Tim Tebow Is Not a Real Quarterback and He Was Told to Shut the F*** Up

Tuesday was not a good day for Tim Tebow. I do concede that there is no such thing as a bad day for Tim Tebow (SEC title game excluded), but Tuesday had to be up there. First, comments his former Florida teammate, wide receiver Deonte Thompson made on Monday were publicized. Thompson was discussing his work at spring practice with new Florida starter John Brantley and praised his new qb. He also took a shot at Tim Tebow in the process. Here were his comments:

“You never know with Tim,” Thompson said. “You can bolt, you think he’s running but he’ll come up and pass it to you. You just have to be ready at all times. With Brantley, everything’s with rhythm, time. You know what I mean, a real quarterback.”

Interpret that comment however you please. As a side note, I was thoroughly impressed with Brantley in his backup work with Florida and I’m expecting big things from their offense next year. As if getting semi-bashed by one of your former teammates wasn’t bad enough, Pro Football Talk relayed a story from the Wonderlic that anti-god squaders will love. Apparently Tebow was trying to lead his classroom in a prayer prior to the players taking the Wonderlic exam. Here’s what PFT says happened: “Said one of the other players in response: “Shut the f–k up.” Others players in the room then laughed.” One of PFT’s commenters summed up the thoughts of many people quite well: “He scored a 22 of 50. He should have studied more and prayed less.” Amen to that.

Florida Gators WR Deonte Thompson sounds happy to usher in post-Tebow era [Orlando Sentinel]
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Tim Tebow a Better Athlete Than Michael Vick?

When it comes to the combine, most fans go one of two directions — you either like it or find it pointless. I fall on the side of people who don’t like it too much. While I think it can serve to affirm what you already know about a player — that they’re extremely fast, strong, or athletic — I don’t think a poor showing should change a team’s mind about a player. When it comes to Tim Tebow, the opinions vary vastly. Some think his heart and Bible will lead him to greatness on Sundays while others feel he doesn’t have the skills to succeed at the next level. There is one fact about him that all fans can agree on: he’s extremely strong and athletic for a quarterback.

Tebow impressed several scouts by tying an NFL combine record for quarterbacks with his 38.5″ vertical leap. You’ll be extra impressed when you hear that Tebow’s leap barely surpassed Michael Vick’s 38″ mark. You’ll place this nugget back into proper context when you realize it ties Tebow with Josh McCown for the record. McCown has 35 career touchdown passes. I’m willing to bet that’s more than Tebow will have. Any takers?

Tim Tebow Cried After Loss to Alabama

For the second straight year it was Alabama against Florida in the SEC championship game. Last year, Florida got the win and then they went on to win the national championship. This year, Bama got revenge and at 13-0, they’ll have a chance to win the national title next month. The downside to sporting events is that there’s always a winner and a loser (with the exception of a tie). Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow got emotional following his team’s loss to Bama because he and his team didn’t accomplish their ultimate goal this year. The result was Tim Tebow crying after the game:

They even showed Tebow crying on the sidelines prior to the game ending in addition to the tears we saw in his postgame interview. Tebow is catching a lot of flack from the haters who are calling him a baby, whiner, bitch, and many worse things. My problem has always been the way the media fawned all over Tebow, not Tebow himself. The guy was classy in defeat, highly complimentary of his opponent, and overall a wonderful sportsman. I thought his emotions were genuine and the product of him being so disappointed that he and his team did not achieve the goals they worked so hard for. I feel badly for the guy and I’m glad they’ll have a BCS bowl game next month to try and go out on the right note.

