Someone Get Brett Favre on the Phone with J.D. Drew

It’s amazing what impact the words of a legendary quarterback can have. On Monday the news came out that Tony Romo’s broken digit would keep him out 4-5 weeks — enough time to seriously derail the Cowboys chances of a Super Bowl run. The next day we hear that Brett Favre — he of ten thousand straight NFL starts at quarterback — dropped Romo a dime saying he should man up and play through the pinkie injury. Next thing you know, Romo’s telling everyone he wants to play and starts throwing in practice. It was quite the turnaround in news and it leaves me with a few questions.

Exactly how did that conversation between Romo and Favre go? “Listen up here, Tony. I know you think you hot **** dating Daisy Dukes and all, but boy, lemme tell you this, if you gonna let a broken bleeping pinkie keep you out an entire month with a team that good, then you don’t deserve to be banging that hot piece of ***.” It probably was like 90/10 Favre dominating the conversation. I mean seriously, could we get that guy on the phone with J.D. Drew or something? You think Favre has time on his hands to speak with Carl Pavano? He could probably start charging thousands for the minute. If he ever needs something to do when he finally does retire, boy, I think he’s set. And it’s too bad for Romo, too — dude already had plenty of plans for the month off besides simply recovering.

Tony Romo Admits He’s a Monday Morning Quarterback

Being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo’s used to taking criticism. He hears all the words about how he ruined Bill Parcells’ life, how having Jessica Simpson around distorts his focus, and how he threw to the wrong receiver in a game. Anything he does on or off the field is questioned because of who he is. Ordinarily you’d figure he’d be bothered by such nitpicking the way Donovan McNabb was, but Romo admitted that it’s natural for people — himself included — to play the role of a Monday morning quarterback:

For me, I don’t necessarily take that feeling home with me and get mad at people and frustrated because I know when I’m sitting watching the Olympics I say, ‘Why’d that guy do that?’ or ‘Why didn’t he do this?’ We’re all Monday morning quarterbacks. That’s the way we all are. It’s part of the fun-ness. Let’s talk about this on the radio, let’s have a little give and take here. And for me, I don’t mind anymore when someone says something because it gets people debating and talking about it. I think sometimes people talking about it is good for the game, for what it is. You hope you’re always on the good side of the call but that’s not always the case. If you can understand that in your brain, then you’re OK with whatever happens and how it goes. You can rest easy when you’re playing, when you’re done playing or when your career is over.

Romo to me is different from many QBs because he was able to recover from the devastating botched field goal against Seattle in the playoffs — a potentially career-threatening psychological miscue; he doesn’t seem to be bothered by criticism. I really believe that his success is due to this realist, and casual approach to the criticism. And honestly, who wouldn’t date Jessica Simpson if they had the chance? I sure know Michael Strahan would.

Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo Back on?

All those football fans who think they have it made, please step forward. Not so fast, Cowboy fan! That’s right, I know you were all celebrating after hearing the news that the two had called it quits. Even with that news, Tony still kept his promise to Chestica and accompanied her to sister Ashlee’s wedding recently. And now the reports are saying Romo’s open to getting back with Chestica, so long as her papa Joe is punted out of the picture:

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are back ”on,” but a college pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback tells me it’s Romo who’s calling all the plays.

My source says Romo has told Jessica their renewed relationship is ”a trial thing,” dependent on Daddy Joe ”leaving them alone” and stifling his tendency to tell Romo how to run his life, career and endorsement deals.

On again, off again, on again, off again. This saga is almost as bad as T.O. and the pill overdose. Almost. Either way, I still say Romo should just get back with Sophia Bush if he’s tired of Jessica’s dad. Sophia’s so hot I sat through John Tucker Must Die. Twice. And enjoyed it.

Ashlee Simpson Approves of Sister Jessica’s Boyfriend, Tony Romo

We already knew that Jessica’s pops approved of Tony. Heck, story goes that he’s the one who set ‘em up. Then again, this is the same dude who supposedly bragged about his daughter’s rackage, so that shouldn’t come as one bit of a shock. Well, now we know that the family support for Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend, Tony Romo, is unanimous. As Ashlee told US Magazine:

“I love him!” the singer, 23, gushed to Usmagazine.com at the FUSE TV Grammy party at Goa nightclub in Hollywood last night.

