Tony Stewart Is Focusing on Smoking 12 Packs of Beer on Thanksgiving

Tony Stewart captured his third Sprint Cup title by winning the Ford 400 at Homestead Sunday. The often controversial driver made the media rounds Monday, and that included a stop on SportsCenter. Interviewer Sage Steele began asking him several smoke-related questions as a play on the driver/owner’s nickname. It culminated when Stewart said he’s focusing on “smoking” 12 packs of beer on Thanksgiving.

A recap of their conversation:

Steele: Explain why you have the nickname “Smoke.”

Stewart: It started in 1991 when I ran in the USAC Sprint Car division. I wasn’t very good at throttle control. I was kind of like Days of Thunder — I wasn’t very good at saving the tires.

Steele: Thanksgiving, how long does it take to smoke a turkey?

Stewart: I have no idea. I’m trying to figure out how long it takes to smoke a 12-pack. I’m kidding. I can screw up cereal — I can’t cook anything.

And that is why Tony is so beloved in NASCAR (you know, by the half that love him). The other half of fans hate him, but at least they can all agree on one thing: Thanksgiving for NASCAR fans is as much about pounding beer as it is about eating turkey.

Video: Kyle Busch Crashes in Final Lap, Tony Stewart Wins at Daytona

The Coke Zero 400 at Daytona didn’t end as hoped for Kyle Busch on Saturday. He was leading down the stretch and was trying to hold off Tony Stewart who was angling to make a pass to win the race. Busch held him off at first but then had a problem the second time that Stewart tried to make a pass. Check out the video:

It’s hard to say who’s really at fault but it seems to me that it was just a case of bad luck for Busch. He had to try and stay in front of Stewart to win the race and the bump to the rear sent him into the wall. Even Stewart wasn’t happy with the result despite winning the race:

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Tony Stewart Loves Him Some Women

Tony Stewart gave a pretty R-rated interview to Rolling Stone that Deadspin was kind enough to bring to my attention. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on Tony Stewart and his badass ways, so no surprise he was pretty revealing with Rolling Stone. Some of the highlights (beware, strong language):

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Video: Tony Stewart Goes Nuts on USAC Racing Officials

I’ve already expressed my feelings on Tony Stewart before. It’s no surprise that I’m a fan; the guy always speaks his mind and doesn’t back down to anyone or anything. What’s there not to like about him? Well, maybe incidents like the one that took place last week at a USAC race in Indiana. Jay Busbee provided the details via WTHR. Check out the video of the incident and keep in mind this is Tony wearing his owner’s hat after hearing his driver wouldn’t be let back onto the track following a wreck:

Busbee said that this incident didn’t receive any coverage over the weekend and wonders why. I’m not sure why it would be buried to tell you the truth, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, I expect Stewart to face the music at some point this week. And hello, Mark Cuban of racing!

Tony Stewart Hates Goodyear Tires

This is nothing new for Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 20 car. Despite finishing second in the Spring Cup race Sunday, the solid run did nothing to change his horrible opinion of the tires he was running on — Goodyears — the provider for NASCAR. Check out the comments made by the irritable Stewart following the race, and let’s just say he won’t be signing any Goodyear endorsement checks anytime soon:

It’s just a shame that the teams work so hard and spend so much money to compete and it’s all dictated by a tire company that’s building tires that aren’t not worthy of a street car. The first thing I’m doing when I go home is dismounting anything I got that’s got Goodyears on it.

We don’t want to have to race on tires like we raced on today, every week. There wasn’t anything about today’s race that was fun — I don’t think for anybody.

Stewart wasn’t the only driver to complain about the tires after the race in Atlanta — Dale Jr. got into the act as well. He pleaded to NASCAR not to use the same tires again “at Darlington because that will definitely top how horrible [Sunday] was.” Man, I have to say, I just love Tony Stewart. Dude is such a loose cannon. Gotta love the guys who never say the right thing and have that “I don’t give a ****” attitude. Does he give a crap how much money Goodyear is paying to be the exclusive tire provider of NASCAR? Heck no. He’ll rip anyone, anytime, any place. Gotta love that.