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Friday, December 19, 2014

Articles tagged: Tom Brady

Tom Brady is trash-talking telemarketer in new commercial (Video)

Tom Brady stars in a new commercial for a daily fantasy football league, and his character may haunt you when you fall asleep tonight. The typically clean-cut New England Patriots quarterback (forget his long hair phase) sports a flowing mane of hair while playing your average telemarketer. Brady, or “Gary” as he’s known in the…Read More

Tom Brady goes F-bomb crazy during loss to Packers (Video)

TV cameras were not friendly to Tom Brady during Sunday’s Patriots-Packers game. Brady was royally peeved after Aaron Rodgers completed a key third-down pass to seal the game with less than three minutes left, and CBS captured him dropping a string of F-bombs (seen in the video at the top) Earlier in the game, you…Read More

Tom Brady, wife Gisele celebrated 51-point game in style on Facebook

Tom Brady’s Facebook page might be the hottest thing on the internet these days, and he and his wife Gisele sure know how to spice it up. Brady has gotten into the habit of posting hilarious photos of him celebrating following his team’s wins this season. There was this after the Patriots beat the Jets…Read More

Brett Favre would take Peyton Manning over Tom Brady

The Peyton Manning-Tom Brady debate is one that defines the current generation of the National Football League. On one side, you have a guy who could own almost every major statistical record for a quarterback by the time his career ends. On the other, you have a three-time Super Bowl champion who is still chasing…Read More

Tom Brady is gearing up to watch his Giants in World Series

The San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals got the World Series underway on Tuesday and Tom Brady was among those ready for game 1 to begin. Brady posted the above photo on his Facebook page Tuesday evening, letting everyone know he’s gearing up to watch his Giants win what would be their third championship…Read More

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