When asked if she is happy for Jessica, she replied, “Absolutely happy. He is really cool.”

Added Ashlee’s beau, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz: “He is a cool dude.”

Well, he’s on TV just as much as you guys, he threw for a Cowboys record 36 touchdowns this year, and he’s the quarterback of the Dallas freaking Cowboys. Doesn’t get much better than that. How could he not be a cool guy sporting a resume of that sort. I’m not sure how they all got to know each other. Maybe it was at one of the sing-along parties, or who knows, could’ve been in Mexico. And let me tell you, between Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush, and now Jessica Simpson, Romo certainly has quite the dating resume.

Michael Strahan Digs Jessica Simpson

This whole Tony Romo/Chestica Simpson thing has gotten completely out of hand. First you had T.O. dogging Romo saying Simpson was a distraction. Then you had Tom Brady supposedly give Romo advice not to have his chick show up at games. Then with the Cowboys limping into the playoffs and sitting on a bye week ready to face the Giants, there was heavy speculation as to whether or not Simpson would show up at the playoff game. Things got so out of hand that you could bet on the likelihood of Chestica showing up at the game. Well, the million dollar question finally was answered, and none other than Michael Strahan was there to defend Romo:

“Heck, if Jessica Simpson wanted to date me, I may give her a shot,” said the recently divorced Strahan.

Strahan said he couldn’t blame Romo for the trip.

“If he wanted to sit in Dallas, they would have found some fault in that because he would have been with her if they had pictures of them in Dallas,” Strahan said. “So for them to go to Cabo or wherever they went, good for them. They deserve that time off.”

“I think anybody who thinks that because he took a few days with his girlfriend that he is going to come back and not play well or he is not going to be prepared if anything it probably stokes his fire to play even better.”

I completely agree with Strahan here. Jason Witten goes to Mexico, but it’s a tree in the forest. Tony Romo goes to Mexico, and all of a sudden the world is coming to an end. Please. And who’s to say Romo wasn’t out having his fun during the regular season and still tearing up the league? Seemed like his 36TDs and over 4,000 yards passing would suggest he can perform despite partying it up. And come on, like Strahan says, if Chestica wanted to date you, wouldn’t you give her a shot? Exactly. Must I remind you of this?

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Tony Romo Over Ben Roethlisberger

For some reason, a trendy debate began this week on many of the TV talk shows. I believe I saw it as a topic on Mike and Mike, Around the Horn, and PTI. Which quarterback would you choose to lead your team after Manning and Brady: Romo, or Roethlisberger? Well, the answer is simple — it’s Romo:

Now, if you continue reading, you’ll find out why Roethlisberger clearly won’t work …

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Tony Romo Has a $30 Million Insurance Policy

Sometimes you hear about wacky insurance policies. Is it true J-Lo has her butt insured? Does Josh Beckett have a million dollar arm? Did Regina George take out a policy to cover her hair? Did Borat get his baby maker umm … you get the point. So with Tony Romo awaiting a contract extension from the Cowboys that will pay him big bucks, he decided to take out an insurance policy to cover his ass just in case. From Adam Schefter at NFL.com, via Ben Maller:

Before the season, without anyone noticing, Romo took out a $30 million, “loss-of-value” insurance policy, meaning the Cowboys quarterback, now in the last year of his contract, will be cashing in whether he’s healthy or hurt.

What’s different and notable about Romo’s loss-of-value policy — unlike the permanent-disability insurance policies numerous athletes have taken out over the years — is that he doesn’t have to suffer a career-ending injury to get paid.

So even if the injury isn’t serious, but adversely effects his performance, he’ll cash some. I know Willis McGahee took out a policy prior to blowing out his knee, and that paid off. I’m sure there are many other athletes who have done the same. But damn, a $30 million policy? That’s crazy. But I guess when you’re with Sophia Bush, you feel like you’re on top of the world.