Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson break up

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson have broken up, marking yet another turn in the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, wrote in a Twitter exchange late Wednesday night that he and Jameson were “no longer together.”

Ortiz was asked by Australian model Imogen Lovell why he didn’t bring Jameson on a trip to Australia when he shared the news:

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Tito Ortiz ticked at Forrest Griffin for ruining his retirement interview

Tito Ortiz lost the final fight of his career on Saturday at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, and he was upset with opponent Forrest Griffin for ruining his sendoff interview.

Griffin, who won the trilogy fight by unanimous decision, walked out of the Octagon and headed for the dressing room before the decision was announced. UFC President Dana White had to chase him down and force him to go back to the cage to hear the decision.

Griffin explained after the fight that he left impetuously because he was upset with his performance.

“I just forget [to stay in the cage] sometimes,” Griffin told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. “I’m an emotional guy. I was frustrated with myself.”

Griffin even conceded that he wasn’t sure if he had won.

After hearing that he had won by unanimous decision, Griffin ripped the microphone out of commentator Joe Rogan’s hand and proceeded to interview Tito Ortiz, who was retiring after the fight.

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Tito Ortiz Helps Post $500,000 Bond of Murder for Hire Suspect Keith Harriman

Keith Harriman was arrested on suspicion of hiring someone to kill his son, but he’s out on house arrest after UFC fighter Tito Ortiz helped pay his $500,000 bond, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports via Steve Cofield at Cagewriter. Harriman is charged with 12 felony counts in a plan to allegedly pay someone to kill his 27-year-old son. Why did he want his Dominick Harriman dead? Because Dominick apparently ratted him out for an insurance fraud scam and also had sex with his father’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend.

Harriman claimed he couldn’t afford private legal representation, so the judge asked where he got the money to be bailed out. Harriman said that Tito Ortiz put up the bulk of the money. Ortiz has a relationship with Keith’s brother, Wayne, who is a Las Vegas used car salesman. Ortiz credits Wayne Harriman for helping to bridge a rift with UFC president Dana White that led to a multi-fight deal.

Though Ortiz doesn’t appear to have any connection to the crime, it’s probably not the best idea to associate with someone being accused of hiring someone to kill his own son. Not only is it a questionable move ethically, it doesn’t exactly enhance your appeal as a public figure. Then again, if Ortiz were concerned with public image, he probably wouldn’t have ever began dating Jenna Jameson.