Alberto Contador Punches a Heckling Fan at Tour de France (Video)

If I told you I was a big fan of the Tour de France, I would be lying.  That being said, I do follow the highlights and pay attention to some of the tense moments.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, Tour de France buffs, but this year’s Tour seems like one of the craziest in history.  We have already seen one racer get tangled up in a barbed wire fence after a car ran a few cyclists off the road a little over a week ago.  Now, the fans are getting in on the nuttiness.  Check out the video of Alberto Contador punching a fan, courtesy of Deadspin:

In case the joke flew over your head, the fan Contador punched was dressed as a doctor carrying a blood bag.  That, of course, is a reference to the three-time Tour champion giving a positive drug test last year.  Heckling is one thing.  Running alongside a cyclist during a race and making fun of them to their face is another.  Guy got what he deserved.

A Brief History of the Tour de France and All its Cheating

It’s punishing. An annual July competition that requires competitors to complete many uphill battles. May induce periods of vomiting. The twists, the turns. The dramatic calorie consumption required. Truly a cause célèbre. While this can certainly apply to the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest, only the Tour de France hands out a yellow shirt that didn’t get that way due to mustard stains.

The Tour de France, or Le Tour de France if you speak French, is the summer’s annual bicycle race that attracts the best that cycling has to offer, if you exclude baseball players that is. Imagine getting on your two-wheeler (sorry folks, training wheels are verboten) and setting off from Los Angeles to the Midwest on a three-week journey, assuming someone in the history of man voluntarily would make such a trip. Now add in the elements of heat, humidity, punishing intangibles, and French people. Yeah, that tough.

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Car Bumps Juan Antonio Flecha, Cyclists off Road at Tour de France (Video)

Whoever is driving the following car is definitely a nominee for moron of the year.  Why they have automobiles driving this close to cyclists is in itself a mystery.  There is enough danger involved with the contestants riding so close to each other, let alone allowing media vehicles to buzz around them in the meantime.  We have seen some crazy stuff happen at the Tour de France like this fight or this headbutt, but this definitely has to be one of the scariest moments.  Check out this video of a car bumping Juan Antonio Flecha at the Tour de France:

The cyclist who went crashing through the fence, Johnny Hoogerland, may have gotten the worst of the crash considering the fence was made of barbed wire.  Fortunately, neither rider was seriously injured.  There is still no debating that that is an accident that should not happen.  Here’s a pretty good picture of the crash from CNN International.

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Lance Armstrong Causes Delay at Tour with Black 28 Cancer Jerseys

We already pointed out the news that Alberto Contador won the Tour de France, making most of you yawn. I get it. How many people are interested in watching a bunch of skinny dudes in tight shirts and even tighter shorts pedal around on their bicycles? Not many. But an interesting side story to the final stage of the Tour was the delay caused at the start of the race by Lance Armstrong.

The cancer survivor and cycling legend persuaded his Radio Shack team to put on black jerseys with the number 28 on the back to represent the 28 million people fighting cancer. The problem is the team was notified they would be disqualified from the race if they didn’t wear their proper jerseys and numbers and that’s what led to the 15 minute delay at the start. It wasn’t until they completed the final stage of the race that they put their 28 shirts back on to show support for cancer patients. With actions like these, it’s easy to see why so many people are in denial over Floyd Landis’ accusations regarding Livestrong Man.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Alberto Contador Becomes Three-Time Champ at Tour de France

Alberto Contador strolled into Paris holding onto a 39 second lead to win the Tour de France for the third time in his career. Contador had essentially clinched the victory by holding onto his lead during stage 19 Saturday and things went according to plan on Sunday. Andy Schleck of Luxembourg was second and Denis Menchov of Russia was third.

Lance Armstrong finished 23rd in his final Tour de France. He was actually the inspiration for a controversy that resulted in a 15 minute delay to start the race. Lance’s radio shack team all put on black jerseys with number 28 on the back to represent the 28 million people fighting cancer but they were forced to change back.

Contador joins Greg LeMond, Louison Bobet and Philippe Thys as a three-time Tour champion and he celebrated by sipping a flute of champagne.

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Headbutt Gets Mark Renshaw Disqualified From the Tour de France

Cyclist Mark Renshaw brought new meaning to the phrase “using your head” on Thursday during the 11th stage of the 2010 Tour de France. Watch the video from Versus TV carefully and you’ll notice Renshaw headbutt opponent Julian Dean to clear space for teammate Mark Cavendish, who soon after won the stage:

Quite the physical year at the Tour de France. At first glance it may seem like a subtle move, but the gesture got a now frustrated Renshaw disqualified from the tour. While fans of heavier contact sports may argue that this was a touch foul, you can’t just headbutt someone coming down the home stretch in the 11th stage at the Tour de France. This is not the rollerderby. As course director Jean-Francois Pescheux put it so eloquently, “This is cycling, it’s not wrestling.”

Mark Renshaw Expelled From Tour de France For Headbutting Julian Dean (Video) [TotalProSports]
Video Credit: YouTube user VERSUSvsTV

Fight Breaks Out at Tour de France

Someone needs to tell these pro cyclists that they are not members of the Hells Angels. During Friday’s heated stage 6 of the 2010 Tour de France, Carlos Barredo found himself in the midst of a little scuffle with rival Rui Costa. The video tape shows Barredo, identified as the gentleman in the Quickstep uniform wielding a bicycle wheel over his head, literally fights Costa to the ground before the two riders were separated.

I’m honestly not sure how two professional cyclists get to the point in their minds where they say, “lets drop the bikes and do this.” The Tour slapped each cyclists with a fine, and that’s exactly what needed to happen. While there is no place for fighting in professional cycling (I can’t believe I have the opportunity to actually say that), I might suggest that the WWE take a page out of Barredo’s book and integrate a bike wheel into their next pay-per-view event. Check out this video of cyclists fighting at the Tour de France via Break Sports:

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