Tom Crean goes on Twitter to try getting his video coordinator a new job

Tom Crean used Twitter Tuesday to try landing a job for one of the Indiana basketball program’s assistants.

According to his bio on Twitter, Weaver is a grad student at Indiana and a graduate assistant for the basketball team. Maybe Crean didn’t have any room to give him a job on staff, so this is his way of trying to help out the kid.

Pretty cool gesture by the coach, right? I can’t think of too many others who would openly tweet like that in an effort to get a graduate assistant a job. But Crean also is a lot different from most coaches.

Tom Crean scolds Michigan coach Jeff Meyer ‘You helped wreck our program’ (Video)

Tom Crean Jeff MeyerTom Crean went off on Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer following Indiana’s 72-71 win in Ann Arbor Sunday that gave the Hoosiers the Big Ten title outright.

Crean, feeling elated following his team’s comeback win, approached Meyer as the Michigan assistant was talking with current Indiana assistant coach Tim Buckley, and scolded him.

“You know what you did,” Crean barked at Meyer while pointing his finger. “You helped wreck our program!”

Meyer and Buckley seemed to be sharing a pleasant conversation following the game, but Crean’s berating of Meyer broke that up quickly. Crean was so animated that Buckley had to pull him away and even tried to block a camera from recording more of the exchange.

When asked after the game about the exchange, Crean was vague.

“It’s a heated game. Go ask him,” he told the media.

Crean later apologized to Meyer for his behavior.

“A professional misunderstanding I had after the game,” Crean said Monday. “On the way to the plane, I talked to him on the telephone … I apologized.”

Michigan coach John Beilein also addressed the incident Monday.

“Michigan’s always going to win with class, and it’s going to lose with class,” Beilein said. “I’m proud of the way Jeff [Meyer] showed great poise.”

Crean’s words to Meyer were a reference to Meyer’s history as a former Indiana assistant coach under Kelvin Sampson from 2006-2008. Multiple recruiting violations by Sampson and his staff led to the Hoosiers being placed on probation for three years. Crean took over the program from Sampson and endured three straight losing seasons. It took until his fourth season at Indiana to produce a winning team.

Finally winning a conference championship five years later — especially by beating Meyer’s team — must have been extraordinarily satisfying for Crean. The big smile on his face after he walked away from Meyer should have told you that. Recall that Indiana went 1-17 in conference in his first season and was an utter mess. He has taken the program from the bottom to the top. I have absolutely no problem with what he did to Meyer and completely understand where he was coming from.

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Tom Crean thinks Sean Woods took too much criticism

Morehead State coach Sean Woods received massive amounts of criticism for the way he berated one of his players last week. The school suspended him a game for his behavior, and he apologized for his actions, which he called “inappropriate and unacceptable” in a statement.

Woods received support this week from an unlikely source — Indiana coach Tom Crean.

“I think too many people took shots at him,” Crean said of Woods on “Jim Rome on Showtime.” “As a coach, I’m not trying to defend what happened, but I wasn’t there. Really, outside of the team and that assistant coach that was in the mix with Sean, they’re the only ones that really know what was said and what transpired and what happened in practice.

“Does that condone it? No, but I think it’s so easy to verbally beat people up when we don’t understand what happened,” Crean continued.

“Has he apologized? Was he suspended and disciplined? Absolutely. Does that condone it? No, but I think people just have to let that stuff play out and know that mistakes are going to be made, let apologies be made, and let’s move on.”

People have moved on since Woods’ actions last week, but Crean’s defense is still surprising. He comes across as a man of high integrity, so even though he says he doesn’t condone it, a defense is shocking. True, we don’t know all the circumstances surrounding the verbal beatdown, but is there anything that justifies Woods’ outburst on his player? I don’t think so.

Tom Crean eats piece of gum after dropping it on the floor, defends himself

A lot of basketball coaches love chewing gum. Some of my fondest memories from college involve Jim Calhoun aggressively chewing on a piece of gum in an attempt to stop himself from chewing out a UConn player. Apparently Indiana coach Tom Crean is also a gum-chewer. In fact, chewing gum during games is so important to him that he’s willing to pop a piece in his mouth after dropping it on the floor.

As you can see in the clip above from SportsCenter’s “Not Top 10″ on Friday morning, Crean accidentally fumbled a fresh piece of gum onto the court during Indiana’s 99-45 win over Sam Houston State Thursday night and adhered to the five-second rule. After catching a ton of flack, he tried to explain himself on Twitter.

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Tom Crean sends awkward tweet, says it was for a recruit

Tom Crean sent an awkward tweet on Friday that he claims was a message intended for a recruit. The note was extremely personal and can look really bad if viewed in the wrong context.

A screenshot of the tweet (since deleted) is below, along with two follow-up tweets he sent soon after to clarify:

If you place that tweet in the context of Crean responding to a recruit interested in the Indiana basketball program, then it makes plenty of sense. But if you view it in the context of cheating on one’s spouse, then it looks terrible.

Crean has always come across to me as a high character coach. I believe him when he says that note was intended for a recruit, and based on the emotional ties he has to his players, he seems like the type who would tell a recruit he’s been thinking about them a lot.

H/T The Big Lead, screenshot via Deadspin

Tom Crean cries when asked about Verdell Jones III’s knee injury (Video)

Coming off of three straight losing seasons under Tom Crean, the Indiana Hoosiers finally have their swag back. They are comfortably in the NCAA Tournament and are competing for the Big Ten Tournament championship. However, senior guard Verdell Jones III may have played his last game for the Hoosiers. During Indiana’s 75-58 victory over Penn State on Thursday, Jones went down with a knee injury that Crean described as “not good.” As you can see from the video that the Big Ten Network (via Business Insider) shared with us, Crean was shaken up about the injury after the game.

Some people will view this as phoniness, but I have no problem with it. There’s nothing tougher in college basketball than being a senior and having to miss your last shot at a National Championship because of an injury. Crean feels for Jones, and I don’t blame him.

Tom Crean Says His Angry Face After Indiana’s Win Was Because He Was Mad

Indiana stunned Kentucky Saturday in Bloomington on a buzzer-beating three pointer by Christian Watford. Knocking off the No. 1 team in the country was a priceless moment for the players and students. You figure coach Tom Crean would have been elated over his team’s win, but his reaction was quite strange. Crean actually appeared angry as soon as the shot went in. He says he was, and he explained why during an interview on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis.

“I think I was still mad. I really do,” Crean said of his reaction. “I don’t know. My brother-in-law John said that night, ‘I totally got what you felt.’ I don’t know. It’s hard to say. Just the intensity of the game and I was happy and when I saw that the basket counted, it was almost like, once they went to the monitor it was, ‘Let’s see is it too good to be true?’ … Then it was and it was a lot better.

“I felt like we almost squandered an incredible opportunity. I was probably mad at myself more than anything else. But I’m ecstatic that we won.”

Indiana was winning almost the entire second half. They were up by as many as 10 points, and they were blowing the lead with a few minutes left. I can understand why Crean was upset, but c’mon bro, your team just won — you gotta celebrate!

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the transcription.