Boston radio’s Toucher and Rich tell Rick Pitino he ruined Celtics, hang up on him

Rick-Pitino-ConcussionsLet me start off by saying I’m a huge fan of 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston’s “Toucher and Rich Show.” Fred Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb have had me to the point of tears on many occasions from laughing so hard. But when a friend told me the popular shock jocks had Rick Pitino on for an interview on Thursday morning just so they could tell him he stinks and hang up on him, I honestly didn’t believe it.

There had to have been more to it than that, right? Wrong. According to CBS Boston, Toettcher — aka “Toucher” — primed his colleagues up for the interview by encouraging them to prepare some tough questions for Pitino, who agreed to the interview so he could promote a new book he has coming out. Here’s how the interview went:

Toucher: We are joined by Rick Pitino, former coach of the Celtics, current coach of the Louisville Cardinals who won the national championship. Rick Pitino, hello!

Pitino: Morning, guys.

Toucher: You stink. You ruined the Celtics.

Here is the audio of the interview, which Deadspin passed along:

And that was that. Fred then cued up the show’s final segment as his co-host and co-workers laughed hysterically. As most of you know, Pitino recently won a national championship with Louisville and is a Hall of Fame college coach. His tenure with the Boston Celtics was forgettable, to say the least.

These guys will do pretty much anything for a laugh. Toucher and Rich once hung up on Bill Walton because they didn’t like the way he was gushing about the Los Angeles Lakers when they beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals, so this shouldn’t really shock anyone. That being said, they had to have their people set up an interview with Pitino and keep him completely in the dark to pull it off. Some people will find that hilarious. Plenty of others will think it was classless and uncalled for.

Tim Donaghy masks will be worn to Game 3 by Celtics fans protesting officiating

There have been several cries about biased officiating in the Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference playoff series, so one Boston radio show is encouraging fans to wear Tim Donaghy masks to Game 3 in protest.

Toucher & Rich of 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston says:

“Let’s face it, folks: the fix is in. So let David Stern know how you feel on national television tonight by wearing your very own TIM DONAGHY MASK.”

Tim Donaghy is the former NBA official who went to jail for fixing games he reffed. Toucher & Rich — and several other Celtics supporters and players — have cited several examples that suggest the refereeing is biased in favor of Miami. Even Doc Rivers blasted the refs for their technical fouls in Game 1.

My guess is that the refereeing was going to lean toward the Celtics in Game 3 considering home teams generally get the calls in NBA games. I can also say with confidence that the last mask giveaway Toucher & Rich encouraged was much better.