Phil Kessel blasted by Maple Leafs fans after tweet about night fishing

Phil-KesselThe Toronto Maple Leafs have made the playoffs just once in the past nine seasons. They lost to the Boston Bruins in the opening round last season and missed the postseason this year with a 38-36-8 record. As you might expect, Maple Leafs fans are getting a bit restless. Many of them decided to take out their frustrations on Phil Kessel Monday night.

While several other NHL teams were battling it out en route to the Stanley Cup, Kessel went night fishing with his buddies. There’s nothing wrong with fishing during the offseason, but Maple Leafs fans pounced all over him for the way he worded his tweet. Next Impulse Sports captured it before Kessel deleted it.


The responses from Toronto fans went something like this.

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Leafs fan brings insensitive ‘Toronto Stronger’ sign to game

Toronto Stronger sign

One of the most classless, insensitive gestures we have ever seen came from a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who brought a “Toronto Stronger” sign to the team’s playoff game against the Boston Bruins on Monday night.

The “Toronto Stronger” slogan was a play on the “Boston Strong” movement, which has been the rallying cry of the historic city since the marathon bombing that led to five deaths and nearly 300 people injured.

As if the “Toronto Stronger” words weren’t insensitive enough, the fan also included a ribbon on his poster.

It’s truly amazing that this fan actually thought that creating such a poster was a good idea. “Boston Strong” was not a saying created by the Bruins specifically to ignite fan support for the playoff series against the Maple Leafs; it was a response to terrorist acts that killed people and marred one of the state’s most important events.

It’s distressing and disturbing that the fan doesn’t realize “Boston Strong” isn’t about sports but about a city bonding in response to terrorism.

For what it’s worth, the Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 5-2 to take a 2-1 series lead.

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