Torrey Smith Knows All About the Patriots from Playing Madden

If Bill Belichick finds a way to have the New England Patriots removed from the Madden video game series next year, don’t be surprised. As we all know, Belichick is the ultimate man of mystery. When it comes to injury reports and other inside information, he tells absolutely nothing. Once he hears that Ravens receiver Torrey Smith knows all about the Patriots’ offensive ability and knows them all by name because of Madden, he might try to have every remaining copy pulled from the shelves.

“The biggest thing I know about New England is my brother always picks them in Madden,” the rookie speedster said Monday according to Shutdown Corner. “They pretty much always have the best offense for some years in that game. I would be lying to you if I say I did not know their names before we play them. I mean, my brother plays with them all the time. It does not fail.”

We know there are people out there who believe in the Madden curse, but could the game actually have something to provide in the scouting department?  In reality, I don’t think Smith needed a video game to tell him the Patriots have an explosive offense.  Not to mention, New England’s offense doesn’t really concern him.

Smith should be salivating at the fact that the Patriots’ defense has been beatable all season long — especially at the corner position.  Following a Pro Bowl rookie season, cornerback Devin McCourty has been torched all year long on the deep ball.  If Joe Flacco can deliver, the potential for a big play or two should present itself on Sunday afternoon.  Perhaps Madden ’12 has given Smith some ideas about the perfect route to run.

Torrey Smith Consults Larry Fitzgerald About Long Hair Tackles

Having long hair and playing football is a risk. As I’m sure you saw, Ravens receiver Torrey Smith learned that the hard way last weekend. Naturally, when you go through a traumatic experience like that it can sometimes help to seek the advice of a veteran. That’s why Smith decided to consult another long-haired guy who has been in the league for quite some time, Larry Fitzgerald. Check out this Twitter exchange between Smith and Fitzgerald that Baltimore Sports Report shared with us:

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Torrey Smith Tackled By His Hair (Animated)

When Torrey Smith caught a pass down the middle of the field and was tackled by Pacman Jones on Sunday, three different officials threw a flag. Smith’s head was jerked backwards as he was dragged to the ground with what looked like a blatant horse-collar. Upon discussing it with one another, the referees realized the tackle was actually perfectly legal. That’s because Smith had been taken down by his hair. Check out this animation that @CJZero shared with us.

That’s the risk you run by being an offensive player with long hair in the NFL. A few years ago the NFL determined that the hair is part of the uniform, so you can grab a hold of it and drag a guy down and it’s completely legal. We knew Smith had a strong will as evidenced by the stories we heard about his college days, but this play would indicate he has quite the tolerance for pain as well.

Torrey Smith Defends Himself Over Not Drinking and Smoking in College

As I was typing the above headline I found myself feeling like we live in a pretty sad world. Believe it or not the headline has no mistakes. Ravens receiver Torrey Smith actually had to clarify to his Twitter followers that he was still cool after it was revealed on Sunday Night Football that he never drank or smoked while attending the University of Maryland.

When Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels told viewers that Smith steered clear of those kinds of activities during college and that he had to help his single mother raise his siblings while growing up, the Twitter world immediately started buzzing.  Because your average college student binge drinks and smokes butts/weed during the four-year education experience, it was a concept people had trouble wrapping their brains around.  The response prompted the following tweets from Smith.

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Torrey Smith, Victor Cruz Will be Hot Pickups, but Repeats Cannot be Expected

Torrey Smith and Victor Cruz are wide receivers who caught the eyes of their quarterbacks — and many fantasy football team managers — with their studly play Sunday.

Smith, a rookie receiver from Maryland, caught five passes for 152 yards and three touchdowns in Baltimore’s win over St. Louis. The second-round pick caught touchdowns on his first three career receptions! He’s just the sort of deep threat that can help spread the field for the Ravens, and he will undoubtedly work wonders for the team’s passing game. He appears to have the speed to beat many defensive backs, but expecting two-to-three touchdowns per week is unreasonable.

Between Anquan Boldin, Ed Dickson, and dumpoffs to Ray Rice, Joe Flacco has plenty of options in the passing game. Having an extra option will be great for the team, but now that opposing defenses know what kind of speed Torrey Smith has, they’ll be prepared for him. He’ll still be able to get behind a few defenses, but as a deep guy, his stats won’t be impressive if he doesn’t catch a bomb or two. He’s likely an improvement over your worst receiver, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t get him — you’re not missing out on future three touchdown games.

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Ravens Torrey Smith Books it During Interview When Earthquake Hits (Video)

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the earthquake that shook the east coast from Virginia all the way up to Canada on Tuesday. The quake registered a 5.8 on the Richter scale, which is no joke. Somehow I’m the only person on the east coast who failed to feel any effect from it, but that’s beside the point.  It certainly put a scare into Ravens second-round pick Torrey Smith, who was filming a commercial for the University of Maryland (his alma mater) when the ground began to shake.  Check out the Torrey Smith earthquake video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Earthquakes are extremely frightening for everyone but even more so for us east coasters who are unaccustomed to them.  Everyone reacts differently when they experience something unfamiliar, but where was Smith going? I understand hiding under a chair or something if you’re in a building, but he Torrey was just OUT.  I guess until I’ve been caught in the middle of an earthquake while filming a commercial I shouldn’t judge.