Tommy Lasorda hopes V Stiviano gets hit by a car (Video)

Tommy Lasorda doesn’t wish any bad luck to V Stiviano, but the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager does hope the woman gets hit by a car.

It seems like a contradiction, but it makes total sense, you know?

Lasorda was in South Florida where he received an honorary degree from Northwood University. While he was there, he was interviewed by WPBF in West Palm Beach and shared that he is a longtime friend of Donald Sterling.

“I’ve been a friend of that guy’s for 30 years,” he said. “It doesn’t surprise me that he said those things. And he shouldn’t have said it. He just hurt himself by talking too much and doing things he shouldn’t be doing.”

You notice that part? Lasagna wasn’t surprised that Sterling said those things. Translation: everybody knew the dude was a raging racist. But then came the money shot:

“And I don’t wish that girl any bad luck but I hope she gets hit with a car.”

From now on, that will be my go-to line. I don’t wish that person any bad luck, but I hope they get hit by a car. Lovely.


Tommy Lasorda: Alex Rodriguez is trying to ruin baseball

tommy-lasorda-benchTommy Lasorda has a very strong opinion about New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. Here’s a hint — it’s one that is shared among countless other sports fans across the world.

Speaking at a Baseball Assistance Team charity event in Manhattan on Tuesday, the 86-year-old Hall of Famer said he believes the 162-game suspension Rodriguez ultimately got was not enough.

“He should have gotten more,” Lasorda said, via ESPNNewYork.com’s Adam Rubin. “What he’s done? He’s trying to ruin the game. You can’t do that. He’s going to keep on trying to do something, but he’s got a suspension. He should just sit back and fill it out.”

The last thing A-Rod is going to do is quietly sit back and serve his suspension, as evidenced by the fact that he reportedly turned down a deal to serve a 50-game suspension at the beginning of last season.

“I was thinking, ‘At least this guy is doing it legitimately,’ and then find out he wasn’t,” Lasorda added. “That really turned my opinion of him.”

Lasorda, who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers to two World Series championships in the 1980s, also took a strong stance against known performance-enhancing drug users being elected to the Hall of Fame.

“When someone breaks the rules, they don’t belong in there,” he said. “Would you have your son get A-Rod’s autograph? Would you like to have that?”

A-Rod has very few supporters remaining, but he doesn’t seem to care. Even members of the MLB Players Association have turned against him, with one player reportedly saying he hopes Rodriguez gets thrown at if he ever returns to the diamond. A-Rod cares about money and his personal legacy. He’s got plenty of the former. The latter will always be tarnished.

Oh nothing, just Tommy Lasorda and Ice Cube


Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda has as much swag as any 85-year-old in the game. We know this from his hilarious comments about his death wish and other great moments Lasorda has provided over the years. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised to see him kicking it with Ice Cube.

Lasorda posted the photo you see above on Twitter Monday night. That’s right, the old man has a Twitter. The question is was he making a reference to Ice Cube’s music with the caption he provided?

“(Ice Cube) told me it was a good day,” Lasorda wrote. “I told him, ‘Every day at Blue Heaven on Earth is a great day.'”

[Photo: Did Tommy Lasorda fall asleep during the Dodgers-Braves game]

Was that unintentional, or did Tommy just go “Today Was a Good Day” on us? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Did Tommy Lasorda fall asleep during Dodgers-Braves game?


The Los Angeles Dodgers lost an 8-1 snoozer to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday afternoon. LA fell behind early and stayed there, which resulted in the legendary Tommy Lasorda losing interest in the game.

The 85-year-old Hall of Famer was either resting his eyes or taking a nap at one point, and who can blame him? His job as special advisor to the chairman may require scouting and evaluating minor league players and representing the team during speaking engagements, but everyone needs a break. If we learned anything from Lasorda’s death wish, we know to never question his commitment to the team.

If you ask me, somebody’s probably worn out from all the excitement Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig has been providing.

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Tommy Lasorda has a pretty hilarious death wish

Tommy Lasorda is 84 years old, battling a severe case of vertigo, and recovering from a heart attack suffered in June. When his Dodger blue blood finally stops pumping, he has one wish.

“I’ve already told my wife that when I do go I want our home schedule attached to my tombstone. I want people who are in the cemetery visiting their loved ones to say, ‘Let’s go to Lasorda’s grave and see if the Dodgers are playing home or away.’

“Hey, I love this organization so much I want to be working for it even after I’m dead,” he told the LA Times’ T.J. Simers.

Lasorda also told Simers about his desire to see the Dodgers win one more title. The franchise’s last World Series crown came in 1988 when Lasorda was manager. He says his goal is to live to 100, but he and Dodgers fans are hoping it doesn’t take that long to win another ring.

I just know that if his wish is carried out when he dies, he would easily have the coolest tombstone in the cemetery — particularly if the schedule includes the promotions.

Also see: Tommy Lasorda bobblehead doll looks like Bill Clinton!

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Photo credit: Steve Fortunato/Fortch Unlimited

Tommy Lasorda reportedly had a ‘mild’ heart attack

84-year-old Tommy Lasorda reportedly is in a hospital in New York after suffering a heart attack on Monday.

TMZ says the heart attack was “mild,” and that the former Dodgers manager is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday. He’s in stable condition, and maintained his sense of humor.

“The doctors confirmed I do bleed Dodger Blue,” Lasorda is quoted as saying in a team release. “I’m looking forward to being back at the stadium to cheer on the Dodgers.”

Lasorda was in town to represent the Dodgers at the MLB Draft on Monday, and his absence sparked some questions. Now we know what kept him from attending.

Lasorda also suffered a heart attack in 1996, but by all appearances seemed to be in fine health since then.

Tommy Lasorda statue unveiled in the Dominican Republic (Pictures)

Tommy Lasorda is one of baseballs most well-known global icons. In addition to leading the Dodgers to two World Series titles in the 1980s, Lasorda also managed in the Dominican Republic for three seasons in the 1970s, winning two championships and one Caribbean World Series. He is also a founding member and the goodwill ambassador of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, which hands out an annual award in his honor to a non-Latino who makes significant contributions to Latino baseball. What does all that add up to? One heck of a statue.

The above statue was unveiled in honor of the Dodgers Hall of Fame manager on Sunday at the Paseo de los Inmortales in La Romana, Dominican Republic. As you can see, Lasorda was very pleased with it. Hats off to you, Tommy. The honor is well-deserved.

Photo credit: Steve Fortunato/Fortch Unlimited