Johnny Manziel puts Charlie Strong in check for doing Topszn handshake

Charlie Strong Johnny Manziel Topszn

Ohhh Charlie. For a guy who apparently treats hand symbols pretty seriously, Charlie Strong really screwed up on this one.

Strong, the new Texas Longhorns coach, was photographed doing the Topszn regime handshake. The handshake was popularized recently by Johnny Manziel and his crew (read the full history of the Topszn handshake here), as Manziel did it throughout the past two seasons. The photo of Strong doing the Topszn shake didn’t escape Manziel — a noted Longhorns fan — who posted the picture on Instagram along with the caption:

“Sorry Charlie…you’re not a part of the regime #SawEmOff”

Ouch. Nothing like being put in check by a college kid!

How did Strong not know better?

Photo: Instagram/JManziel2

Johnny Manziel hand gesture represents Drake’s Topszn Regime; Topszn is a marijuana strain

Johnny Manziel Topszn hand sign

Much ado has been made of the hand gesture Johnny Manziel does on the football field after scoring touchdowns and making big plays. Until now, most people — including LBS — only described the gesture as some sort of money sign or “show me the money” gesture. But after really looking into it, we can tell you that Manziel’s hand gesture is a symbol that represents Drake’s Topszn Regime. As another interesting twist, Topszn is also a strain of medical marijuana that Drake’s crew likes to smoke, giving a whole new meaning to this photo.

As we have explained many times before, Manziel has a strong association with Drake, who is a Toronto-based rapper. Manziel is a huge fan of Drake’s music and even spent time with the rapper during the offseason. He called hanging out with Drake and Drake’s crew the highlight of his offseason. The Texas A&M quarterback even got an “OVO” tattoo on his wrist to show his allegiance to Drake’s family.

The relationship goes two ways; Drake gave Manziel props for the way he handled SEC Media Day in August.

So now that we have established that Manziel’s hand gesture represents the Topszn Regime, the next question is: what is Topszn (pronounced “top season”) and what is Topszn Regime?

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