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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow reportedly unlikely to make New England Patriots roster

Remember when the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow and it was all everyone wanted to talk about? Thanks to Aaron Hernandez and an ongoing murder investigation, the buzz surrounding that move has essentially gone silent. Throw Alfonzo Dennard’s DUI arrest into the mix and — forgive me for saying it — Tebow is somewhat of…Read More

Tim Tebow reportedly tried to break up Aaron Hernandez bar fight in 2007

One of the many “Aaron Hernandez has always been a jackass” stories that surfaced on Tuesday concerns the tight end’s alleged involvement in a 2007 Gainesville bar fight. In the fight, Hernandez reportedly ruptured a bouncer’s ear drum with a punch to the head. The story has been circulating rapidly since the Wall Street Journal…Read More

Patriots planning to keep Tim Tebow at quarterback not tight end?

When the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow, there was instant speculation that they would move the versatile player to another position such as tight end or fullback. But that might not be what the team has planned. Per Rotoworld, ESPN Boston reporter Mike Reiss said on “SportsCenter” Friday that it would be a “surprise”…Read More

Angels wanted to draft Tim Tebow out of high school to play baseball

Tim Tebow was an excellent multi-sport athlete in high school, and he was so good that he could have pursed a career in professional baseball had he been interested. Rob Bradford of WEEI shared a great story last week about scouts who watched Tebow play baseball as a high schooler in Florida. One of the…Read More

Tim Tebow will only have to speak to the media once a week

The NFL has certain rules in place regarding when players and coaches have to speak to the media. Otherwise, people like Bill Belichick would just never do it — ever. Media obligations basically allow the type of buzz that Tim Tebow creates to rage on, unless of course the team designates him as one of…Read More

Tim Tebow getting a New England Patriots trading card

Tim Tebow may have signed a two-year deal with the New England Patriots that includes no guaranteed money, but very few Tebowmaniacs are rattled by that concept. Tebow is hardly a lock to make the Patriots’ roster at the end of training camp or the preseason, yet that hasn’t seemed to slow apparel and memorabilia sales at…Read More

DeSean Jackson: Tim Tebow ‘not good enough’ to be an NFL quarterback

There is still plenty of disagreement among so-called experts about why the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow. Many insiders insist the Patriots intend to use Tebow as a backup quarterback only, while others feel he could transition to a position like tight end. DeSean Jackson says the latter would be the best choice, because…Read More

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