is none other than Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 25th overall pick.  I may be a part of the minority here, but I think Josh McDaniels and Denver made the right move.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who could make an argument that any player in the draft cares more about football than Tim Tebow.  There’s no player who has shown that he’s more coachable or more willing to do whatever it takes to help a team win than Tebow.  Is some of this “intangible” stuff often overrated when discussing NFL prospects?  Certainly, but it’s worth mentioning when talking about a rare breed.  Just ask his former coach and he’ll tell you — Tim Tebow is special.

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Tim Tebow Understood Deonte Thompson’s ‘Real Quarterback’ Comment

A major stir was started in the college football world this week when a quote from Florida receiver Deonte Thompson made its way around the blogosphere and Florida coach Urban Meyer subsequently attacked the writer who reported it. Thompson was comparing the styles of new starting quarterback John Brantley with his predecessor, Tim Tebow. Though Thompson referred to Tebow as a legend, he described the obvious differences between the two — Tebow was a spread-option quarterback while Brantley’s a traditional pocket passer. Thompson was pleased that his stats were going to pick up and that he would have more of a role in the offense because of the new quarterback. The Palm Beach Post happened to catch up with Tim Tebow at a Boy Scout function and asked him for his response:

“I think (Thompson) was just saying how it is. (I) might be scrambling for a while, and throw it up to you. Brantley’s more of a guy who throws on timing. You know when it’s going to come there or it’s not going to come there. It’s how me and Brantley are. Just stating facts, I think.”

Exactly. Tebow gets it, I get it, most competent people should get it, why doesn’t Urban? Thompson was speaking the truth about the differences between Tebow and Brantley. The dude was viewed as a disappointment because his stats were lacking because of the type of offense they ran. Of course he’s excited to have a traditional quarterback than a running quarterback. Some reporters may have left the “real quarterback” aspect of Thompson’s quote out but Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel didn’t. Why should he have? And why did Urban Meyer attack him? Because most other reporters have been intimidated into protecting the athletes or chose not to hang Thompson out to dry which is how Urban wanted it.

No doubt that Meyer absolutely crossed the line but the question is why. In my opinion, the entire debate centers on one issue: people are eager to bash and find fault with Tim Tebow and will jump at any opportunity. Some do it by making fun of his low Wonderlic scores. Others, myself included, reproduce a Wonderlic prayer story that my have been false. What this entire issue boils down to is that Urban Meyer is very protective of Tim Tebow and doesn’t want anyone speaking about him negatively, even if their comments are true. Meyer took his anger out in the wrong way and on the wrong person. He should have known better.

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Tim Tebow Is Not a Real Quarterback and He Was Told to Shut the F*** Up

Tuesday was not a good day for Tim Tebow. I do concede that there is no such thing as a bad day for Tim Tebow (SEC title game excluded), but Tuesday had to be up there. First, comments his former Florida teammate, wide receiver Deonte Thompson made on Monday were publicized. Thompson was discussing his work at spring practice with new Florida starter John Brantley and praised his new qb. He also took a shot at Tim Tebow in the process. Here were his comments:

“You never know with Tim,” Thompson said. “You can bolt, you think he’s running but he’ll come up and pass it to you. You just have to be ready at all times. With Brantley, everything’s with rhythm, time. You know what I mean, a real quarterback.”

Interpret that comment however you please. As a side note, I was thoroughly impressed with Brantley in his backup work with Florida and I’m expecting big things from their offense next year. As if getting semi-bashed by one of your former teammates wasn’t bad enough, Pro Football Talk relayed a story from the Wonderlic that anti-god squaders will love. Apparently Tebow was trying to lead his classroom in a prayer prior to the players taking the Wonderlic exam. Here’s what PFT says happened: “Said one of the other players in response: “Shut the f–k up.” Others players in the room then laughed.” One of PFT’s commenters summed up the thoughts of many people quite well: “He scored a 22 of 50. He should have studied more and prayed less.” Amen to that.

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Tim Tebow a Better Athlete Than Michael Vick?

When it comes to the combine, most fans go one of two directions — you either like it or find it pointless. I fall on the side of people who don’t like it too much. While I think it can serve to affirm what you already know about a player — that they’re extremely fast, strong, or athletic — I don’t think a poor showing should change a team’s mind about a player. When it comes to Tim Tebow, the opinions vary vastly. Some think his heart and Bible will lead him to greatness on Sundays while others feel he doesn’t have the skills to succeed at the next level. There is one fact about him that all fans can agree on: he’s extremely strong and athletic for a quarterback.

Tebow impressed several scouts by tying an NFL combine record for quarterbacks with his 38.5″ vertical leap. You’ll be extra impressed when you hear that Tebow’s leap barely surpassed Michael Vick’s 38″ mark. You’ll place this nugget back into proper context when you realize it ties Tebow with Josh McCown for the record. McCown has 35 career touchdown passes. I’m willing to bet that’s more than Tebow will have. Any takers?

Tim Tebow Cried After Loss to Alabama

For the second straight year it was Alabama against Florida in the SEC championship game. Last year, Florida got the win and then they went on to win the national championship. This year, Bama got revenge and at 13-0, they’ll have a chance to win the national title next month. The downside to sporting events is that there’s always a winner and a loser (with the exception of a tie). Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow got emotional following his team’s loss to Bama because he and his team didn’t accomplish their ultimate goal this year. The result was Tim Tebow crying after the game:

They even showed Tebow crying on the sidelines prior to the game ending in addition to the tears we saw in his postgame interview. Tebow is catching a lot of flack from the haters who are calling him a baby, whiner, bitch, and many worse things. My problem has always been the way the media fawned all over Tebow, not Tebow himself. The guy was classy in defeat, highly complimentary of his opponent, and overall a wonderful sportsman. I thought his emotions were genuine and the product of him being so disappointed that he and his team did not achieve the goals they worked so hard for. I feel badly for the guy and I’m glad they’ll have a BCS bowl game next month to try and go out on the right note.