Tim Tebow, Florida Senior Day, Almost Brings Urban Meyer to Tears

The final few weeks of the college football season are big for several reasons. For the obvious reason, teams are fighting for bowl games and top spots in their conference Secondly, the last few weekends are full of rivalry games. Then of course, the final home game of the season for most teams is usually Senior Day where the program honors the departing seniors for their contributions to the team. Florida’s having its senior day on Saturday when they play Florida State. This senior day might be bigger than the average senior day considering this class has produced two national championship teams and a Heisman Trophy winner in Tim Tebow. Anyway, coach Urban Meyer got uber emotional several times during his Monday press conference. He started off by dispelling rumors that he’s headed to Notre Dame to replace Charlie Weis but got close to crying when discussing Tim Tebow and the late Michael Guilford. Check out the video:

The good thing about watching the entire video is that you get to see it wasn’t just Tebow that got Urban so emotional; Meyer became pretty somber when discussing the plans to honor Michael Guilford. In case you’re unaware who Guilford is, he was a member of this recruiting class but he died in a motorcycle crash two years ago. Anyhow, going back to Meyer’s comments about Notre Dame, this would be quite the offseason for Florida if they lost both Tebow and Meyer. Of course, they do still have John Brantley in waiting, so it’s not like Urban doesn’t have anything to come back for.

Video: Tim Tebow Hit by Kentucky’s Taylor Wyndham, Suffers Concussion

With all the praise and accolades Tim Tebow receives, I have a hard time being a fan of him. But after seeing him get crushed in the 3rd quarter of Florida’s game against Kentucky on Saturday, I really felt badly for him. Honestly, Tebow looked like a cockroach after it’s been squashed by someone’s foot — he was laying flat and kind of twitching. And this is one of the toughest college quarterbacks around. Anyway, check out the video of the hit that has all of Gainesville holding its collective breath:

Man, and that wasn’t even from the blindside either! He really must have been locked in to not have seen that. Whoever missed that assignment’s going to get an earful after the game, you can believe that. Up until that point, Tebow had three TDs, one in the air and two on the ground. He carries the ball 17 times, gets lit up by Eric Berry, and this is what takes him out? OK, I guess it would take anyone out.

Virgin Tim Tebow Dissed by an SEC Coach, Spurrier Perhaps?

There’s been an entire website created in support of Tim Tebow listing off several facts about him. For instance, they say that Superman wears Tebow’s pajamas and that Tebow can melt ice by looking at it. Despite all that knowledge we have of him, we didn’t know until now that Tim Tebow is a virgin and that there’s some coach not fessing up to voting Jevan Snead ahead of him on a pre-season all-conference poll. As for the virgin part, Tebow is saving himself for marriage which means he’s turning down some seriously hot ass. The snub to the unanimous pre-season all-conference team has been a mystery item.

There were three players who were unanimous selections to the pre-season All-SEC team, and none of them were Tebow who happens to be a two-time national champion and Heisman Trophy winner. Coaches cannot vote for their own player so a unanimous selection would equate to 11 of 12 votes. Tebow only received 10. So far every coach to speak at SEC media days has said he’s voted for Tebow. The potential culprits are Les Miles, Gene Chizik, and none other than Steve Spurrier, if you’re to take each coach’s word. I guess I’d have to lean towards Spurrier right now, and it is possible he went with Jevan Snead since he’s always been partial to the traditional gunslinger. And even a guy like me, who can’t stand the Tim Tebow love affair, would be unable to place someone ahead of him for first team All-SEC at quarterback. (You think he plays the virgin card to get even more ass?)

How Was Tim Tebow Sitting Courtside for Magic/Cavs Game 6?

Far be it from me to be the buzz kill during an exciting Game 6 in Orlando, but my buddy Botros tipped me off to something quite interesting. Apparently Tim Tebow was in attendance for the game and caught on camera several times near the court.

Naturally once must assume that the man had pretty sweet tickets to the game considering he was pictured on the floor-level. Let’s figure he was sitting somewhere in the first five rows for the game — that has to be at least several hundred, possibly a few thousand dollars. Now I’m not sure about his family’s financial status, but I’m guessing they don’t have that much extra money laying around for their son to attend one game. When you’re talking about similar seats to the ones that Tiger Woods occupies — and he’s a professional athlete — something doesn’t sit right. Wasn’t it O.J. Mayo who was busted for going to a Lakers game thanks to tickets provided by Carmelo Anthony? How is it that Tim Tebow — an amateur college athlete unable to work at a job — was able to afford such prime seats to such a big sporting event? Yeah, I realize it’s kind of menial, but the whole thing seems pretty fishy to me.

Photo Courtesy AP