Video: Tim Thomas Awesome Save on Steve Downie Shot

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas guaranteed his team would beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m not sure if he part of his prediction included making the save of the playoffs, but that’s exactly what Thomas did to help the Bruins hold onto their lead. Check out this video of Tim Thomas’ amazing save on Steve Downie courtesy of Greg Wyshinski at Puck Daddy:

For the record, Downie does not have a point in the entire series. That could have made it 2-2, but instead Boston got an empty-net goal to win 3-1. Try harder next time, Tampa Bay. Maybe a few more human lightning bolts will do the trick.

Tim Thomas Guarantees Bruins Win the Eastern Conference Finals

Tim Thomas, a guy who has been the underdog his entire career and as a result comes across as extremely humble, went out on a bit of a limb after the Bruins epic Game 4 meltdown against the Lightning. The same guy who created a bit of a buzz last week after Boston lost game one when he called hockey “just a game” feels strongly about his team’s chances of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals.  In fact, the Bruins goalie has guaranteed a series victory.

“We’re going to win,” Thomas boldly stated after Game 4 according the The Tampa Tribune.

More often than not, nothing good can ever come of guaranteeing victories.  Antics like that are normally reserved for loud mouths like Rex Ryan, but I really have no problem with a statement like that coming from the Bruins goalie.  If anyone should be confident, it’s a goal keeper.  You have to be a pretty confident person to begin with to stand in front of pucks traveling 100 mph, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise.  The fact that Lightning coach Guy Boucher disagrees with Thomas is also not surprising.

“I guess we should have stayed home,” Boucher said of the guarantee. “You know, their people are allowed to think what they think and we’re not going to pay attention to that. Hopefully our players are staying focused and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

Gotta love playoff hockey.

Tim Thomas on Bruins Series: ‘It is Just a Game’

It worked for Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox, right? We all remember Manny’s infamous “there’s always next year” rant in 2004 when Boston found itself trailing the Yankees 0-3 in the ALCS. Some would argue those comments helped take the pressure off the Sox and sparked the most historic comeback in baseball history. Others take it for what it was: useless banter from a bonehead player.

The Bruins find themselves trailing the Lightning 0-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals after an ugly Game 1 loss.  When asked about his anxiety level heading into Game 2, Boston goalie Tim Thomas made some comments that would likely enrage Jack Edwards (see his royalty rant).

“I think you should get mentally prepared,” Thomas said according to WEEI.com. “It can get all-consuming but I don’t think that’s really the right way to go. These hockey games are important, they’re important to us, they’re important to the city, but to be realistic, it is just a game. You look around at what’s going on in the world right now, Israel was attacked on numerous fronts yesterday. It can really make you put it in perspective.”

Thomas’ point makes sense, but I would guess — and this is nothing more than a hunch from a guy who has lived in the Boston area his entire life — that Boston fans would rather not hear their goalie talking about the problems in the Middle East before Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Hockey is indeed just a game, but it is also a career and guys like Claude Julien are happy they won’t be looking for a new one after this season.  Unless Thomas can personally do something to help the situation in Israel before Tuesday night, it might be in his best interest to allow the “all-consuming” thing to happen.

Tim Thomas Carey Price Goalie Fight Video is More or Less the Standard

Goalie fight!  It wasn’t exactly Rick DiPietro getting knocked out by Brent Johnson with one punch, but the fight between Tim Thomas and Carey Price wasn’t half bad.  Hey, a goalie fight is a goalie fight.  We all know they’re rare, so two in a one-week span is a special treat no matter how you look at it.  When a melee broke out between the rival Bruins and Canadiens on Wednesday night, the goalkeepers decided to give the fans a show.  Check out the Tim Thomas vs. Carey Price goalie fight video:

Obviously no big punches were landed and it should be noted that both Price and Thomas were seen smiling afterword, but we’ll take them any way they come.  Bravo, fellas.